Wednesday, January 24, 2007

All Star Excitement, My Balls

You know, we were really excited about recapping the Skills Competition and All Star game, but everything ended up being anti-climactic and sleep-inducing.

"Just like Jason Blake is in the sack."

Oh well.

The All Star game wasn't too bad, but we honestly just want to get back to the season.

Some quick thoughts on the All Star game:
  • Why didn't Rick Nash win the MVP?
  • The talking to Marty Turco thing was cool. They should use it in the playoffs, so goalies go insane.
  • The way O, Canada, could have been longer is if Jimmy from South Park sang it.
  • AO and Crosby were the worst duo since Lindsay Lohan and Paxil.
  • Nice arena in Dallas.
  • "The San Jose Line" was fun to watch.
  • Gary Bettmen has "Used Car salesman" written all over him.
  • Coaching isn't the only thing the Great Edzo sucks at.
  • How many "Male Enhancement" ads did we see?
Moving on to Pens stuff...

Crosby got shutout points-wise, but honestly....does it really matter?

Crosby failed to score in the meaningless game. Shero may deal him.

--Bing did win a community service award presented by the erratic Mark Messier. Mark Messier needs to be more involved with NHL broadcasts, just because it would guarantee that he will say something incredibly stupid.

--Speaking of stupid...
In case anyone missed this post on, some tool bag actually complained about Malkin not showing up in the "Young Stars game."

Now, maybe the reason the All Star game stuff, and quite frankly, life in general sucks, is because of the Arena junk.

We went back up the Jack Rabbit today with this.

Once we read what commenter "Stoosh" thinks, then we will decide what think.

After this is all said and done. The Penguins better offer Group Therapy Night at Mellon Arena because we have just been through too much.

Jobber Post tonight.
We will be back in full force for the rest of the year tomorrow night.

Go Pens.


Christina said...

sign me up for the Group Therapy's 10 times worse trying to keep track of all the arena ups and downs when you're halfway around the world.

love the new video, guys...and for the record, the dany heatley jokes always make me laugh...i would love it if they still made a token appearance every now and then!

Teej said...

My prediction for the next jokes retirement will be Alexander Semin... who wouldn't like the idea of Semin all over a banner?...ewww.

Anonymous said...

i love how brodeur basically lost it for the east. stupid devils. it was funny when his mike came off though. and fuck the rail cams. there only slightly cool when the play is mostly in the neutral zone.

sign me up for group therapy too. and i agree - lets get back to the regular season already.


Bert said...

I'm in for the therapy too.

I'm excited about the Pens pushing to make a run for the playoffs, but wish I could relax about the arena deal.

Since this is symbolically the 1/2 way point in the season, let me just say that you guys are my first daily read and you make me laugh almost everyday. Keep up the great work.
I'm looking forward to your posts the rest of the way. Go PENS!

Shanna said...

Brodeur is supposedly the Jesus Christ of Goaltending right? Last night he was more like the Judas Iscariot if goaltending. Unreal.

Nice one teej. That is pretty funny.

seth said...

I thought the actual All-Star game was a success. It was pretty exciting with 21 combined goals. As for talking to Turco, I loved it. I was laughing pretty hard at some of the things he was saying and especially when he went to play the puck he said, "Hold on for a second." I'm now a big Turco fan.

Skills comp blew minus the fact that Crosby lit it up.

How bad is Ovechkin at passing? He really looked like a bad player out there. Reminded me of Kolstov of Fata.. quick and that's it

chris said...

Ya, Crosby would have done more if he were on a jobber line (Jason Blake and Justin Williams). He tried getting too cute.

Teej said...

Pens @ Dallas tomorrow night should be fun to watch, I'm looking forward to the playoff race... it's on now, SUCKA.

Will anyone else agree that they used to love the Stars' goal horn before the All-Star festivities? 6 times was enough last night, let alone 21... ugh.

Stoosh said...

Regarding "Group Therapy Night", you are all in luck because I've got the bachelor's in psychology, so I could always do my best Sean Maguire impression for the evening. If that doesn't work, I've got a bottle of "El Presidente" Mexican whiskey at Castille de Stoosh that'll do the trick.

Thanks for the mention, though...that's pretty sweet!

Yesterday's turn of events was positive for Pens fans, especially because it happened so quickly. Take Rendell's quotes about Burkle's reputation as a businessman and read between the lines - I think Slick Eddie knows the Pens are posturing to a good degree here because he pretty much admits Burkle's just negotiating for the best deal. That speaks volumes.

I also liked what I heard from Rob Rossi's radio interviews. In the interests of space I won't post all of it here. It sounds like the team and the elected officials agree on the big-money items in the deal and they're ironing out some relatively small costs. I don't think there's anything out there (parking, development rights, etc) that could kill this deal. The team will make too much money off the lease here to kill the deal over relatively small costs they may get stuck with, and the Pens know that. I'm HOPING this wraps up next week.

Other quick thoughts...

- Had to love that photo heading up Kevin Allen's USA Today article of Crosby on the ice with all the kids right up on the glass watching him.

- When did Michelle Branch start singing country? Apparently since last March. I'm obviously not hip like all the kids are these days.
- I'm surprised Rick Nash didn't manage to hurt himself.
- Joe Sakic is one of the few remaining "old guys" who I'm really going to miss watching when he finally retires.
- You can't tell me Sweaty Teddy Leonsis didn't get his arm stuck in that vending machine.
- The lovely Nancy Stoosh with the observation of the night: "If you put a giraffe on skates, it would look just like Zdeno Chara."

Adam said...

Kasperitis on waiavers, cmon someone has to want him more tha joe melichar. He can't cost that much can he?

Joe said...

The All Star Game was pretty cool I think. I like the rail cam for the most part...except for when it gets in the way...then it sucks. Just looking All Star Game this year compared to the last one 3 years back really shows how the game itself has changed since the lockout, it has truly become a game for the young guys. Aside from that Brodeur completely folded, Ovechkin sucks at passing, those mics HAVE to piss off the goalies, and I'm pretty sure the O Canada lady fell after the camera zoomed out...I heard some laughing and thought I saw her scrambling to her feet.

Oh, and sign me up for Group Therapy night.

CDY said...

I'll be at the game tomorrow night, so I'll give you a first hand account of how nice the Dallas arena is.

Adrienne said...

I fell asleep listening to the game somewhere in the first intermission. From the sound of it, I didn't miss much.
Apparently, Crosby and Ovechkin aren't line compatible?

Adrienne said...

edit: and throw the international people here a summation of the Arena situation. Trying to follow the papers and news and links is throwing me off hardcore ;(

Derek said...


We will be doing that tonight, I forgot about our out of the country readers.

Stoosh great stuff as always

Tee said...

christina and adrienne, I totally feel for you on the out of the country situation, I'm stuck at ramstein air base, germany until october 2008. I rely on internet streams and this blog to get me my pens fix. I grew up in Butler, which is about 30 miles north of downtown Pittsburgh. My formative years were split between hockey with my family (my cousin is now the starting goaltender for Latrobe) and watching hockey. I live for this stuff, as does Adam from what I've seen. That pic of you playing roller hockey in the driveway brought back so many memories. And on a completely unrelated note, I'm going to begin working on a new pensblog wallpaper next week, possibly an original illustration of malkin.

seth said...

how come the video thing at the top of the page won't work for me?

eh jeh said...

I just heard a rumor that the Dany Heatley jokes have been spotted at South point working out with Jay Caufield.

Could they be trying to make a comeback?

Tawm said...
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