Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mein Kampf. Pens LOSE.

5 - 4

Wow. Easily one of the most entertaining games of the season.
Clean-up crews in Pittsburgh will be working double shifts tonight to clean up all the vomit.

These are all playoff games right now.
Yeah, it feels good just to be in the race, but eventually that feeling is gonna subside when we don't start pulling these games out.

The refs forgot their whistles in the locker room for the first period.
Interference penalties are running rampant in the past 10 games or so.
I say "that's interference" at least 26 times every game.

A chippy first period had the Pens come out of there with a 2-0 lead.
Recchi, Crosby, and Malone tic-tac-toed a play that ended with Malone burying the puck into an empty net.
The Pens' second goal came with less than two minutes remaining when Evgeni Malkin flew into the zone and popped a wrister past goalie Toivonen.

Next time Toivonen goes up against Malkin, instead of Malkin having to go to the locker room and wipe himself every time he craps in Toivonen's mouth, the NHL should just install a toilet-paper dispenser on the post.

The highlight of the first period was easily Noah Welch's jump into the air to snag a puck.

Air Welch.

A little over a minute into the second period, Marc Savard began his sickening display of passing when he hit Glen Murray with a perfect lead pass. Murray embarrasses MAF to make it a 2-1 game.
Eight minutes after that goal, Savard made a sweet pass to Patrice Bergeron, who tripped over the air. But he was able to get it back to Sturm who squeezes it past Fleury to tie the game.

Before you could say "The Boston coach looks like Hitler," the Bruins score again, this time on the always dreaded shot from the point.
What a sickening feeling.

Toivonon's goalie mask features an artist's renditions of David Ortiz and Ponch from the hit show CHiPs.

The next five minutes were awful.
Until Malkin put himself on the highlight reel again.
Won't go into the description of the play, but he undressed two Bruins on his way to wristing a "stamp on the envelope" shot to tie the game up.

Four minutes after that, Michel Ouellet (who is starting to feel the pressure of Pensblog Nation and has come out of nowhere to start producing) feeds a beautiful pass to Staal who gets it past Toivonen on the second try.

Picture: The "pterodact-tile" Jordan Staal swoops in and scores the go-ahead goal.

All of a sudden, it's 4-3 Pens. That fast.

The third period seemed to belong to the Pens.
They couldn't capitalize on a golden 5-on-3 chance early in the third.
That spelled trouble.

Marc Savard ends up tying the game for Boston with six minutes left.
The remainder of regulation and all of overtime belong to Marc-Andre Fleury.

He was making save after save after save.
Incredible. Every Bruin shot from the point made me reassess my life.

The Bruins almost robbed us of a point with about 7 seconds left in regulation, but Fleury got some help from the post.

Overtime was overtime, with the refs jobbing us by giving Gonchar a penalty with 1:20 left.
The only time I've been pissed at Rob Scuderi this year came during this penalty kill.
The Pens had a cake 2-on-1, but Scuderi didn't get the pass up to the forwards.

Anyway, the PK unit cleared lanes for Fleury, and we headed to a shootout.

The ever-so dangerous Erik Christensen annihilated Toivonen on the first shot.
Marco Sturm makes Fleury look like he doesn't even belong in the NHL.

Malkin comes in, but can't get it in.
Patrice Bergeron can't get it past Fleury.

Crosby is stopped, as always.
Marc Savard comes in, and Fleury makes a blocker save. Huge.

Gonchar strolls in with the brass of a riverboat gambler but is denied.
Phill Kessel is the Bruins last shooter.
He has deke on Fleury and barely get it inside the left post. Game.

Phil Kessel gets to wear the Yellow Jersey during the post-game locker room celebration.

  • Crosby: 1 A -- Pens score 4 goals. Crosby with only one point. Good sign.
  • Malkin: 2 G
  • Marc Savard: 1 G, 2 A
  • Fleury: 41 saves
  • Shots: BOS ( 44 ) -- PENS ( 35 )
  • Powerplay: BOS ( 1 for 3 ) -- PENS ( 2 for 5 )
  • Zdeno Chara is a joke.
  • Malkin was "frisky" all game.
  • Other teams are starting to pound on Crosby. Someone's got to step up.
  • Great lines tonight. Every line generated scoring chances.
  • Pens fever is ever so slowly starting to sweep the city.
  • Good turnout on the Google message board. Thanks, everyone.
** NOTE **

Article about Arena Discussions that took place Thursday.
Take from it as you will.

