Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reports chiming in that John LeClair has been put on waivers...
It's is now OFFICIAL.

The main aspect of this is the fact that LeClair clearing waivers would mean his salary would drop to $900, opposed to his current $1.5 million.
He might have been given the option by Ray Shero to either be traded or accept any suitors that came his way.

In some other GM news, reported that the Penguins are one of a few teams interested in Markus Naslund.
A wealth of young stars here in Pittsburgh, coupled with Jim Balsillie assuming ownership just never know...

Post coming later Thursday night.


I know we promised a post tonight, but we are working on a few huge projects that you guys should enjoy. Lets just say if you a fan of Law and Order you'll love tomorrows post.

Some quick links...

John Leclair is pissed... With Ryan Malone on his way back... someone is going...

Is Mark Eaton's absence hurting the Pens?... No question.. Good read here.

Here is some of the Bettman stuff from yesterday for the out of town crowd.. Dec 20th is so close it sickens me.

Three jobber games tonight..Pilly lost...haha...again..San Jose won, and Denis Savard got his first win as coach of the Blackhawks.....

I haven't slept since the eight grade picnic..

Goodnight all

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


First of all, Wednesday nights are usually garbage.
Although, I just found San Jose - Minnesota on Versus.
7:45 PM through 11:30 PM tonight is devoted entirely towards tending to Pensblog business...with a bowl of Corn Pops and a game or two of NHL '07 in there somewhere.

...If you feel so inclined, take a peek at the No Pun Intended hockey blog. Two girls covering a few teams in the NHL, including the Pens...

...Kukla's Korner, a general NHL blog, mentioned our list of top 10 goals. Why is that news? The author of the site also writes for, and to garner his attention was a big deal for us...

...Our favorite Pensblogal, Stephanie S., was recently hired by the Penguins in their Media Relations Department. Congratulations Steph!!!!!!!

...Our rumored Q&A session will be coming into fruition in the next couple days: Joe Starkey of the Tribune-Review.
We also have one in the works with another writer.

...Speaking of Pensblog business, we are very close to getting the 1991 and 1992 Penguins playoff goals onto Google Video...

...Crosby's 32 points are (is?) 4th in the NHL...

...Malkin-Kopitar Article
Malkin will run away with the Calder Trophy this year, so at least we don't have to give LA's Anze Kopitar the Ovechkin-treatment and hate him for the entire season...

...Calgary Flames are retiring Mike Vernon's # 30...

...Finally, Pitt basketball season is getting into full swing. Check out the Pitt Hoops Blog, run by none other than frequent Pensblog commenter Dennis...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pensblog's Chris was lucky enough to get tickets to the game tonight, and Marc-Andre Fleury's bobblehead doll is staring at me as I type this.

Huge win for our Pens. Huge. Huge. Screw looking in a thesaurus. That's the only word for it.
Divisional rival. We were losing ground on some Eastern Conference teams.

A couple headlines from tonight's game, but probably the biggest is Colby Armstrong finally getting a goal in the 2006-07 season. It happened less than two minutes into the game when Sid (he was back tonight; another headline) fed a pass cross-ice that Colbs managed to nick the post with and get it into the net. I can only imagine how nuts the Arena was he scored that goal.
The only downside from a good first period of hockey was leaving Viktor Kozlov alone in the slot. He got one past Fleury at the end of the first to tie the game up.


The second period was controlled by the Pens for the most part. The Islanders scored on a play where Fleury couldn't find the puck, and he was one second late in reacting to Arron Asham's shot. That was the last goal the Islanders would score this evening.
Six minutes after that goal, Crosby knocked a puck out of mid-air, just trying to get it into the slot. Colby was there to put it into an empty net. Tied game. Big goal at the time.
The only penalty in the second period was Gonchar's hooking penalty, which is what we had to do.

36 seconds into the third period: shades of Mario.
It wasn't Malkin.
It wasn't Sid.
It was Chris Thorburn who banked a shot of DiPietro's leg and into the net for what turned out to be the game-winning goal. You read that correctly.

After that goal, the rest of the night belonged to Marc-Andre Fleury (headline).
He was making save after save on odd-man breaks, and managed to flop around in the crease while making some saves, as well. Our defensemen tonight were clearing lanes for him to at least see the puck, which is always good.
Ryan Whitney had a hell of a shift towards the end of the third period.
The final seconds ticked down while we prayed for Armstrong to get an empty-net goal for the HT, but it just wasn't gonna happen.
When was the last time the Pens scored an empty-net goal? I don't even remember.

  • Crosby: 2 A
  • Armstrong: 2 G
  • Malkin: 4 shots
  • Fleury: 33 saves
  • Shots: NYI (35) PENS (28)
  • Powerplay: NYI (0 for 2) PENS (0 for 3)
  • It was excellent to see Crosby with a couple bursts of speed. It shows that groin isn't bothering him enough to affect his playing style.
  • I am praying to the hockey gods that Erik Christensen prospers on a line with Malkin.
  • That puck squeaking across that goal-line in the third period. That's a goal if this was last year. I truly believe that.
  • LeClair didn't play tonight; didn't realize it until just now.
  • Dan Potash's piece about the Fleury doll was solid.
  • Standing-room only, sellout crowd tonight. A bobblehead game in the middle of the week. You are courageous, Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • Penguins HD available in blahity-blah-blah. You want High Definition television? Clean the dust off your TV'll be amazed at the picture clarity.

Pens-Isles Tonight
7:00 - FSN

Some good news...Islander center Alexei Yashin is out 2-4 weeks with a sprained right knee...

...Anyone stay up to watch the Kings beat the Devils in a shootout last night?

...In that Versus broadcast, they showed the status of the all-star voting. Crosby and Malkin are starters, and Fleury is leading all Eastern Conference goalies in votes...

...Anaheim's Chris Pronger returns to Edmonton. This is as big a T.O. situation that the NHL will get...

...Pensblog buddy Heather e-mailed this to us: a New York Times article covering the Pens. Good read...

...We have another media figure waiting in the wings to do a Q&A session.
Let the speculation run wild...

One hint: It's not the reporter from Judge Wapner's People's Court

Bohm bohm-bohm

Go Pens

Monday, November 27, 2006

After a couple weeks of brainstorming and extensive research, we are proud to bring you our top 10 goals in Penguins history.
Please debate.
And let's hope Dan Kesa's goal against the Maple Leafs in 99 gets a vote in the comments section.

We tried to go into insane detail for these. Don't ask me how I've retained all of the details over the years; I just have.

We've hooked you up with links to videos and audio clips.

So here we go...
Our numbers 1, 2, and 3 are set in stone, but it's impossible to sit here and try to rank the rest.

11. 1995 Stanley Cup Finals: Chicago Blackhawks - Game 7
Luc Robitaille Sends The Game Into Sudden Death Overtime

While the Vice President was being held hostage in a private box, the Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins played an enthralling Game 7 to decide the Stanley Cup championship.
The biggest highlight of this game, besides a helicopter crashing onto the ice, was the story of Penguin goaltender Brad Tolliver. He was questionable coming into the game because he had the flu. He had to leave the game in the third period but came back a little while later to an immense roar from the crowd. He later made a save on a breakaway and proceeded to punch a Blackhawks player. He was given a game misconduct, and the Pens seemingly had no chance.
With ten seconds remaining and the Pens down by one, Luc Robitaille is sprung on a breakaway. He releases the puck with 0.3 seconds left, and it goes in just before the buzzer.
After a few minutes of overtime play, the game was suspended due to a terrorist threat. A victory in this game would have assured the Pens place as the dominant team in the 90's.

