Monday, January 22, 2007


The internet sucks.
We read countless articles about Final Fantasy, but commenter jonathan pointed out that it is actually The Bride and O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill.
We also so read that Lehtonen put something on the back to recognize rapper Lil' Jon, who is a Thrashers season-ticket holder.


This mask is sick.
He's come a long way from good ol' Baby Blue.


Weirdly enough, this is the best shot we could find of the mask.
That's the lead singer of Nickelback on there.
I don't think anyone even knows his name.


It looked sweet when he played for the Blackhawks.
I know he is Eddie the Eagle, but come on.


Don't hurt yourself, Johan.


Nice. Denis puts Holmqvist to shame.


Sorry. We couldn't find any consistency.
He changes paint jobs like changing underwear.


He became one of my favorite goalies of all time when I saw his paint job.
A glorious tribute to Led Zeppelin.
On the right, you can see the band member's symbols in better detail.
Read here.

I'm a huge Led Zeppelin fan, but I'm not gonna job.
We got to pick either Lehtonen's or Hedberg's.


Jonathan said...

Are you sure that's Final Fantasy? Looks more like The Bride v. O-Ren in Kill Bill.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely not Final Fantasy.

K-Block said...

Bucci gives his love to Jeff Jimmerson in this week's mailbag...

Greg said...

Most depressing article I've read in my life.

Anonymous said...

If the team moves now, it's as much Lemieux's fault as anyone elses.

This ownership group would have gladly taken this Plan B a year ago. Now they're just being greedy.

It's not like you're going to fucking starve, Mario. Show some respect to the people that support you.

JM said...

awesome, my very own mention!

Anonymous said...

I wanna puke. I don't care how it gets done... just get a new effin' arena!

JM said...

Or, under my other blogger identity!

That arena news sucks donkey. Big-time. But I can't not think Mario's still trying to posture. I also refuse to believe any of those politicians will let it happen - the arena has to be replaced, kids, and if the Next Great Hockey Dynasty is allowed to leave town because politicians screwed the pooch, said politicians will be looking for new jobs.

Adrienne said...

MOOOOOSE! I miss that mask :(

Anyway, here's the pictures of the Final Fantasy mask from last season:

Was a bitch of a time to dig those up again :x

Shorty said...

Ya me and my friends noticed that little jon on the back of Lehtonen's mask last time they played the Thrashers...had to PVR it to make sure it was him though. It's like a cartoon version of him w/ dreads and a big "YEAH!!" coming out of his mouth.

Bert said...

The arena news is sickening, but how can you blame Lemueix if he packs up the team and leaves? He has been saying for years they need a new arena, and the politicians have just f'd him and the fans over repeatedly. I hope it is just posturing, but deep down I have a bad feeling about this. Rendell is a Philly boy through and through and he couldn't care less if the Pens leave. How convenient that the Casino announcement didn't come until after the election. He knew that if it was announced before Nov, it might have hurt his re-election chances.

Jon said...

I agree with the anonymous poster, fuck lemieux if he picks up and moves the's not the fans that are putting the screws to u Mario, just because some asshat politicians are rubbing you the wrong way, yeah, go ahead fuck the fans. He can kiss my ass if he can't accept a deal that is competitive with all of the newer arenas and stadiums in the state. and if they do leave, his lasting impression is going to be letting the Pens move away, and all we'll have is our memories of cup wins and pure hatred for a certain midwest city.

Arlow said...

I still believe the whole Kansas City deal is a wash because a team has already failed in what has proven to be a piss poor market for the NHL. The whole Houston thing, man, that scares the shit out of me. You just know that one of the largest cities in the U.S. is gonna lay out one hell of sweet deal for the hot property that the Pens have become. I hate this shit.

Teej said...

You're supposed to change underwear? Damn, no wonder I don't have a girlfriend......hahah

How awkward must this have been??

Adrienne said...

Wait, where the hell did Houston come into play?

I am SO out of the loop now :(

Anonymous said...

Man, the city/state seems to be really trying to put this thing together. There latest deal "if shown correctly", which is a big if. But if this is correct this doesn't really seem that bad of a deal. The penguins get 100% of not hockey revenue? Thats is an awsome deal, how can they turn that down. Even if they only get 50% of parking and have to pay the 10million they owe. This has at least go to be a viable plan? No?


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