Saturday, January 27, 2007

Do It For Daddy. PENS WIN.

4 - 3

What an emotional game.

First off, it is great having Eaton back.
If you're a casual fan of hockey and don't pick up on the little things, there's nothing wrong with that.
Wait, never mind. There's no such thing as a casual hockey fan.
But if you watch Eaton when he's on the ice, you can see some things he does that change the entire game.
The play in third period where, instead of chasing the player behind the net, Eaton flows right to the closest Star in front of the net. Result? Eaton breaks up a potential game-winning one-timer at point-blank.

Mark Eaton = Money in the Bank

In the first period, it seemed the garbage that encompassed American Airlines Arena during the All-Star festivities was still lingering.

Halfway through the first period, Turco lets one rip to the chagrin of Sidney Crosby.

There was some okay action, but nothing much to talk about.
The Pens frittered away a power play opportunity, and the Stars fans were randomly cheering for no reason at all.
Sergei Zubov scored through traffic about halfway through the first period, and that was it.
Of all of Craig Patrick's trades, where does Kevin Hatcher for Sergei Zubov rank? Ouch.

Kevin Hatcher is currently employed as a waiter at a Sonic in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee.

The second period brought some much-needed action.
Marty Turco seemingly dropped some acid, which led to four minutes of horrendous goaltending.

Jordan Staal sneaked a shot past him from almost the top of the faceoff circle to tie the game up.
Less than four minutes after that, a Sidney Crosby shot got some help from Mark Recchi's leg, and the Pens had a 2-1 lead.
That lead was short-lived, however, as Jussi Jokinen scores for Dallas on a weird play to tie it up.

That sends us into a riveting third period.

With about half of the third period gone, Dallas jobs a goal to take the 3-2 lead.
At that point, after hearing Steigerwald and Errey talking all game about how Dallas plays close to the vest, it definitely felt like they could've Deviled us the rest of the way and escape with the W.

A mere 1:30 after the Stars' goal, Jiri Lehtinen commits a huge blunder and pounds Ryan Malone with a stick to the dental region.
The Pens go on a power play.
This was it. This was our last chance.

Ryan Whitney fires a nice pass to Malkin, but it doesn't get to him. It hits a Dallas player's skate. The puck goes right to Recchi's stick, and he bangs home his 500th career goal.

Congrats Mark, but don't think we forgot about that dumb penalty you took in the first period.

Besides the Ruutu-Robidas fight, the rest of the third was a blur.

After arguing all night over whether or not Oswald acted alone, Ruutu and Robidas finally came to blows.
(Definitely click that pic)

Overtime arrived, and it was insane. Was there only one whistle during the entire five minutes?

Roughly 18 seconds into the overtime, a Dallas shot looked like it was on its way in, and even Steigerwald cried out, "Scores."
The fans stood up thinking it was goal, but it barely trickled wide.
Gotta give it to the Dallas fans, though. They stood up for the entire overtime. Great atmosphere.

The Pens got their opportunities, too; the best coming when Christensen had at least two good looks but couldn't put it in.

With about 10 seconds left in OT, Bing grabs the puck at center ice...and you could hear all the Stars fans collectively say, "Oh, shi...."

He flies into the zone and powers past some terd. He gets a "shot" off that could've easily went in, but it took a fortuitous Dallas bounce, and the Stars cleared it.

You know what that means....

Up first, former Penguin Sergei "Shoot" Zubov.
Fleury stacks the pads a la NHL 95 and denies Zubov.

First shooter for the Pens is Erik Christensen. He makes Turco look like a hooker. 1-0.

The next shooter for Dallas was Jussi Jokinen -- a man who was born to score in shootouts.
Fleury stones him.

Next up for the Pens is Sidney Crosby. Hey, maybe he only scores shootout goals in this arena?
Turco stops him.

Okay. This is it.
The Stars final shooter is border-line Mexican Mike Ribeiro.
Fleury makes a left pad save, and 17 people in Dallas kill themselves.

  • Crosby: 2 A
  • Recchi: 2 G
  • Whitney: 2 A
  • Ouellet: Another assist
  • Shots: Dallas (35) Pens (27)
  • Powerplay: Both teams ( 1 for 2 )
  • The referees took our advice from our last post and didn't use the high-tech whistles. But they forgot to bring the regular whistles, too.
  • The fathers of the players in the luxury box is a great sight. Great TV. Hopefully, we see more of it in Phoenix tomorrow.
  • Eaton = Stellar
  • How funny is it to watch Eric Lindros skate with his head down all game? If he was in the shootout he would of went straight into the boards behind flower.
  • Speaking of Lindros. Ryan Whitney's play on him in front was game saving.
  • Did anyone notice Ruutu giving Flower advice?
  • Great all-around performance tonight. Great line combinations.
Pens in Glendale, Arizona tomorrow night.
The Coyotes played tonight in Colorado.