10. 1991 Stanley Cup Finals: Minnesota North Stars - Game 2

Mario Lemieux Goes Coast-to-Coast

A fairy-tale ride to the Stanley Cup Finals saw the Penguins meet the North Stars, who annihilated the defending Cup champion Oilers in the Campbell Conference Final. The Penguins lost Game 1 of this series, which was in flow with the rest of their 1991 playoff run.
This Lemieux goal came in the second period of Game 2. I believe the score was tied at 1, with the teams at even strength. The momentum of the entire game shifted on this play, and the Pens used it to sail to a 4-1 win.
Video: (1:45 mark) Look at Lemieux turn on the jets at his own blue line. Sickening speed.

9. 1992 Patrick Division Finals: New York Rangers - Game 4
Ron Francis Saves The Penguins

After beating the Capitals in the first round of the playoffs, the Penguins now had to play the best team in the 1992 season - the New York Rangers.
The Penguins shocked everyone in Game 1, winning in New York. Game 2 saw Adam Graves deliver the slash heard 'round the world on Mario Lemieux. In that same game, Joey Mullen suffered a knee injury and would be out for the rest of the playoffs while Lemieux would be out until Game 2 against Boston.
The Rangers came to Pittsburgh and won Game 3 (which was also the last game the Pens would lose in the playoffs that year).
I remember watching Game 4 and thinking that the 1992 Penguins just didn't have enough to beat the Rangers. The Penguins were down 4-2 with 15 minutes left in regulation when they took a 5-minute major penalty. The vaunted Rangers powerplay took the ice, and everyone knew they were going to score and almost assuredly take a three games to one series lead.
I remember the crowd cheering on the Penguin penalty killers for the entire five minutes and the wave of emotion that swept through the Arena every time we cleared the puck out of the zone. And right after the finals seconds ticked off the penalty, Ron Francis showed up. He blasted a slapshot from the blue line that got past Mike Richter and later scored in overtime to tie the series up at 2.
[ Video ]

8. 1992 Patrick Division Semifinals: Washington Capitals - Game 7
Jaromir Jagr Begins His 1992 Playoff Romp

So, there were the Pens. Down three games to one against the Caps...going into Washington for Game 5. According to Against The Odds, the Pens devised their own version of the neutral zone trap before that game (called the 1-4 delay). The objective was to shut down the offensive defensemen of the Caps while making them dump and chase. It resulted in a 3-1 victory, sending the series to Pittsburgh. The Penguins had to come from behind in Game 6, with Lemieux tallying 2 goals and 3 assists in a 6-4 win.
Game 7: A tightly contested affair. Lemieux got the first goal, shorthanded. The Capitals later tied it. It stayed that way until the third period. On a powerplay late in the third, Francis squeaked it behind the net to Lemieux, who found Jagr in front of the net. Jagr backhands it past goalie Don Beaupre.
Audio: Our recap of the moment does not do it justice. Listen to the Pens fans in attendance.

7. 1996 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Washington Capitals - Game 4
Petr Nedved Scores at 2:22 in the Morning

1995-96 saw the Penguins have 3 of the top 4 point-getters in the regular season. They ran away with the division title and had a juggernaut offense...bitch.
The 1995-96 season will always be on our list of what-ifs. Like, what if the Florida Panthers were called for penalties when they tackled Lemieux and Jagr right off the faceoffs.
Anyway, the Capitals came into Pittsburgh and won the first two games of the series. Very interesting. The Penguins managed to win Game 3, which brings us to an emotional Game 4.
The highlight of this game could have been a bunch of things. It could've been Lemeiux receiving a game misconduct for slashing Todd Krygier. It could've been Chris Tamer solidifying his spot in Penguins history as a goat for intentionally dislodging the net in the second overtime which led to a Joe Juneau penalty shot.
The real goat turned out to be some guy who threw a beer onto the ice earlier in the game...on the exact spot where the puck bounced off Joe Juneau's stick on said penalty shot.
Ken Wregget's performance in this game is the thing of legends.
The Pens went on to beat the Caps in six, the Rangers in five, losing to Florida in 7.
Video: One of the first videos I looked for when I discovered YouTube.

6. 1997 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Philadelphia Flyers - Game 4
Mario Lemieux Goes Out In Style

It just wasn't meant to be in what we thought was Lemieux's final season. We played the Flyers in the first round of the playoffs, and they had jumped out to a three games to none lead.
My birthday is in late April, and my jaw dropped when my dad presented me tickets to this game right before the playoffs started. I ALMOST rooted against the Pens in game 3, selfishly wanting to be at Lemieux's last game.
I remember a few things about this game. Dan Marino was in attendance, Petr Nedved scored, and oh yeah, by the way, it was Joe Mullen's last game, too.
We were all standing on our feet during the last three minutes of the game, chanting MARIO MARIO. You can feel it when you check out the video link below.
What I remember most about this game was watching Lemieux on that final shift and suddenly, Ian Moran springs him on a breakaway. Being only 12 years old, and still tiny, I was getting ready to time my jump to see Lemieux's goal. But before I could, my dad sacrifices himself by lifting me up in front of him so I could see the entire breakaway while he maybe saw the footage on the JumboTron. It still gives me chills.
Video: Mario Lemieux Delivers

5. 1999 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: New Jersey Devils - Game 6
Jaromir Jagr Forces Game 7 On One Leg

The Penguins entered the playoffs this year as the eighth seed, forced to play the number-one seed New Jersey Devils in the first round. The Pens had no chance.
It looked to be true as the Pens were down three games to two, and down 2-1 with 3:00 left in Game 6. German Titov feeds Jagr a pass from behind the goal line and Jagr somehow gets it past Brodeur. The goal tied the game with 2:12 left. It sent the game into overtime.
In overtime, Straka works his way into the Devils' zone and dishes a cross-ice pass to Jagr, who one-times it over Brodeur's extended left pad. Unbelievable. The goal catapulted the Pens to New Jersey for Game 7.
The Pens managed only 13 shots in Game 7, but 4 went in. The biggest goal came with about 5 minutes left, and the Pens leading 3-2. Straka put in a Jagr rebound and proceeded to slide all the way to the Penguins bench. Straka always had the best OT-goal celebrations.

4. 2001 Eastern Conference Semifinals: Buffalo Sabres - Game 7
Darius Kasparaitis Owns Hasek

After a stirring 6-game Capitals series that ended on Marty Straka stealing the puck from Capital defenseman Sergei Gonchar, closing in on Olaf Kolzig, roofing it, and diving onto the ice, the Pens faced the Buffalo Sabres. We deprived you of the Jagr 1999 video, so here is that Straka OT goal.
The 2000-2001 season had Lemieux return to the NHL and help this talent-laden team go further than anyone thought was possible. This Buffalo series was crazy as hell, with the Pens winning the first two games in Buffalo...then proceeding to lose the next three. Facing elimination in Game 6, the Penguins were down 2-1 late in the third. Mario Lemieux scored on The Immaculate Deflection play to tie it, and Marty Straka (who else?) scored in overtime to force Game 7.
Game 7 was a very timid affair. I remember Johan Hedberg standing on his head to keep the Pens in the game. I can't recall the Pens' first goal, but their second goal was scored by Robert Lang with about 8 minutes left, tying the game at 2. Overtime was next...where the great players step up.
13:01 into the only overtime period, Darius Kasparaitis jumps into the rush, Lang hits him with a pass, and the lights go out on the Sabres' season.
Video: There is nothing better than an away team scoring a playoff OT goal, as is proven with the exclamatory "Mmmeeeyyyaaahhh!!!!" (Pensblog friend Bryan Bell confirmed the spelling.)

