Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Adam was at the game, but he did not return home in time for a recap. He is missing and presumed dead.
Only my second recap all year, safe to say we may lose 1,000 readers.

Huge win tonight, in what was really a game we had no expectations for. Usually Carolina pees on our parade. But not tonight.

You could tell as soon as the puck touched the ice tonight, the good penguin team showed up. They were all over Cam Ward, but Ward stood tall. After 3,000 closeups of Cam Ward's mask we noticed that he either had Jesus on his helmet or the lead singer of Nickelback. It was Nickelback, but needless to say not even Jesus could of saved Ward tonight.
Unless its your father, don't ever have another grown man picture on your mask, especially nickelback.

After buzzing like bees around the proverbial hive, Bing broke out of his half hour slump, and beat Ward five hole.
Picture: Crosby and Malkin are stunned to find out that they both made out with Rod Brind'amour's wife on news year eve.

As the game wore on, you couldn't help but think the Pens missing chance after chance to score would as usual come back to haunt them. But it didn't.

Ryan Whitney tallied a goal that appeared to go in off his skate. The play was reviewed after the ref made the call to long distance call to Toronto:

" Yea that's right, please bill this call to Shero, Ray Shero."

The goal counted, possible payback, from that bullcrap no-goal in Carolina.

Even with a 2-0 lead, the Canes still struck fear in everyone, and with Cam Ward keeping them in it, the Pens needed the Marc Andre Fluery to step it up. And oh did he ever.

Fluery was stellar tonight, as was the defense, who blocked more shots then we can even count.

Bing added another goal.

  • Crosby 1 G, 2A
  • Whitney 1G
  • Reechi 2A
  • Fluery: 31 saves (4th career shutout)
  • Shots: Pens (37) Canes (31)
  • Faceoffs: Pens 13-4 in faceoffs in the 3rd period
  • Talbot made some sick moves tonight
  • Ryan Malone's breakaway slap shot was mud
  • The defense played a brilliant game, kudos boys.
  • Malkin kinda of fell.
  • Horrible recap, but had to make a special relieve appearance.
  • I am sure I missed alot of crap, call me a dick in the comments if I did.


Anonymous said...

haha is Adam allright? What happened to him

Derek said...

Oh he is just fine.. lets just say he got sidetracked

Steph said...

I used to give Cam the benefit of having the less horrid helmet between him and Greene just because his entire mask doesn't seem to be NASCAR-related with a really hideous half-naked chick on it.

But...Nickleback? This deserves some serious reconsideration.

Steph said...
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Adrienne said...

You missed a lot, you dick.

I'll fill that in tomorrow when I'm actually awake.

Dennis said...

Glad I got to see this one in person, the best/most complete game they've played all season.

Anonymous said...

most impressive stat from the game Talbot as the third star for winning 8-13 faceoffs!


And Lange Will Lead Us said...

I saw the broadcast here in North Carolina and aside from the announcers being completely unable to go five minutes without bringing up the Orpik hit on Cole or the Army hit on Letowski, they actually nominated Gonchar as one of their three stars of the game based on his defensive play.

I mention this only because I'm not sure it will ever happen again.

Cam Ward's mask is just horrible. As such, it's a fitting tribute to Nickleback.

Anonymous said...

After that pathetic excuse for blowing a scoring opportunity by Ryan Malone, I wonder if Thieren will put him on "shot probation."


Joshua said...

I died of laughter on the Malone shot. One could assume he did that to be an ass because he could have faked ward out of his pants.

Not a bad post at all. Liked The the reference to Rod's wife!

Anonymous said...

a beautiful Christmas present for me - tickets two rows behind the glass in section A2!!!

Great game - we had energy - Malkin had his usual fall - Crosby had his usual points - mostly solid defense - Fluery was on fire - it was fun watching two Staal brothers at once (speaking of which did anyone else notice that Jordan plays most of his game with his mouth piece hanging out?) - fans were into it - can't ask for too much more other than for the pens to stick around (and a playoff spot)...

On a side note - I'm really sick of having to explain to girls why there are hockey fights. That question is simply answered - why the hell not? who doesn't like seeing two people kick the shit out of each other on ice skates?


Geeves said...

boy, they were hummin' last night, weren't they?

i was definitely paranoid for that LARGE chunk of time in between 1-0 and 2-0. i actually saw them reviewing whitney's goal and assumed i must have missed something and that it was 1-1.

talbot showed some sick moves and malone looked like my grandma on a breakaway. time for the two to switch lines?

all i say is this -

God Bless Marc Andre Flower.

loralei said...

The boys looked great last night...

Steigy informed us that Ryan Malone's shot was a half slap shot that he has been working on. He needs to work on it A LOT more.

buccoboo said...

Wow, I love listening to Lange and Bourquey on Did anyone notice how they the radio audio for the highlights on

Anyway, great game. I can officially say it: We broke Cam Ward. He was saving shot after shot after shot (how many did he save before letting Whitneys in? Like 22?). But in the end, the constant pressure of shooting the puck was too much.

Finally, they did what I wanted: They shot the puck!

And I liked the 3-stars on Langes broadcast of Bing, Fleury, and Talbot. He is all of a sudden a good faceoff man.

Matt said...

I picked a great night to attend my first game of the year. The entire team was impressive.

P.S. Did anyone see Fleury trip and almost fall on his face when he came on the ice as the 2nd star? That was great. Just a bunch of teenagers, playing some hockey, having some fun.

Anonymous said...

haha - i did notice the fluery trip : )


Anonymous said...

rod brind'amour isnt married....


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