The over/under for Saturday's game is 6.5

Janet Gretzky wants a piece of that action.


Anonymous said...

great comment about Janet Gretzky...
What could be better than a little Coyote hunting on a Saturday night in Phoenix??
My guess is not much considering, what is there to do in the desert?


Scott said...

wow wat a game...i was standin for most of it...the pic and caption of sid and turco is priceless

Anonymous said...

so i guess ruutu really fucked that guy up then.

um, if this game was on VS tomorrow, all game long they would compare crosby to wayne the pain.

penguins = roadrunner
coyotes = fucked


Geeves said...

several thinkings...

*they dont throw juicy fruit because his name isnt pronounced "juicy," you fruit. it's "yoosi"

*wonder how many players went up to eaton post-game and said "hey man...thank GOD you're back"

*surely ray shero at least briefly pondered bringing kaspar back? just to get a few good shifts in vs lindros with his head down?

*phoenix ain't great, but they're a damn sight better now than the team we wouldve faced before the break.

Geeves said...

oh, and thanks for telling me to clivk the pic. i needed new desktop wallpaper

Miller said...

The only thing cooler about Euros named "Jarko" getting into fights is when they completely own the other dude.

I need to get The Dish or something. I don't see enough of these games.

Anonymous said...

TheGuyFromPgh Said...

Hmm.. I thought Lindros died in a fryer accident at the same Sonic that Hatcher works at. Must be a different guy who can't take a hit.

CDY said...

I just got home from the game. 6 hours of driving never felt so good. What a game! The OT was intense.

I have to give it up to Stars fans, they were more than solid. Nice standing O for Recchi. They were no match for Pens Nation though, who put forth a huge effort. Pens fans came early and were vocal throughout in Big D tonight. Even got a couple good "Let's go Pens" chants going.

Flower was on fire tonight, I'm still trying to figure out how he wasn't one of the 3 stars of the game.

I'm too tired to think of anything else right now. I can't wait for the Pens to come back... in 3 freaking years! Gotta love Bettman.

Adam said...

sold, cdy.

Tee said...

Fleury is freaking incredible. Ruutu puts Sean Avery to shame in the "Pest who can actually back it up" department. Of Recchi's 500 career goals, I can't help but wonder how many came as a result of deflecting a shot with his leg or standing on the doorstep and slamming the rebound home. Ouellet needs to take a cue from him, I think he has the potential to do the same thing, he just needs to learn how to sneak in front of the net the way the recchin ball has done his entire career.

Christina said...

wow...the highlights on the pens' site and this recap just made my morning! few things are more satisfying than waking up to find out the Pens won the night before!

congrats to Recchi on 500

the kevin hatcher working at Sonic made me guys should do a "where are they now" post of penguins past...especially those token 90s players that seem to have vanished into the abyss...

wonder what the Acme Pens have in store for the Wile E Coyotes tonight?

will said...

when Sid got that puck (and dallas nation went "oh shi...) he cut the corner on that defender who basically talkeled him (good no call it would be pointless) i thought of that one jagr goal.

Every time they mentioned that Stephan guy from dallas i kept thinking of Steve Erkel and his coolness changing machine on Family Matters.

Ok Pensblog nation can finally breath a sigh of relief because we finally won a shootout!!!!

Tony said...

You guys crack me up with the "Bing"...


Derek said...

Good call greeves, I am not sure why that got in there. I must of thought it was funny,and Adam didn't say not to, but oh man it was not even close. How did I miss his name was "yossi" I must of dropped some of that acid Turco had.


Funny you mention it, we already have a post in the works, its been in our saved drafts for months. As usual we are lazy.

Thats awesome you were there, that looks like an incredible place to watch a game. You could def hear the lets go pens chats on the radio side.

Adrienne said...

Go pens!! :) We got this

seth said...

8-3 with eaton in the lineup

Adam said...

great stat, seth

Tee said...

not to mention Mark Eaton's penis is 8.3 inches long, that helps with his shot blocking prowess I'm sure.

CDY said...

Two things:

First, the AA Arena is an awesome place to see a game. I was in the second to last row in the upper level, right on the red line and they were great seats. Easily worth the $12 each they cost me.

Second, one thing about the Hatcher-Zubov trade... Patrick made that trade to keep Mario happy. I don't think he wanted to move Zubov at all. Mario was just bitter about where the team was going then and Craig pulled the trigger on that deal at the draft, and Mario loved it! If you want to place blame for Hatcher you need to start with big 66.

Anonymous said...

now 9-3 with eaton.


Anonymous said...

ok bob



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