3. 1993 Patrick Division Finals: New York Islanders - Game 7
Rick Tocchet Delivers

If I started typing about the 1993 season and what should have been, my hands would fall off. I can't go into excessive detail, but this Penguins team was insane. Even the New York Islanders' coach said his team had no business beating the Penguins.
This Game 7 was gut-wrenching. It started out with Kevin Stevens breaking bones in his face as a result of delivering a huge hit on Islanders defenseman Richard Pilon. I'm not saying that was the reason the Penguins lost this game, but what happens if Stevens plays the rest of the game...
After an Ulf Samuelsson goal, the Islanders scored 3 times (once on a Benoit Hogue slapper from the parking lot). Trailing 3-1 with about 7 minutes left, Ron Francis shows that he has a penchant for sparking comebacks against teams from the Empire State. He scores a goal on a quick tip-in on a nice feed from Larry Murphy.
Later, with about 1:20 left, the Penguins pull Barrasso. Murphy deftly keeps the puck in the zone and sends a floating wrister to the net...a wrister just waiting to be deflected. Ron Francis gets his stick on it, and as it flutters toward goaltender Glenn Healy, Rick Tocchet makes a miraculous play by bring his stick down to redirect Francis' deflection into the net with exactly 1:00 remaining.
Few goals have made the Mellon Arena erupt like that.
The Penguins on the ice for this goal: Lemieux, Francis, Jagr, Mullen, Tocchet, Murphy.
Video: Hate to kill you, but the only footage we have is the entire game highlights.

2. 1991 Wales Conference Finals: Boston Bruins - Game 6
Mark Recchi Puts The Pens One Step Closer To Lord Stanley

Why is this goal in this list? Does anyone even know what this goal looks like?
I sure as hell do.
After Uwe Krupp broke my life the year before, the 1990-91 Penguins were the reason I existed. I watched and/or listened to every game as intently as a 6 year-old could. I didn't realize what was happening back then, but now I know that Stanley Cup runs are to be cherished. Looking back, this Recchi goal was huge.
After losing the first two games in Boston, Kevin Stevens came out in the Boston papers and said the Pens would win 4 straight. No one gave the Penguins a chance going into the series, let alone being down two-nil. After the Pens dominated games three and four, the emotional game 5 took place in Bean Town. Barrasso was stellar, and the Pens cruised to a 7-2 win.
Game 6: I don't even think I went to school on the day of this game because I kept throwing up on myself with excitement.
The Bruins jumped out to a 2-0 lead, but the Pens fought back and tied the game at 2 before the third period.
The third period was insane. I might catch some hell for putting Recchi's goal on this list, so I know for a fact that I would be tarred and feathered if I put Gordie Roberts' goal on here. It was early in the third period, and gave the Pens a 3-2 lead. The Arena erupted.
Boston tied it up shortly thereafter...setting the stage.
With not much time left in the game, the aforementioned Gordie Roberts gets the puck just past his own blue line to negate a two-line pass and hits Recchi with a pass off the boards. Recchi flies into the Bruins zone and executes his patented one-legged wrist shot. It gets past goalie Andy Moog.
If you've ever heard Lange's call of this goal, you can tell by his voice how big it was.

1. 1992 Stanley Cup Finals: Chicago Blackhawks - Game 1
Mario Lemieux Does It Again

The Blackhawks came into this series on an 11-game winning streak. Everyone was picking them to sweep the Penguins by using their hard-nosed checking style.
For most of the first period, it was looking that way. They were throwing their checks around and jumped out to an unbelievable 3-0 lead. Penguins fan were in shock while the rest of the NHL world expected this to happen.
Towards the end of the first period, Phil Bourque came up with a huge powerplay goal.
Early in the second, Chicago scored another goal to make it 4-1. It wasn't looking good.
Watching the ebb and flow of this game, I doubt anyone expected what happened next...
Paul Stanton directed a shot towards the net that Rick Tocchet deflected past the seemingly invincible Ed Belfour. Less than a minute later, Mario Lemieux performs the behind-the-goal-line, bank-it-off-the-goaltender's-leg goal to make it 4-3. Every person in Pittsburgh believed.
The one thing sometimes lost in talking about this game is Tom Barrasso's performance in the third period, keeping this a one-goal game. He was making saves that he had no right making.
With about 5 minutes left, Jagr scored the biggest goal of his young career. He maneuvered around 4 Blackhawks players before getting a backhand past Ed Belfour. The Arena was going nuts, and no one anywhere expected what we were soon about to witness.
The Penguins had to kill a late penalty, which they did. After the penalty expired, a loose puck at center ice sparked Lemieux racing for the puck against Blackhawks defenseman Steve Smith. Smith, who was out for most of the powerplay, was dead tired and had to take down Lemieux to avoid a breakaway chance, giving the Penguins a powerplay.
Everyone was already thinking about overtime when the Pens and Blackhawks lined up for a faceoff in the Chicago zone. And, of course, everyone in the place was standing...almost knowing something was about to happen.
Ron Francis won the face-off and got it back to Larry Murphy. Murphy gets a quick shot off, Belfour uses his stick and right pad to kick the puck away...right onto Mario Lemieux's tape. Belfour lunges to the make the save, but Lemieux would not be denied.
This goal essentially won the series for the Pens, who went on to sweep the Blackhawks.
Video: Unbelievable
Audio: Mike Lange's call of the game's highlights
Video: You can watch the entire game on Google Video


1991 Patrick Division Finals: Washington Capitals - Game 2

Randy Gilhen Jumps Onto The Ice On A Delayed Penalty Call And Ties It Late

1991 Patrick Division Semifinals: New Jersey Devils - Game 2
Jaromir Jagr Scores Electrifying OT Goal (Video)

1992 Wales Conference Final: Boston Bruins - Game 3
Mario Lemieux Beats Ray Bourque, Adam Oates, and Andy Moog (Video)

1992 Patrick Division Semifinals: Washington Capitals - Game 6
Mario Lemieux Stickhandles In A Port-o-John To Beat Don Beaupre

1992 Stanley Cup Final: Chicago Blackhawks - Game 1
Jaromir Jagr Ties It

2001 Eastern Conference Semifinals: Buffalo Sabres - Game 6
Marty Straka Forces Game 7

2000 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Washington Capitals - Game 2
Jagr Wins It in Overtime On Sick Wrister

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hope everyone isn't getting annoyed with the Atlantic division teams because, like those pesky Thanksgiving leftovers, they aren't going away for at least a week. The Pens play 4 of their 5 games against division enemies from the Hot-Lantic. That includes trips to New Jersey and The World's Most Famous Arena.
Moving on to some Pens stories..

Karen Price writes one of the best Pens articles of the year...talking about how Malkin is getting used to speaking English

Few thoughts on this article:

  • Karen Price has been openly loathed in the Pens Message Board Nation, and I think it is unfair. Articles like this show me that the players are comfortable with her, and she knows what questions to ask. Great job Karen!

  • The article had some great quotes.....
"It's tough for him to call guys and just go hang out," Colby Armstrong said. "He called me one time and I had no clue what he was saying: 'Army! Deh deh deh, deh deh deh,' I was like, 'What? What?... reading this quote was the first time I have laughed out loud at a newspaper in 10 years....perhaps Malkin was telling Army to score a goal?

