Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Florida Panther - 5
Penguins - 2

So, do you think the Pens are making the playoffs this year?

The game started out all right...

That is until Florida started entering the Penguins' zone.
A shot rings off the pipe, and the goal horn sounds, but no goal.
About 8 seconds later, Olli Jokinen scores his first of 11 goals on the night to make it 1-0.

No big whoop. 1-0 is usually a comforting deficit for this resilient Pens.

The rest of the first period was a bunch of nothingness with the Pens getting stonewalled by Jimmy the Goalie, another no-name getting a victory over the Penguins.

Alex Auld: I think my sister took him to prom.

I'm sorry if this recap is patchy. I can usually joke around while watching the game and have my hands ablazing when I type up a recap, but tonight was just a big blur.

Halfway through the second period of another non-called-penalty filled game, Jokinen scored his second goal to make it 2-0.
Two minutes after that, however, Malkin jobs in a goal from in front of the net.

I would say going into the third period only down by one goal was good, but I don't even know that for sure. Strange game.

Yeah, life was good going into the third period. Still definitely in the game.
Then Florida scored two goals and my computer is dying.

Ironic that it is on the day I express my allegiance to Apple.


Andrew said...

I'll tell you one thing the Pens have been consistent with all year...

Making jobber goalies look like Vezina Trophy winners...

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

powerplay: going 0-4 is not an excuse. again, having all that talent and nothing can come out of it? whats gonna happen if the penguins make the playoffs, where PP goals are sometimes the game winners.

more physical play. i agreed with bobby boy the whole time. he said we need people to start fucking people up. well, that didn’t happen at all. it took malkin for christ sakes to actually do something in the third period when he got into cancer kids face (jokinen)

t-bo. he once again didn’t have a stellar performance. though, some of the goals were whitneys and nasreddines fault, he still isn’t giving the penguins and himself, the boast they need.

too many missed opportunities. ryan malone once again thinks he is god almighty and missed a two on one. poorly. also, crosby shooting it straight into the goalies glove.

keep thorburn in and petrovicky out. obviously thorburn did more in one game than petro has in the 3 games he has played in. like how jay caufield said, thorburn is a key player. look at that 4th line tonight, they were on fire. with petro, it wouldn’t have been the same in my opinion.

the announcer tonight. wow, what bitch he is. i would never go to an arena where they say: (announcer)PANTHERS:
(sorry fuckers in the seats)GOAL
also, those blue fucking lights. i got a headache just from seeing them on tv.


Brett said...

The Pens got a fever... and the only prescription is to play the Philadelphia Shitheads

Any thoughts on Dupont adding a spark to the powerplay? I don't care if hes too small, we need something to get things going.

Geeves said...

michel therrien, listen to bob errey:

"christensen, thorburn and talbot make a great line: christensen likes to shoot, thorburn likes to crash teh net, and talbot is always buzzing and creating confusion."

also, he rightfully called them a bunch of pussies.

why isn't he a coach?

Anonymous said...

I loved Bobby's comment during the 1st intermission about Oulett not shooting the puck.

2nd period, he "shoots", or rather throws the puck towards the net and Malkin taps it in. Good call Bobby.


Colcloughs Hands said...

ryan malone looked absolutely terrible tonight

Andrew said...


I really don't think that you can place any blame on Thibault tonight. He got fucking rattled with shots. I give him credit for only letting 5 in with that horrid excuse of a defense that is playing right now.

I like Rob Scuderi...but when you can seriously argue that he is the best d-man on the team right now, something is wrong. Something is very wrong.

Joshua said...

t-bo kills me. I am a goaltender and understand how the butterfly works. I'm not telling a pro how to do his job..but stay the fuck up! That was a big problem Fluery had last year that he fixed. Dont make the first move, wait for the shooter. Also, even before this game colby has picked up his game greatly by getting to loose pucks and making smarter decisions. Lastly, Ryan Whitney needs to be traded for another similar defenseman that lacks his name.

Anonymous said...

oh andrew, i know. t-bo did have some key saves. i mean, the score could have been a lot worse than it was.

but i just think t-bo needs a huge win to boost his confidence. also yea, the defense lacked tonight. big time.


Anonymous said...

I love how every night we have our defense getting eaten alive while noah welch just sits in WBS, making all star teams and being a good d man.

E said...

i seem to remember somebody guaranteeing that the pens would win this one...

Anonymous said...

No physical play, no consistency night-in-night-out. I'm sorry, but this is not a playoff team this year. When they're good, they can beat anyone in the league. But when they're bad, damn. I think my local high school hockey team could beat them and that's saying a lot because we don't even have one.

