Tuesday, December 26, 2006

No NHL.com Game Recap because there's nothing really to look at.

Because this was the most boring game of The Pensblog Era, we're gonna have a general NHL recap later tonight, too.

The first period of the game tonight looked like a game of pong.
But, of course, it was Devils Pong (TM):

Imagine the impossibility of scoring a goal in a pong game like this.
Welcome to the Atlantic Division.

The puck just went back and forth, back and forth. I'm tired of using the word "boring" to describe Devils hockey. Before you knew it, the first period was over with absolutely nothing to talk about.

As expected, the second period was the same as the first period.
Paul Steigerwald mentioned that this game could easily be compared to an NBA game, which is true.
The only difference was that none of the players on the ice were high.

Right after Steigerwald finished that thought, Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune fame scored for New Jersey to basically end the game.

I'd like to buy a vowel.

Besides Crosby mucking it up and the Pens' power play needing Viagra, there is absolutely nothing else to discuss in regards to the first two periods.

What a surprise...nothing happened in the third period.
The Pens were a tip-in away from tying this game up, but it just wasn't happening.

We're playing the Devils, so you only need one guess as to who scored the second Devils' goal in the third period.........Jay Pandolfo.

To make it look like the Devils "blew us out", Brian Gionta scored a little bit later to make it 3-0.

Devils Suck.

And with 2.3 seconds left...finally something to cheer about.
We always mention the word "jobber" and the verb '"to job".
Jordan Staal helped us define "jobber" with his trip of Martin Brodeur late in the game.
He pretended to do it nonchalantly, but it was golden.
That, my friends, was a job.

  • Me: 2 ham sandwiches
  • Martin Brodeur: 780th career shutout
  • I'm glad I'm not a Devils fan.
  • One of the Penguins may have farted in the third period, but that is not confirmed.
  • We waited 4 days for this?
  • Seriously...there is nothing else to talk about. Other than the usual and merited hate-comments, there's no reason to expect any of our illustrious readers commenting on this game.


TheGuyFromPgh said...

Umm.... Fuck it.

Anonymous said...

so glad i was at bowling for this one, i got in the car just before the 2nd goal and almost hit a guard rail because i fell asleep.

the wheel of fortune picture made me fall out of my chair i was laughing so hard.

have a good one guys.


Dennis said...

Glad I spent my whole fucking night in the Verizon Wireless store. Got a nice new phone out of it, probably better than watching this game.

Adam said...

trying on jeans for two hours at Gabriel Brother's would be more exciting than this game.

Scott said...

I hate the Devils with the passion of a 1000 burning suns. I also hate Atlanta and i will be in E17 row b...im thinkin bout makin a sign that says Save the Pens

Anonymous said...

i love this site.

my marriage proposal is still on the table to any of the staff.

: )

Adam said...

thank you, anonymous girl (or guy).

This was only the second shutout of the year against the Pens...if anyone is looking for a bright side.

Colcloughs Hands said...

all the things i was thinking while watching this game....you had in your summary........
i was thinking toward the end that the devils could win all 82 games in a season, and they still would be the most boring team in any sport......do they have any players with skill?

Derek said...

we need to reach a deal on this marriage thing.. 5 years/20 dollar contract

Colcloughs Hands said...

what if thats a dude asking you to marry them.......better yet, what if its scott gomez....is it still a yes?

Colcloughs Hands said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Derek said...

hahahahha its prolly Luke Ravenstahl.. thats not funny, but if you think about long enough you laugh out loud... well that could be just me

" Yes Mr.Mayor"

Colcloughs Hands said...

can you make time in your busy pensblog schedule to attend mayoral events?

Dennis said...

Ovechkin is a douche bag. his team gets 6 poured on them in the 1st and he still celebrates like a pussy after scoring to make it 6-3 late in the game.

Adam said...

at this point in my life, if you want to marry me, you would have to spend your time on the internet looking for links for us to post.

Anonymous said...


OK. i could do that. no problem.

i'm no sex slave, though.

treat me like a lady.

: )

Adam said...

no need to bring sex into this, femme fatale.

just go get the links.


Derek said...

I only deal with sex slaves, so I am out of the running

Anonymous said...

I hate the Devils. They are incredibly boring to watch with their "let's turn hockey into soccer on ice" approach.

Bake said...

As boring as it is watching the Devils, I couldn't understand why fans there were booing them. They paid the money to go see a team they likely watch on TV allllll the time. So by deductive reasoning, you'd think that these fans knew exactly what they were getting into by buying those tickets. Morons.

Damnit, that system is so boring and frustrating but does it work or what. They ran it to perfection. They've held Sid pointless 3 times this season! You can call it soccer, you can call it boring (which I do), you can call it a lot of things. But the Devils are leading the Atlantic right now, so it obviously works. They make the game so simple that it's almost sickening. They probably go in their locker room after every game and sit there and laugh at how pissed off the entire NHL is.

I'm done blowing the Devils for now.

I hate Ilya, let's go Pens.

Teej said...

anyone else hear the snoring coming from Steiggy and Bob's booth?

Anonymous said...

In Ovechkin's defense, I believe that goal put him in the lead for goals scored in the NHL.

Adrienne said...

I never understand why everyone gets all butthurt about the Pens losing to Brodeu- er, I mean the Devils.


Seriously though, yeah it sucks and the devils blow just as bad, but brodeur is a great goalie and people need to get over it :P

gfh said...

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