  • Sergei Gonchar may be the most important player on the Penguins. And before you flip out....think about it. He looks out for Malkin. You cannot put a price on this. Reading this article only proves that he is almost like Malkin's guardian. Think back to Craig Patrick signing Gonch. One of the reasons had to be Malkin's pending arrival. Also, how many times did Gonch cry last year. People openly booed him every time he touched the puck. Did he complain in the media? Did he whine? What would Joey Porter do if he got booed? It is time to forgive this guy for good. If you think he is horrible, ask yourself this: How many GMs would take a healthy, good-natured veteran presence in the locker room defenseman with a canon slap shot?...Yea that's right, keep your mouth shut. I swear the next game I am at and someone boos him, I am attacking them. I am not even joking about this. Look at this crap from lets go am sorry but you people are wrong if you think Gonch is a problem on this team.

The Penguins PR need to have a "Say You're Sorry to Sergei Night"
We will be first in line.

Other jobber news:
  • surprises the world with a very good article about old lady Mellon Arena.
  • Spector's Hockey says Shero is looking at Pascal Dupuis .... umm no thanks, we have enough players not scoring right now.
  • Thanks to commenter Seth for this "since starting 7-3-0 the pens are 3-5-4."

Other crap around the division..

Rangers lose in OT.....Flyers win in Montreal last night.....The Isles are playing good hockey... and of course the Devils remain on top with 28 points.

To start off this recap of an excellent Saturday night game, we have to send a sincere thanks to Stephanie S., who is an intern in the Penguins Media Relations Department.
She called us at 6:05 and said she had two tickets. I wiped the potato chip crumbs off my shirt and jumped into the shower. I called Chris and we headed out to the game.

It turns out that the seats were actually for the Staal family, but for whatever reason, they couldn't get to the game. The best part was that the seats were in the girlfriends and wives section. We spent our spare time looking at the kids, trying to see players in their faces. Chris ended up becoming best friends with Mark Eaton's cute 2-year-old daughter, while Ronald Petrovicky's 5-year-old son and I were starting Let's Go Pens chants.
We also had a really cool conversation with Erin from Boston, Brooks Orpik's girlfriend. She is a very nice girl. She told us about his situation with Erik Cole, she said both her and Brooks love Pittsburgh, and that Brooks is a great guy.
We passed the website along to her and hopefully Brooks will able to check it out and give us our first player feedback.

Oh, by the way, there was a game tonight.

The first period was a seemingly endless train to the penalty box. Early on, the Pens had to kill a 5-on-3. Our penalty killing tonight was superb, keeping the Rangers on the perimeter while limiting Jagr's scoring chances. The Arena was full of pumped-uppedness after we killed those penalties, which resulted in a standing ovation during the first commercial break. The Pens had their shot on basically the same stretch of powerplay time at the end of the first, but nothing formulated.

Exclusive photo of Malkin watching his girlfriend making out with some dude.
Gonch: "She's no good for you Geno."

The Penguins would've had a penalty-free second period if it wasn't for another too many men on the ice penalty. Malkin drew two penalties midway through the second, giving the Pens a 5-on-3. Five seconds after the first penalty expired, Malkin got one into the net. The rest of the second was nice. Besides it being low-scoring, it was an awesome game to be at.

The third period had the Penguins lock down their system like they were the father of a 17 year old girl. It was going good until there was about 8 minutes left. A lucky rebound found Jagr's stick, and he buried it. It still amazes me how big Jagr is when you see him in on the ice. The rest of third period was scoreless with the Pens killing a huge penalty late. We go to OT again.

Quite an eventful 4 minutes and 57 seconds. The Rangers had some good opportunities while Malkin, I believe, hit the post when he knocked the puck over Lundqvist. And before we could recover from that, Jordan Staal, out of nowhere, gets a breakaway. He gets hooked on the breakaway, but there's no way the ref cou----PENALTY SHOT. The most emphatic point to the center ice dot that I have ever seen.
After explaining to Petrovicky's son what happened, I turned in time to see Staal grab the puck at center ice. The arena was about to erupt. Staal had the goalie beat, but the puck rolled off his stick.
A shootout was a mere 2.2 seconds away when Rozsival executed a perfect shot-pass to Straka who re-directs into the net. GAME.

  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Gonchar: 1 A, 500th NHL point
  • Fleury: 28 saves
  • Shots: NYR (30) PENS (29)
  • Powerplay: NYR (0 for 6) PENS (1 for 6)
  • I don't know how many people know the backdrop story of Ruutu-Jagr, but them scrapping it up in tonight's game was awesome. Here's the backdrop story.
  • A nice standing ovation for Gonchar's 500th point
  • The Penguins honored Jagr's 600th career goal on the JumboTron, which was met with mixed emotions with more than a few people standing up for him.
  • It gets boring when you boo Jagr the entire game. It takes up too much of my energy, but that's just me.
  • Announcement of Crosby being scratched was met with a loud boo from the crowd.
  • The winning goal was Straka, from Rozsival and Jagr. I wonder if that exact line-score occurred when they all played in Pittsburgh.
  • I scored a shirt in the t-shirt toss and gave it to my new partner in crime, Petrovicky's son.
  • Remember when Crosby scored with 1.8 seconds left in regulation to beat the Rangers earlier this season? Look up karma in the dictionary.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

First off, The Pensblog can now be accessed using Go ahead...try it.
Easier to remember than the blogspot garbage.


Now that the NHL has reached the quarter-mark of the season (roughly), we've decided to look back at our pre-season predictions and see how badly we did.

As far as the Atlantic Division goes, Philadelphia has basically thrown an under-achieving wrench into the whole mix. We had the Islanders in the cellar, which they aren't. We had the Flyers third and the Pens 4th. Our player to watch was the Malkinator (11 G, 10 A, 21 P in 17 games)

The Northeast Division is a huge mess for us. We said we were going to take the bait in regards to Buffalo being a sexy pick, bonus.
We had Toronto 4th: they are in 2nd and closing ground on the Sabres.
We had Ottawa first because they are the perennial giants...but they're playing with themselves in 4th spot.
Montreal and Boston are exactly where we thought they would be, although Boston is going to leap-frog Ottawa soon.
We went out on a limb and said Daniel Briere for Buffalo would hit the 100-point mark this season. Currently, he has 30 points, on pace for about 115 points. Cha-ching.

We didn't really put the Southeast Division in rankings, but looking at the post, I think we had Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Florida, Washington.
We have been pretty accurate with this division, which we are pumped about because we caught a lot of flack for picking Atlanta as number one.
The big "surprise" is Washington, who is still hanging out with the .500 Club.
Our player to watch was Atlanta goalie Kari Lehtonen who, along with Marian Hossa (16 G, 15 A, 31 P) helping Kovalchuk produce, was our key to Atlanta's success.

With the Western Conference, who we only play 10 times a year, we didn't find it fitting to do divisional breakdowns, because we know nothing.
We seeded them 1 through 8, then also did the jobbers who wouldn't make the playoffs. Our biggest mistake was Calgary, who we put at number one. Instead, they are in 9th spot. Ouch.
And, wow, looking back at our predictions, we didn't even bother putting St. Louis in it. That's sad on our part because the Blues are better than Chicago, Phoenix, and Columbus right now.
Our player to watch was Nashville goalie Tomas Vokoun. He's 11-4, 2.49 GAA, with a .920 Save %. He has been the catalyst in Nashville's climb to the number one spot in the Central Division.
When you get to beat up on the Blues, Blue Jackets, and Blackhawks 24 times per year, what do you expect?
You expect to pad your stats, get a number 3 seed...and get bounced in the first round of the playoffs by a team in the Pacific Division who has to play two of these teams (Dallas, San Jose, Anaheim) 16 times per year.

