Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday Night Ice

Picture: After glancing in the stands and seeing how ugly the women in Boston are, Toivonen blacks out.
(No offense, Loralei.)

...Breaking News from the Post Gazette. -- The Pens are not happy with Plan B...

...In one of the weirdest hockey-related articles we have seen, here is an ESPN article about how global warming will affect the NHL...

...The NHL unveiling the new Reebok uniforms at the All-Star game...

Nice-looking uniforms. Is anyone else freaked out by this picture?

...Speaking of the all-star game: To our dismay, Versus will be using the "Rail Cam" for all the All-Star activities.
If you haven't seen this thing in action, be prepared. It's obtrusive, and it looks like a player is sliding on the ice when it gets behind in the action and comes flying into the picture. You'll see what I mean.

...Lindy Ruff finally gets something right: He feels clutching and grabbing is slowly creeping back into the game...

...Near 4o-year-old Sean Burke wipes the chip crumbs off his shirt and packs his bags for Los Angeles...

Time to get back on the horse and get ready for the Maple Leafs.

Saturday Night and the Maple Leafs visiting Pittsburgh.
The worst possible combination of things to happen at the same time since Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck somehow got their own TV shows.

(This isn't PoliticBlog. We just hate Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck.)

Not a lot of games tonight....

Columbus stuns Detroit 3-1..... Dominick Hasek gave up two goals while he was in line picking up his Social Security check.
"Sorry, Mr. Hasek. We don't accept social security cards written on dead sea scrolls...dick."

Great game in Buffalo tonight..The Sabres beat the Canucks in a shootout 4-3....
Former Pens backup Danny Sabourin pretty solid in the loss. 33 saves.

The Wild shutout the Blackhawks.... can't help but think the Wild would be a dangerous team to play in the Playoffs.

One late game.. Calgary beats the Ducks.. if you want to know about this game, find the link yourself.

Go Pens.


Bert said...

After reading the PG this morning, all I can say is F**k Rendell and his lacky Barden.

If this is the best the state can do, I can't blame Mario for taking the team to KC.

Stoosh said...

For what it's worth, the Trib article had a much different tone to it. Not sure where Belko is getting some of his info from in that P-G article. He has a lot of info in there about the Pens' reactions to the Thursday night meeting, despite the fact that the Pens have steadfastly refused to negotiate this through the media.

They seem to agree on the major terms of the deal. It sounds like the elected officials are willing to give the team full control of the revenue streams at the new building for hockey and non-hockey events (with parking possibly being shared). Even if they split parking revenues for arena events, the Pens will still have a highly-profitable lease here in Pittsburgh (as opposed to KC, where they'll split arena revenues 50-50 with AEG).

The money from the gaming fund $7 mil a year for 30 years) and from Barden ($7.5 mil a year for 30 years) is secured. Another plus for the Pittsburgh arena because a series of mini-bonds can be floated to begin construction on that money.

From this point forward, it sounds like they're negotiating the contribution coming from the team (rumored on two Pittsburgh news stations to possibly be cut down to $1.5 mil a year for 30 years) and some other ancillary cost issues. Those issues regard some of things Belko cites like:

- the rent to the SEA,
- the revenues the team would control by staying in Mellon Arena for two more years while the new arena is going up,
- the $10 million the Pens may owe to Isle of Capri (there seemed to be some questions as to whether the Pens really owe IoC that money and why), and,
- the development rights to the land around the arena.

The major thing is still the control of the revenue streams. Even if the Pens have to may more per year to stay here than they would in KC, a deal that gives them control of all arena revenues will likely be much more profitable over the life of a 30-year lease than one that forces them to split revenues 50-50 (like the one in KC does).

Sorry for the length of that post.

Joshua said...

A quote from the article:
"They were surprised to see Mr. Barden, who was invited by Mr. Rendell, and the proposals for sharing development rights and parking revenues. They also felt the overall plan represented a retreat from the previous session."

WHAT THE HELL?! Thats like inviting your ex over for a "good time" while your girlfriend is in the other room making you cookies.

Derek said...

classic stuff guys, Josh love the girlfriend thing.

Stoosh I think from now on, you are going to be the Pensblog voice of reason on the Arena issues...great stuff and so true

bwzimmerman said...

$10mil to IOC? Don't they still have that $10mil laying around from Balsille's default? ;)

something about finding a $20 bill in the jacket you haven't worn since last winter...

hyzdufan said...

It is interesting to see the difference in tone between the PG and Trib. From what I've seen the Trib is more informed in the situation, so I feel a little better. The PG's Pens coverage has sucked ever since they moved Dejan to follow the Pirates.

loralei said...

OMG.... Don Cherry REEEAAALLLY loves Jordan Staal. He just mention Jordan's goal and said that he resists showing the replay and then goes, "i grab myself when i see that kid." NO LIE. I'm pretty sure he didnt mean it like I'm going to take it.. But, I'm dying right now...

Matt said...

Tee said...

I grabbed myself after seeing the pens actually show a little heart tonight. I really wish even one of those fights would have stayed up. More than anything I wish Orpik would have grabbed McCabe and beat his face in.

Adrienne said...

amazing game, again- so sorry I couldn't watch it. I'm seriously hoping I'll be able to catch the All-Star game somewhere in this city.

Why the hell the pens should have to split earnings with Barden is a dumbest concept ever. seriously, what the fuck.
They might as well just not have Barden kick in his earnings, and call it even.

The negotiations are fucking retarded. 2 steps forward, 6 steps back. gg

Anonymous said...

pittsburgh, meet the pittsburgh penguins. they came to finish what the steelers didnt..................make the playoffs



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