Monday, January 8, 2007

Watching tonight's national championship game, and I couldn't resist.

...The Montreal Canadiens are still facing a team-wide illness and need some help from an expert. Atlanta took advantage with a 90-minute practice today...

Pack your bags for Montreal, Dr. Quinn.

...The Post-Gazette jobs an article about the Pens rally...

..Karen Price with a really good article about the Pens and their superstitions..
We don't compliment many sportswriters, but Karen Price is just as steady as anyone in the Pittsburgh media right now. We don't care what anyone says.

.. and in case anyone missed this.. will Therrien ever stop sticking up for Michel Ouellet?

Like Sheri Lewis and LambChop sang in the early 90's, Coach Therrien playing Ouellet is the song that never ends.

...The moment of truth comes on Tuesday. The All-Star lineups will be announced...


Yeah, I used to have that same hat. Then my dad got a job.

Is anyone else strangely excited about the All star game?


Crosby's goal from Sunday night:

A Capital fan had a little something to say about Steigerwald's Ovechkin musings...


The NHL is slower than Camryn Manheim's metabolism tonight:

I just threw up

One game.
Edmonton and Los Angeles.
You'll wake up and forget the game existed.

Unless you're a fan of the Kings or Oilers.

If you are thirsting for a Atlantic Division recap, Chuck Gormley for with a pretty nice writeup

That's it, and that's all.. we really need to beat the Lightning tomorrow.

For the techies that read the site, and for everyone, really....

Keep an eye on Apple Computers on Tuesday.
They're rolling out some new products.
A cellphone and a Tivo-like system have been rumored.


Anonymous said...

hey Adam, since Frito Lay sponsered your post to I get some sort of check from you or even them since that is who i work for.


Derek said...

Actually I did part of the post, so I think we will split the money Will. I may never be able to east a tositos chip again.

I wish this was gatorblog.. we would be celebrating.

Bake said...

I read that article. Good to see that the people who work for the league are noticing how much Sidney has owned the Flyers since "Floppa" himself Peter "I'm a big sissy and get hurt every other shift" Forsberg accused him of diving. What a joke.

Also, to that Caps fan who was upset at such "homerism" in his blog or whatever: Sidney actually had that play planned out the entire time and the goalie actually made an effort and was in position, unlike Cujo who was playing with himself 20 feet out of the crease. Both plays were amazing but I'm giving Sid the nod because 1) I'm a Pens fan, 2) I hate Ovechkin and 3) At least he and the goalie both actually were trying to do what they did.

zach said...

Shame on owen wilson for not motorboating Dr. Quinn

Shes smoke

Anonymous said...

plan C anyone?


Geeves said...

second time's the charm tonight?

just so you know, adam, the second round of playoff sound is posted.

Anonymous said...

yea my huge Xmas bonus every year of $0 just went down the crapper when we avertize like this, just wait for the super bowl, it gets worse.


Colcloughs Hands said...

youre not the only ones excited about the all star game.
i see sidney having a huge game, and anyone thats not already talking about him will be afterwards

Dennis said...

Sorry Rory:

Anonymous said...

Hey -- I read an article about the new iPhone that Apple released .... while it looks pretty cool, the best part of it is that the announcement was seen as a severe blow to Research in Motion, and the company's stock dropped by over 11 pts today as a result!!! Take that, Balsillie.

Steve Jobs must be a Pens fan!

Anonymous said...

Why can't we beat the fucking Lightning?!?!?!?

ARRRRGGGHHHH!!! I live in Tampa and it drives me fucking NUUUUUUTS!!


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