Our players to watch have not disappointed us so far.

Friday, November 24, 2006

We didn't catch the game, and homo CW isn't doing a replay tonight.
FSN would do it, but high school football kicks you in the pancreas if you turn it on Friday night.

Malkin's wrist shot was sick, and I haven't been able to see any of the Islanders goals.
Also read in the recap that Malkin left the ice after a shoulder-to-shoulder hit with an Islander player.
Early reports were that he simply got his bell rung, although he may have jumped on a plane back to mother Russia.

Saw some nice Thibault saves. He's really raising his trade value.
Him and Malone to Washington for Ovechkin. It's coming.

I'll be heading out to the Pens game tomorrow night against the Rangers. I'm saving my voice all day tomorrow so I can be in top Booing form.

NEXT GAME: Saturday 11.25
vs. NY Rangers - 7:30
The CW

Yea we said we were taking a break, but I also said I wasn't going to eat all of my grandma's jello salad.
And well let's just say I made Bill Cosby happy today.

"Jello salad? Jello salad? I am talking bout Jello Pops..."
Ghost Dad was a great movie.

Moving on, not a whole lot going on around the NHL..
Something I forgot to do was get a comparison picture of last night.
Head Coach of the Bruins Dave Lewis and Hitler

I would make a joke, but there is nothing really funny about some dude killing like 4 million Jews...
one thing, though:

Shouldn't someone nudge Dave Lewis and say, "Hey man you look like Hitler, shave the stash." I mean come on.


Ken Hitchcock is back in the NHL, he was named the Blue Jackets coach last week, he had his first practice today.

Hitchcock then went on to eat his weight in stuffing balls, even John Goodman was horrified

John Goodman and Ken Hitchcock, the race to see which ones hearts explodes first, continues, next on.. CBS


One game in the NHL tonight.. and by the way did you know Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving over a three day span..

Anyways the Predators smoked the Canucks 6-0...Thomas Vokoun got hurt, if you care to know.

Huge suspensions for Atlanta and Washington.......after this brawl.. got to love Hedberg and Olie the goalie getting into it

That's it folks...2:00 game tomorrow afternoon, which is horrible. I am going to be sweating it out at work.

Go Pens.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What many people don't know about Thanksgiving is that after the Pilgrims and Indians had a delicious meal, they played a grueling 2-overtime thriller with the Indians winning 4-3, on Chief Triple Deke's second goal of the game.
Mario Lemieux was the referee.

Chief Triple Deke and little known Pilgrim at the time Gordie Howe were named MVP's of the first Thanksgiving game.

The wager on the game was that whoever won would assume the rights to the land.
Wow, the white man going back on his word...
Michael Richards will have fun with that.

But in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, here is what we are truly thankful for:
  • Mario Lemieux
  • Sidney Crosby
  • Evgeni Malkin
  • Student rush
  • Hot girls
  • Heroes
  • Arby's
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • Steelers 2005 Super Bowl season
  • Wendy's 99-cent menu
  • Dan Potash
  • 2 for $3 Gatorades
  • Our parents
  • Sunoco
  • Hot water
  • Annabelle, the God-daughter of the Pensblog
  • Alcohol
  • The 2006-07 Flyers being a joke.
  • Little League tournament games at Peterswood Park in Peters Township
  • Jobbers
  • Our respective dogs, Joey and Rocky
  • Mighty Ducks 1,2,3
  • Hoss's salad bar
  • Jay Caufield
  • "The Hey Song"
  • The Mellon Arena
  • Sudden Death
  • Jagr (before his "dying alive" quote)
  • Kevin Stevens before and after his drug problems
  • Ulf
  • Ron Francis
  • Frank Pietrangelo's save on Petr Stastny
  • Tom Barasso's performance in Game 3 against the Blackhawks in 1992
  • The Stanley Cup in 1991
  • The Stanley Cup in 1992
  • Jim Paek
  • The Internet (thanks to Al Gore for inventing it)
  • HTML
  • Mike Lange
  • Sheetz
  • Isle of Capri
  • Cellphone chargers
  • Our vehicles starting every morning
  • Adobe Flash
  • Chris Antypas
  • Gabe Antypas
  • Hot Pockets

And lastly, we are thankful for our readers.
We cannot thank you enough.
Coming up with this stuff for the blog is fun, but it's nice to laugh with other people rather than by ourselves at 2:00 in the morning.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there, unless you're not a Penguins fan. In that case, we hope you choke on dry stuffing and your brother bangs your wife.

Finally, a little known fact is that turkey was not even eaten at the first Thanksgiving.
They ate venison and duck.
Don't ask how we know; we just do.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We finally get to see a shoot-out, and Sid's too busy drinking bottled water to play.

Sidney's out, so the Pens had no chance tonight...right?

It was certainly looking that way.

Excellent game to watch tonight. The first period had some pretty good hockey. The play went back and forth while the Penguins refused to capitalize on some powerplays, a disturbing and recurring theme tonight. We all thought the game would go into the first intermission tied, but Mark Recchi came down the wing and fired a one-legged wrist shot past Finley/Thomas ala the game-winning goal in Game 6 of the 1991 Eastern Conference against these very same Bruins that catapulted the Pens into the Stanley Cup Finals. I will, to this day, argue with anyone alive that that goal in game 6 is one of the top three goals in Pittsburgh Penguins history.
First period ended, the Pens up 1-0.

The second period was a bigger disaster than Michael Richards at a NAACP meeting.

Hey Cosmo!!! You're a racist!

The first ten minutes of the second were fine. It was the next five minutes that made me wish Kelly Ripa was here just so I could punch her in the face. First, Stanislav Chistov ouelleted the puck into the net on a powerplay. About a minute later, Marco Sturm scored one a two-on-one that deflated the Mellon Arena. Not to be outdone, The Giant Gonzalez retires from the WWF and somehow scores on a slapper from the point...on a four-minute powerplay that resulted from Ruutu running around like a maniac. It was really depressing going into that second intermission down 3-1.

Zdeno Chara chloroformed The Undertaker at the 1994 WWF Wrestlemania at Caesar's Palace.

About five minutes into the third period, we finally really missed Sidney Crosby. Marc-Andre Fleury was making great save after great save, keeping the Pens in the game. The Pens started to get some pressure, but Malkin takes one of the most obvious penalties I've ever seen. The Pens kill that penalty, and a heads-up play by Maxime Talbot makes our omnipresent dream come true: Malkin on a lead pass coming out of the box. Malkin has to maneuver around the linesman and a Bruins defenseman, but gets his way into the zone and wrists it past Byron Dafoe. 3-2. Money.
A tense third period ensued, with Fleury continuing to keep us in it. A questionable penalty late in the game sets the Pens on the powerplay. It takes Therrien a while to do it, but pulls the goalie to get a 6-on-4. The Pens try to set up Malkin with his Flyers-game one-timer, but the play breaks down. Before you can finish cussing out whoever didn't put the pass on Malkin's tape, Recchi backhands the puck into a gaping net. Tied. Going to overtime.

Erik Christensen played so well tonight that if you looked right at him, you would go blind.

Nothing much in the overtime, except for Malkin getting a nice chance in front of the net. He gets a "shot" off, but at least Crosby didn't have it, or else he would have passed it back to the point.

