Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is the first of six installments in the Pensblog's Goalie Masks of the NHL.
If you knew how much research we put into this, you would lose all respect you had for us (if you had any to begin with).

(Click the pictures for larger versions)


Thanks to the knowledge of our readers, we have learned that this mask design came from his days in the minors.
When he was called up, he didn't want to change the paint job.
It's still falls in line with the Devils' style of play: Boring.


Rick DiPietro's mask adorns a tribute to United States Armed Forces.
It also has the helicopter that his dad flew in the Vietnam War.

No background needed for this one.
Statue of Liberty, Rangers logo, barbed wire.

This is a cartoon-themed mask.
A cool apple and some kind of animal with nails.


He has a mobster firing a Tommy Gun.
Update: Said mobster is Frank Nitti. (Thanks to anonymous and Wikipedia article.)
He told the artist to "cook up something interesting".

That's Kid Rock on the left; Hank Williams Jr. on the right.
Here's the best picture we could find of the top of his mask.
Can someone help us out with that? It's a bad-guy skeleton with a cowboy hat, but it feels like it has more importance than that.
We hope Pensblog Nation can help us out here.
Update: Johnny Cash is above Kid Rock. (Thanks to Pensblog Commenter eric.)

Marc-Andre's mask has a stylized flower with teeth (Fleury = "flower" in French) on each side of his helmet.


Beavis would love Thibault's mask.


Our pick as the best?

Rick DiPietro or Marc-Andre Fleury

We're not homers. It's just a sweet mask.


Anonymous said...

My guess on the mystery man on Esche's mask is Johnny Cash. Hard to get a good view of the face but it looks like the Man in Black.


Dennis said...

I searched all around (i read it every day, usually has pretty good stuff) and they had nothing on the origins of Marty's mask.

GQbed said...

Funny you guys came up with this story thread. After seeing the likeness of men on the helmets of the last 3 goalies the Pens have faced, I too thought of writing a similar story on our site.

Great work on the background info. A little additional info on the Fleury mask. the initials on the back of his mask are for his grandparents.

Adam said...

Thanks, Eric.

I did some follow up and an article mentioned something about Waylon Jennings, but I don't think that's him up top.

That uniwatch is sweet.

ggbed, i'm just glad you didnt jump in and plaster your site on here like a lot of people do.

i'm no authority, but i like your site.

If you want to do a link exchange soon, we're for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey I love your blog...I just wanted to say that the gangster on Niittymaki's mask is Frank Nitti.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post - i tried searching for info on fluery's mask one day and such info (not to mention quality pictures) is hard to find.

does anyone know how often the goalies change their masks? i think fluery had a different design last year - a little penguin with a flower on the back instead of the initials and fleur de lis.


Adam said...

Good find, anonymous.

I liked that little Penguin on the back from last year, too.

Anonymous said...

About Brodeur: something about how when he was first called up from whoever the Devils' farm team was, their logo was slightly different from New Jersey's, and he didn't want to change his generic devil's tail in case he was sent back down. He's kept it the same way ever since.

I remember Jim Carey's "The Mask" which he only wore for a game or two due to copyright problems, and I think Ken Wregget's Danny DeVito mask suffered the same fate.

Andrew said...

Yeah...what the anon. poster above me said. They mentioned it on Vs. the one night the Pens played the Devils, I think. It was just his mask because he didn't think he was going to stay in the NHL. He then just decided to keep it.

Boring. Just like Devils' hockey.

Is the guy on Esche's helmet Dale Earnhart? And why the fuck would anyone want Kid Rock on their helmet?

Arlow said...

A little article on S.I. about El Sid. Had to chuckle at the part about what his grandmother sends him for X-Mas.

Arlow said...

Arlow said...

Robert Esche....American Badass

Nick said...

i seem to remember barasso wearing a mask that his mother designed for 1 game. he let in something like 8 goals and never wore it again. or i could have dreamt the whole thing.

GentleWhoadie9000 said...

esche gets his mask painted by Max's hockey shed in Havertown, PA, where I used to get my skates sharpened back in college. look him up and email him, he would know.

Adrienne said...

I miss fleury's mask from last season. Little penguin with giant school bus yellow pads on it.

And retard question here, what time is the All-Star game EST? I think it's 8, making it a 1am game for me? :(

Adam said...

thanks a lot, man.

i put in a call and they referred me to doug, who i think is out of the office.

Anonymous said...

The way the bends are in Brodeur's mask makes the Devil's logo look like a cock and balls

Geeves said...

uh...damn you adam, for making me want to research. dug up this crap:

apparently, Esche and Rock are boys, and in exchange for putting Rock on his mask, Esche got his nickname, 'Chico', on Rock's ass (in tattoo form).

which of course, leads me to wonder, why are these two best buds, and why the heck is esche's nickname Chico???

Geeves said...

if there's a mask picture that you want, and you can't find it here, well...damn.


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