New Bethlehem

Rob said...

quick recap of the game..

malone is a pathetic excuse for a hockey player. he consistently misses the net on shots and gives about 10% effort every game. he needs to go.

thibault did the best he could do given the fact he faced 2x the shots auld did.

nasredine and melichar are jokes. melichar is always out of position on defense and never, ever ties up any of the opposing players. who knows what the fuck naserdine was doing on the turnover last night? maybe that's why he's a 20 year ahl player.

the team as a whole cannot clear the puck. ever.

we turn the puck over more than any team i've watched this year and our passing is atrocious.

worst of all is that some nights we look like playoff contenders (see buffalo) and others we look like the worst team in the nhl (see last night). we play to our competition and that's going to get us nowhere.

i watched the game via center ice b/c i live in nyc, so i had the florida commentary. i'm not sure if bobby and steigy mentioned this, but the florida FSN showed a graphic that showed the pens were 1/57 on the power play on the road this year. that's less than 2%. and they went 0/4 last night.

Anonymous said...

"all she wants is food on the table, but I won't be able to bring it home." (ben folds)

during the third all I could think was "how the fuck did we beat buffalo last week?"

Hooks Orpik said...

give me welch, give me dupont, give me someone.


AHL all-star jon filewich would be a better option than half the forwards on the roster now. i feel like malone and ouellet have accomplished as much in the past 5 games as ekman.

mark recchi should be fined for every hooking/interference/tripping bad penalty he takes. isn't the veteran leader supposed to be above those petty, stupid dumb plays?

Tee said...

shades of last year.. recchi is getting frustrated, therrien is sticking with guys who have proven they aren't worth a damn despite having some hot young guns down in WBS just dieing for a chance... how about we bring up filewich or tyler kennedy for a game and malone and oullet sit, just to see what happens. Why isn't Noah Welch starting every game? His defensive game isn't the greatest but it surely can't be any worse than Nasreddine's. Dupont and Letang, good offensive contributors, and no worse than melichar on the backend.. theres a reason that WBS is on top of the AHL... lets see if maybe some of these guys really can get it done, what we have going sure as shit isn't working. Even when we win, it's the Malkin/Staal/Crosby/Fleury show.. everyone else is a straight up jobber.

seth said...

from the trib:

"The loss was the Penguins' second this year to the Panthers and dropped their record against them to 1-12-1, dating back to the 2002-03 season."

the losses are really taking a toll

Christina said...

this game is near the top of my worst games of the season list. holy crap.

malone and ouellet need to sit. they're doing nothing. noah welch needs to get called up, and we need mark eaton back!! he's the smartest defenseman on the team.

and what happened to our power play??

Christina said...

...and immediately after i posted that, i went to the penguins site and see that they have indeed called up noah welch. about time.

Hooks Orpik said...

melichar's injury might be serious.

he catches a lot of flack (some legit) but i don't think he's THAT bad of a defenseman. obviously not a first pairing guy but he's played well defensively, uses his stick and skates to block shots (like the lecavalier double spin-o-rama).

i'd take joey m. in front of naz and scuderi easily, and on some nights he's more steady than orpik.

all that said, welcome welch. please play well this time and stick for good.

Anonymous said...

arlow said...

If we give one to the Flyers on Sat., it's gonna be time to pack it in for this season. And based on last nights performance, it's looking like a real possibility.

Anonymous said...

i can't here the word playoffs without saying it right back just like he did over and over again.


zach said...

when edzo was announcing he knew exactly what to do also, however that didn't translate into any wins once he actually became our coach, everything looks simple from a birds eye view

Anonymous said...

other teams know to go to the front of the net, why dont they?

Adrienne said...

I leave the country, and you guys fail at recaps.


Hopefully on Saturday I'll be able to catch the game on radio stream or something. Luckily for me we have 10 "early" games coming up over the remainder of the season.

oh well. We got Philly, 6-0 :)

bwzimmerman said...

the first thing defensemen learn is that their main responsibility is to clear out the front of the net. for this entire season, that's been the number one problem. we've had more campers than a Quake LAN party.

give Eaton a bionic arm and get him out there on saturday.

Tee said...

adrienne, if you have a decent internet connection overseas look into its like 9$ a month but the streams are decent quality and they show some pens games, usually on channel 15

nhlfaceoffonnbc said...

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Check out for more information.

Adrienne said...

People don't camp in Quake, they camp in Counter Strike

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