The shootout lineup for the Pens was Ouellet (who got three shots on goal...err, I mean the glass), Malkin, and Recc----nope, Gonchar.
The Bruins brought out Sturm and Patrice "my first name is Patrice" Bergeron. Sturm scores on the Bruins first shot, and that's all that was needed. Game.

  • Malkin: 1 G, 1 A
  • Recchi: 2 G
  • Fleury: 28 saves
  • Shots: BOS (31) PENS (25)
  • Powerplay: BOS (2 for 6) PENS ( 1 for 26 )
  • A year of playing has paid off for Christensen; he played a great game. The diving call on him in the first was garbage. His one-time pass to Ouellet on the powerplay stands out in my mind. Add Christensen's faceoff abilities, and the already overcrowded Pens roster sees another player added into the mix.
  • Nils Ekman was flying the first period.
  • Bruins coach Dave Lewis looks like Hitler.
  • Get your hands out of your pants, Heath Miller.
  • Can we get a penalty for Too Many Too Many Men On The Ice? I love the genius who came up with the name for that penalty.
  • Andy Moog played the puck in the non-trapezoid area for a penalty. First one I've seen in a Pens game.
  • Chara elbows Armstrong in the face. That's gotta hurt. Wow, it just hit me that I have no disdain for Armstrong. You know he's trying, I think that's what consoles me.
  • Malkin took over the game in third period. Simple as that.

Next Game: Friday, 11.24
@ NY Islanders - 2:00
The CW

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sid the Kid makes his first appearance on the Leading Scorers

Ryan Whitney gets the Second Star for his 3-point night in Philly.
See? We told you Ryan Whitney was the best...

...Sidney is the top vote-getter in Eastern Conference All-Star voting...

...That rail-cam that debuted in the Dallas-Colorado game on Versus Monday night sucked. It was way too obtrusive, and the camera didn't have good quality...

...One Atlantic game tonight. Rangers beat Carolina 4-0. Carolina has played 72 games already this season...

...The Pens are 16th in TSN Power Rankings. And the Isles are 14th....

...Oh, Crosby has a groin twinge. He left the game Monday as a precautionary measure...

...The author of Mondesi's House will be appearing on the DVE Morning Show. Wednesday, November 22. 9:00 hour. Good luck, sir...

And, finally...check out this garbage article Bob Smizik writes about Mark Madden.
You know our sentiments about Steelers fellatio in this town.

I gotta go, though. I'm house-breaking my new puppy, and I've been saving up Bob Smizik articles for the past year.



Monday, November 20, 2006

First and foremost, Sid the Kid is injured. At the time of this recap, we have no word on his injury. Please discuss in the comments section when the news comes out.

As we hoped, the Pens caught the Flyers in their first game after the West Coast trip. Not surprisingly, the Pens jumped out to a 1-0 lead on a John LeClair powerplay goal. Three minutes later, Crosby makes an unbelievable move to set up Dominic Moore on what was basically a shorthanded goal. Then, with 9 second left in the first, Ryan Whitney threw it into the net after a scramble. 3-0, end of the first. Doing this to the Flyers is really starting to feel good.

If Armstrong was on Heroes, his power would be the ability to not score a goal.

The second period was a pretty exciting period. Simon Gagne scored for the Flyers on a deflection in front of Fleury. Less than a minute later, the Pens executed the tic-tac-toe, on-the-fly goal with perfection...with Crosby finishing it off. That's basically the last we saw of Crosby, too.
The Flyers scored another goal in the second on a pretty sweet play, with Geoff Sanderson ending it by going top-shelf on Fleury. 4-2 was making me nervous for a two minutes. Gonchar wristed a shot past Nittymaki to bump the score back up to a three-goal lead. That ended the second.

The third period was okay. I got to be honest. It was only given attention during Heroes commercial breaks. I ended up seeing the Flyers score the textbook definition of a jobber goal with three seconds left. Pens improve to 4-0 against the Jagoffs...and 8-1 vs. the Atlantic.
6 of our next 9 are against the Atlantic.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 2 A
  • Whitney: 1 G, 2 A
  • Shots: PHI (24) PENS (35)
  • Powerplay: PHI (3 for 8) PENS (2 for 8)
  • Steigerwald mentioned the term "role player" a record 94 times during this game.
  • How dare FSN let Keith Primeau into the booth to converse during a Penguins game. Doesn't anyone remember 2000?
  • WHERE WAS DANNY P-TASH? You don't respect how well of a job he does until third-line center Marshall Harris jumps in.
  • That Malkin goal: If he loses the rookie points race by one point, it will be another reason to hate Derian Hatcher.
  • First time I've seen Petrovicky (Petrohicky?) and I love him. We've been missing that kind of player.
  • Malone, LeClair, Petrovicky...something's got to give in the next few weeks. That sound you hear is the rumor mill starting to churn. Or maybe it's your girlfriend farting in the other room.

Next Game: Wednesday, 11.22
vs. Boston Bruins - 7:30

Pensblog Will Be Off For Thanksgiving.

Have A Nice Holiday Everyone

And Tell Your Alcoholic Uncle About The Pensblog

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tons of off time for the Pensblog staff this weekend.
With Adam, Chris, and Gabe in line trying to get the Wii...and me being a lazy sack of mud, we were about as productive as Rico Fata.

He can skate fast.

...But we are back to the grind..


Let's start with the Pulse of the Penguins Message Board Nation:

Funny link here.... if anyone accuses Penguins fans of being paranoid, they are out of line.
We have to deal with way too much.

+++Seems to be a lot of people upset about Ryan Whitney. Some stick by him. Some hate him.
Here at Pensblog, we get upset about things like Gumby disappearing.
Ryan Whitney is a professional. He'll figure it out, or Ray Shero will kill/trade him.

Some guy made millions of dollars for smoking weed and saying, "Hey, I'm gonna make a show about clay toys."

Some other observations this week about the Pens:

  • Crosby is around 4th in scoring, with 28 points. The best part is that all of the other leaders have played in 20, 21, 22 games. Crosby has played 18.
  • The Powerplay. Scratch the two goals Saturday night, and the Pens were 5 of 50 coming in. It seems out of sorts.
  • Goals for (57). The Pens rank 16th, which isn't that bad, but in contrast the Sabres have 83. Minus the Flyers, Rangers, and Blue Jackets games, the Pens haven't scored over 5 goals all season.
  • Goals against. This is a huge positive for our Pens. 5 on 5 this season the Pens rank 10th in the NHL, only giving up 32. That may be the most telling stat of this season. Overall, the Pens rank 15th.
  • Get ready for the Rumor Mill. Leclair was scratched against the Rangers. And with Ryan Malone a few weeks away from coming back, one would think something's got to give.
  • 7-1 against the Atlantic division. In "4 point swing games", the Pens have been at their best.
  • Fox Sports Net and the CW network: We are not here to tell you how do to your jobs, but as fans, we can tell you that you have got to do something about camera switches, zooms, and graphics. Just stick with the regular views when a play is going on. You can have the zooms and all that other crazy stuff on replays. But hey like we said, not hard feelings, just a little advice. No one is calling for KBL just yet. And stop putting huge graphics on the screen about high school and college football while a play is going on.


Quick trip around the Atlantic..

Jagr scores his 600th...watching him Saturday night was weird. It's a shame he left on such sour terms...Rangers play the Hurricanes on Versus Tuesday night. And oh... please forgive us Brendan Shanahan. You're not washed up. Linda Cohn was right; that's a first.