Have a pleasant


Keith said...

Great recap.
They should definitely install those dispensers.

I ended up watching this game with my girlfriend, and she was getting angry at Chara. It was kind of cute.

Anonymous said...

Nothing against him, but Sarge in the shootout? All Thieren talks about is getting production out of his FORWARDS, well where were they in the shootout? Oulett, Rex, Staal, Max? Fleury definitley deserved to get the win tonight.


Anonymous said...

this was the worst loss of the season. its time to cut the "well at least we're in the race" b.s. and say it like it is. the pens blew a 2-0 lead and then failed to score on a 5 on freakin 3 that would have put the game away. they manage to find ways to lose games when it seems completely impossible. and whey the hell can't the best player in the league and the best rookie in the league score in a shoot-out? lastly, does anyone else that MAF randomly gets A.D.D at certain points of games?

Derek said...

I couldn't help but think after this game was over, wow this one hurts.

I think he used gonch because he does have some decent moves. I think I would of went with Staal.

Tough loss, getting out of bed tomorrow hurts

Ryan said...

We are the worst shootout team in the question.

Andrew said...

Ha...the whole time I was watching the game the extraneous things I noted were...

1) Boston's coach looks like Hitler, which you addressed (in the title, no less).

2) I really hope Steigy keeps calling Staal the pterodac-tile the rest of the season because it makes me laugh.

seth said...

if we don't make the playoffs this year, there are at least 3 or 4 games this season that we can look back at and say they made the difference between playoffs or not. this game is one

Anonymous said...

how about staggy always referring to staal as the guy with the "long stick"?

Adrienne said...

Malkin didn't fall this game?

Sounds like an amazing game, the highlights made it look even more so.

Christina said...

nice recap guys. good to see that people other than Sid are getting the job done, even if they did have the typical shootout meltdown.

Hooks Orpik said...

for a period of time robert scuderi could actually say he was the best defenseman on the entire ice.

this happened during a 4 on 3 in which the bruins were using 4 forwards, and the penguins (as always when down to 3 men) had 2 forwards and a lone D out there. so, the rarest of occasions happened: only 1 defenseman on the whole ice, and it was scuderi.

the b's, of course, scored a goal in that sequence.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the first post in weeks without any gay jokes, amazing. Have you resolved your homophobic issues?

Steigerwald called this one of the best goaltending performances ever a penguin. Fleury played well but the bottom line is he allowed 4 goals. And all those saves he made in OT were irrelevant because the Pens lost the shootout anyway.

Gonchar would be about 18th on my list of shootout participants.

Anonymous said...

Pens didn't get jobbed on the Gonchar penalty. It was so blatant that even the refs saw it. makes a good point about Staal over Gonchar in the shootout too, but Gonchar was barely stopped. It was the loose fabric from the goalie's jersey that denied him... yes, his shot is that weak.

Anonymous said...

sorry, my bad

Bert said...

I agree Staal should be in the shootout. Gonchar? Might as well have slow motion LeClair back in there.
Why is it MAF can look amazing in a game and in an overtime, yet look like he is a cardboard cut out in shootouts?

Why can't Sid the Kid and Evgeni score on shootouts?

Is it me or do the Pens always have a bad second period?

Adam said...

gay jokes are awesome.

gonchar was jobbed in the sense that there more blatant or as blatant penalties that weren't called.

but, yeah, it was pretty obvious.

Tee said...

i didnt see the game, so I'm not sure if they use him for this or not, but oddly enough I think Ryan Malone would be really good in a shootout... when he doesn't have anyone near him he has a hell of a shot and he has decent stickhandling skills.. plus he does posess the brass of a riverboat gambler in everything he does.

seth said...

Gonchar has some decent moves but not the speed. You gotta come in fast

Andrew said...

seth said...

Gonchar has some decent moves but not the speed. You gotta come in fast

Funny...I'm pretty sure that's why my last girlfriend dumped me.


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