The Devils have scored 48 goals, almost a league-worst. I don't even like talking about the Devils anymore.

The Islanders have silently won 6 of their last 9. They play Toronto and Carolina this week before they host the Pens on Friday, the weird 2:00 game. We play the Islanders 3 times in the next 12 days.

The Flyers suck.

Monday 11.20
7:00 PM - FSN

ESPN Game Recap

This first game that I didn't watch may have been the best overall game for the Pens this season. I have absolutely nothing to base that on, but reading recaps and game stories, the Pens seemed to be pretty solid.

First of all, why didn't I watch the game? The entire casa de Pensblog, sans Derek, were at Wal-Mart at 6:00 AM to embark in an incredible 18-hour odyssey to get our hands on a Nintendo Wii. Anybody who is going to argue and say Wii is better than PS3, or PS3 is better than Wii, just shut up. Everyone does their own thing, the end.
We weren't first in line because Harry, a huge Pens fan whose family had had season tickets since he can remember, showed up to claim the first spot in line at 4 AM. Dedication.
We'll have another post about our Wal-Mart Wii Experience. But, it must be said that when you go to the electronics department in Wal-Mart to buy a radio in order to listen to the Pens game, that's honorable.

I would love it if someone wished to either e-mail, or leave in the comments, a semi-detailed recap of last night's game. It was fun listening to Mike Lange call the game, but we have no clue how the Pens looked.

  • Crosby: 2 A
  • Recchi: 2 G
  • Gonchar: 2 A
  • Jagr: 3 shots
  • Shots: NYR (24) PENS (25)
  • Powerplay: NYR (0 for 6) PENS (2 for 11)
  • John LeClair was a healthy scratch so that Ronny Petrovicky could get himself into the lineup last night. How did he look???? Right-handed shot, that is good.
  • My dad called me Sunday morning to tell me about a Sidney Crosby play where he literally spun 360 degrees in the air to avoid a poke-check or trip attempt, then proceeded to hit the ice and not skip a beat.
  • From how he described it, it sound like Crosby may have resembled Scott Hamilton performing a triple salchow in the '84 Sarajevo Olympics in Yugoslavia...minus the gayness.
Next Game: Monday 11.20
@ Philadelphia - 7:00 PM

Friday, November 17, 2006

Yeah, it could have been a lot of worse. After the Sabres scored that third goal, a tiny piece of me said, "Just pour it on. Take us behind the shed and whip us like a red-headed step-child named Petey."
Jocelyn Thibault has proven yet again to be a solid backup. We made some mistakes tonight, and am I the only one who thinks the Pens outplayed the Sabres?

First of all, glad to see the Sabres wearing the throwback jerseys tonight. It made me hate them a little less. But, the hatred escalated when Maxim Afinogenov (who I've never actually sat down and watched. He's insane.) scored on a 5-on-3 power play. Josef Melichar owned some guy from behind the bring that power play into fruition. That was it for the first period. Maxime Talbot had a glorious breakaway and he missed the five hole/Biron made a nice save. If you are a Penguin fan and don't like Maxime Talbot, he must be sleeping with your girlfriend cause that's the only reason you could not like him.
If I had a girlfriend, and she was cheating on me with Maxime Talbot, I'd be pumped.

Allright, 1-0 after one. The second period saw the Sabres jump out to a 3-0 lead. That's when I just wanted the Sabres to pile it on. We waited all week for this?
The best part of the second period was seeing Crosby cross-check Sabres D-man Campbell. What was better was seeing that "Lemieux look" in Crosby's eyes tonight. Sitting on the bench, just glaring off into space.
Later in the period, Recchi heads through center ice with a burst of speed. He dishes it to Crosby, and Crosby gets it past Sabres goalie Biron. That was it for the second, Pens down 3-1.

The third period came and we were half-expecting the Sabres to score another goal and put the final nail in the coffin. But, it just didn't happen. Thibault made some big saves all night, and it almost paid off.

Biron with a nice glove save on Malkin's slapper in the third. You're gay.

The Pens pull the goalie late in the third...and score. Wow. 3-2. Crosby again.
You could feel it...the Pens were gonna score again...OK, here they come into the zone...oh no, a giveaway...Whitney, what are you doi-----game. Clean the vomit off your living room floor and go to bed.

  • Crosby: 2 G
  • Recchi: 2 A
  • Thibault: 32 saves
  • Shots: PENS and BUF with (36)
  • Powerplay: BUF (2 for 4) PENS (0 for 6)
  • Shouldn't feel too bad about losing tonight. Buffalo improved their record to 16-2-1. Yeah, I know.
  • How bout LeClair blowing a tire that eventually lead to that Buffalo goal in the second period.
  • The jobber that hit Moore left his skates, and Moore knew it. The ref knew it, too. It's a dangerous, blind-side hit that is legal, and Moore's retaliation was justified. Next.
  • T-Bo. T-Bo. T-Bo.
  • Why is Ryan Whitney on the power play? I am definitely intrigued to research some crap and see what his powerplay production has been since he's been with the Pens.
  • Speaking of defenseman, I talk to so many people that underestimate and don't even care about the importance of a right-handed defenseman. Why? When our lefties have to backhand a puck on a clearing attempt and can't get it out. That's why. When we can't set up two one-time point shots on the powerplay. That's why. When we win a big face-off back to a defenseman, but he can't handle it because he's on his forehand. That's why. It is such a huge thing to worry about, and nobody cares. Whoa, rant. We never rant. Peace.
Next Game: Saturday 11.18
vs. New York Rangers - 7:30
The CW Channel

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hittin the Links....

Real quick, if you want to remain pumped about Ohio State-Michigan, don't watch Sportscenter or any ESPN show until 3:30 on Saturday. They will suck the life out of you with endless comparisons and predictions that won't even matter in two days.

...NHL and Reebok have joined forces to start bringing licensed retail stores to the public. Reebok already has a monopoly on goaltending equipment, jerseys, jockstraps, etc.

...Coming up on Monday, Versus is debuting the "Rail Cam" during the Colorado-Dallas game. I thought it was referring to the camera I set up in my room when I make out with girls, but it's actually a camera that is on the top of the boards and can slide to both ends of the ice. Versus, 8PM, Monday...

...Alex Ovechkin fired his agent. His mom will take over the role. No comment.

...Chris Thorburn getting some play in the Post Gazette.


Olli Jokinen pulls a rabbit out of his hat in Florida's 5-1 win over Montreal tonight.

We're gonna say this right now, and we may be wrong...but watch out for Boston. They stopped Toronto's five-game winning streak tonight with a 2-1 overtime win.

This Nashville-Minnesota game went to a shootout, and the wild win, but I was too busy playing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for Sega Genesis.

The object of each level is to "rescue" little girls who have been kidnapped.
We wouldn't lie to you.

Some other jobber scores that don't deserve links.. Oilers over the Blues....St. Louis sucks.

And big Wayne's team beats the hapless Blackhawks. Normally we'd have a picture depicting something hapless, like an old person. But just imagine if you walked in on your girlfriend and the starting 5 of the Miami Heat ... thats how the blackhawks feel.

I banged your girlfriend cracker..

Philadelphia is in Los Angeles tonight. Best thing about Philly's exhausting road trip is that they come back just in time to play the Pens on Monday. Life is sweet

Big game in Buffalo tomorrow night

Go Pens

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tons of games tonight and hello to Big C and Rocky out in Claysville...

But, first, put those "Free Malkin" signs away...The courts have denied Russia from taking Malkin away.
This news is excellent.

Next up: December 20.
Slots License.
Mark your calendars.

Malkin celebrates after hearing the verdict.

This injunction getting held up had the same chance of me sitting in front of Pee Wee Herman in a movie theater.

"I know you are, but what am I?"

A pervert?

Other links before we knock out a recap:

YouTube and NHL teaming up to provide highlights of games...

...Vote or Die. 2007 NHL All-Star Game. Malkin. Crosby. Cairns.

...Finally, a newspaper talks about the enormous effect that losing Eaton has caused...

...Look for Pensblog 'Heroes'. Coming Friday...


Carolina is back to playing every night again. They helped out the Atlantic with a 2-1 victory of the Rangers tonight. Pens have the Rangers on Saturday.

The Islanders go into Dallas...and shut them out. We kid you not. A 3-0 final score down in a state where people break into each other's house and just sit around, without stealing anything.

Ottawa pisses off Buffalo just in time for our Friday Night Showdown with them up on Lake Erie.

Latendresse continues his run for Mayor of Canada by scoring for Montreal tonight in their 3-1 victory of the Lightning.

Anyone care that Nashville and Columbus played a professional hockey game tonight?

Vanilla Ice, stunned that no one cares about Blue Jackets Hockey anymore
( This caption sucks, but the picture is gold)
Boston beats the Caps in a shootout....AO, remember him? Isn't he Russian?
The Sharks over the reeling Av's...Joe Thorton is sick
One other late game
The Flyers and the Ducks in a West Coast shootout....Flyers lead 5-3...
Goodnight and good luck

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Slow night in the NHL game-wise, lots of news to catch up on though.

When Malkin scored last night to make it 3-2, with two minutes left..

In the midst of the jubilation, Chris said, "Hey, is that..."

Anyone who has played in HockeyTown at Cecil Park knows that is Godfrey Version 3.0 on the right.

Speaking of Malkin, tomorrow November 15th is his court date

Pensblog has already acquired the rights to it:

You want the Pass? You want the Pass? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE PASS

But honestly. the court date is tomorrow:

Russia vs. The NHL, United States, Pittsburgh Penguins and Bull from Night Court.

Bull: The Steve McKenna of bailiffs

...Click here if you want to read Malkin's court documents, courtesy of
...Click here to read a Russian news article that obviously says that is the source for all of your Malkin trial questions.
...Click here to read a stirring article of Evgeni Malkin's escape from Magnitogorsk.

It's no Magnitogorsk Redemption, but good nonetheless.


Patrick Roy and Herb Brooks headlined the Hall of Fame Inductions this past weekend.

We can't say anything that hasn't already been said about former Penguins coach and team USA miracle worker Herb Brooks.

Patrick Roy is fair game, though.
Didn't he leave Montreal because the coach didn't take him out of a game after he had given up 8 goals? I think he gave up goals on 3 straight shots, and then he made a save, and the crowd in Montreal cheered like the Canadiens had just scored a goal. Roy even played to the crowd, giving them a little wave. Later, he skates to the bench and tells the owner sitting behind the bench that he wanted to be traded.
Get him some Maxi-Pads, too.
Hey I am a jerk, but I also came up with the best slam ever.
Greatest quote ever.



One game for us to cover tonight.

The Rangers help out the world by beating the Devils in regulation.
The Devils were looking good going into the third, but the Rangers scored 3 goals in 90 seconds in the final period and ended up winning 3-2.

Oh, and Minnesota was up 1-0 on Phoenix before the game even started.

Pens are 11th in Power Rankings.

Thanks to Canaan for going beyond the call of Pensblog Duty today with links and the like.
Hello to everyone coming from
We knew we'd get some of you guys sooner or later.

Through the magic of e-mail, Dan Potash and the Pensblog have been in contact for the past week or so. We asked him if he would be willing to partake in an exclusive Q & A session with us.

He went through the trouble of getting permission from his producer...all for The Pensblog.

Next time you see him on TV, remind yourself that he is the man.


PBlog: When did you become a hockey fan? What was your favorite team and did you like #99 (we try not to mention his name on the Pensblog)?

I became a hockey fan in the early 80’s when the LA Kings “Triple Crown Line” of Charlie Simmer, Dave Taylor and Marcel Dionne made a big splash (each player scored over 100 points in one season.) The Kings were tough to follow back then….the Lakers and Dodgers got all the attention and the Kings closest US rival were the St. Louis Blues.
Yes, I did like Wayne Gretzky…aka….# 99. He did put the Kings on the map, and brought them instant respect both locally and nationally (His 3rd game as a King was sold out, even though the Dodgers and A’s were playing game one of the 1988 World Series the same night, which means about 20,000 of us missed Kirk Gibson’s homer!)
Think of the Pens before Mario and how much hockey changed in Pittsburgh after his arrival. Gretzky had that kind of impact.

PBlog: As a reporter, I am sure you have seen some amazing stuff in person. What is your favorite all-time sporting moment you have seen in person?

It’s hard to say I have just one all-time moment. Over the last 11 years I have been very fortunate to cover many unbelievable events. Covering Mario’s return in December of 2000 and watching him score in the same game was awesome. Though covering the Daytona 500 in 1998 for Dale Earnhardt’s victory was pretty cool as well.

PBlog: In your travels, what city has the best-looking women?

Montreal, LA, NYC and of course Pittsburgh.

PBLog: How did you end up in Pittsburgh?

I came here in 2000, after spending almost three years at the ABC affiliate in Charleston, SC. I knew a few people here in Pittsburgh who put in a good word for me when FSN announced they would be starting a regional sports network here. Yes…it’s all about who you know. Before Charleston , I spent two years at the CBS affiliate in Bridgeport , WV ….so I did have prior knowledge of the Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, Pitt, WVU etc.

PBlog: In percentage points, what are the chances of you calling someone a 'jobber' on the air?

I’ve interviewed players who have done that several times, and usually make light of the subject in another way. Though if I use it during a game….I promise to give you credit.


PBlog: Without the necessity of mentioning any names, can you tell us about a time when you were physically or verbally attacked by a professional athlete or coach?

Never physically. Verbally….Bill Cowher has given me “The Jaw.” Don Nehlen and Lou Holtz chewed me out as well….but that’s about it (So far…)

PBlog: Are you a Steeler fan, Charger fan, or what?

Both. I was eight years old when Dan Fouts and “Air Coryel” were lighting things up….and had season tickets for a few years before I left for my first TV job in West Virginia in 1995. Though I have never seen a city love a team like Pittsburgh loves the Steelers. You can also talk football EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR here, and I have the greatest respect to for the Rooney Family.

PBlog: What's your favorite movie?

Can’t name just one.

PBlog: What was the last TV show that you watched?

Bears vs. Giants on Sunday Night Football. (Though I also took a peek at CSI Miami.)

PBlog: What can you tell us about the traveling arrangements for road games?

It’s pretty cool….I really feel like a member of the team. I fly on the team charter, and stay at the team hotel. However it’s a job, and losing focus of that is NOT an option. The travel schedule and long days can be tough….but I do realize how lucky I am to do what I do for a living.

PBlog: If the Penguins are forced to leave town, what are your plans?

I’m staying…and so are the Pens.

PBlog: Over/under... Penguins win 30 games?


PBlog: When you sit down with Coach Therrien before the game, are you scared of him?

No. He’s a very good guy, and plays to the camera very well.

Q-Do you like The Pensblog?

Yes. The fans have a voice...and I enjoy what you and your fellow "bloggers" think about the Penguins.



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