Saturday, December 9, 2006 GAME RECAP
No more ESPN. They're title for the recap tonight:
"Penguins snap skid with OT win over sluggish Thrashers"
Plus, has too much crap going on with their website.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah - Hallelujah. Hall-Lay-Lou-Yah.

Aside from the 8-2 Flyers game earlier this season, this game was easily the best game of the year for the Pens. What a win. Steigerwald mentioned how the Thrashers were coming off a road trip and weren't ready for it, blah blah blah. That had a little to do with it, but the Thrashers were coming on strong the entire game, and the Pens simply outplayed them tonight. Huge.

The first period began with the Penguins flying up and down the ice. Right from that first shift, you could tell they were going to be a different team tonight and that this was going to be a great game to watch.
The Pens were pounding Kari Lehtonen with shots in the first period. With about six minutes left in the first, and the powerplay winding down, Sidney Crosby walked in and rang one of the post and in to give the Pens another 1-0 lead. Four minutes after that, though, the Penguins' dominating performance in the first was crapped on by Shane Hnidy, who scored a shorthanded goal to tie the game up. Weird play by Fleury on that goal.

The second period was the same brand of hockey. Great action. The only goal of the second came when the Pens capitalized on a powerplay. Bob Errey mentioned that one of Atlanta's penalty killers not having a stick would eventually work to the Pens' benefit. Malkin sharked into the slot and one-timed a pass from Bing past Lehtonen. 2-1 Pens going into the third. I didn't feel safe at all; not after what happened in New York the other night.

My fears were justified a mere 16 seconds into the third when Marian Hossa beat Fleury on a jobber goal to tie it up. Never fear, though.
Seven minutes later, Ryan Whitney shows why selling him for cattle would be a bad idea. Fed a sexy pass from Malkin, Whitney slammed a puck in from the slot to give the Pens a 3-2 lead.
Still didn't feel comfortable, though.

Get a room.

Fears justified again when Niko Kapanen scores for Atlanta with five minutes left to tie it up.
That wasn't really a kick in the genitalia because you half-expected it anyway. Joey Melichar induced heart attacks when he gave Atlanta a gift-faceoff in the Pens zone with 10 seconds left, but the Pennies persevered, and the game slipt into overtime.

Atlanta had one good scoring chance in overtime when Hossa came in on the right wing and threw a pass into the slot. I was watching Fleury on the play, and he was going to be out of position if that pass would have connected cleanly. If that goes in, I throw my Nintendo Wii remote into my TV and hate my life as I vomit on my keyboard while typing the recap.

Luckily, though, the Pens were able to pull this one out.
Malkin stepped up to the recent semi-criticism from Coach Therrien.

He made a nice play to chip the puck away from an Atlanta defensemen, and with the brass of a riverboat gambler, drove to the net. He quasi-interfered with Lehtonen, and Colby grabbed the rebound and threw it home. Waiting to see if the ref is pointing at the puck or waving it off is the hockey equivalent of not cheering a big touchdown because you're afraid there's a flag on the play.
Goal. Pens win.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G, 2 A
  • Fleury: 20 saves
  • Shots: ATL (23) PENS (43) *********
  • Powerplay: ATL (1 for 6) PENS (2 for 4)
  • Faceoffs: Pens win 29-26
  • As stated before, this was easily the best game of the year for the Pens.
  • Bob Errey: "Hey, Wow. Look at how many options the Pens have on the powerplay when they have right-handed Micki DuPont out there." -- If Bob Errey can realize that, and a couple of homos running a Penguins blog can see that, then Ray Shero and Therrien can see it, too.
  • Danny Po introduced John Cullen as one of the all-time Penguins greats. (262 games...272 points...). Steigerwald was right when he said that Cullen was a very important part of the Pens Cup team in '91 even though he was traded at the deadline that year.
  • Did Ilya Kovalchuk play tonight? He had his own post on the Pensblog last night; that makes him the first victim of the vaunted Pensblog Curse.
  • After the game, Colby mentioned that, because the Pens won tonight, they could "listen to music in the locker room again". Did Therrien shut down BOB FM because the Pens were losing?
  • Watching the Fleury interview after the game, he looks like he wants to laugh all the time. You can see his eyes moving back and forth when he's talking; like he's thinking of funny stuff that he can't say on TV.
  • Anyone see the dude playing with himself behind Bob Hartley?
  • No Pun Intended bloggerette Elly predicted the Pens' 4-3 OT win tonight.


Dennis said...

That was a hell of a hockey game...

Colby has now scored 75% of his goals on rebounds and crap-like shots

Scott said...

great game...when witney scored i thought money in the bank and then with the tie i thought we lose in OT but a possessed Malkin makes things happen we the way i read the blog all the time and i think ur funny as hell...keep it up

Dennis said...

Not sure if the House Of The Pensblog has seen this one too:

Adam said...

thanks a lot scott.

by the way, it's Casa de Pensblog.


Elly said...

Excellent game. Those are the Penguins I dream about at night. Guess that little 'pep talk' Therrien had with Malkin did the trick, too.

Brian said...

Great game tonight, glad it didn't go to a shootout.. now we got plenty of momentum going into the Caps game on Versus.

loralei said...

Just finished watching the game. Had to DVR it cause i was sadly at the library studying for finals. A couple things about the Atlanta announcers who suck by the way. I'm giving up law school and i'm on the first flight out tomorrow morning to audition for either position. Both the game caller and play-by-play guy were sadly sad. First of all just because a guy goes behind the net, does not make the next move he makes a wrap around. A pass from behind the net to the front of the net is not a wrap around. Oh and apparently the people in Hot-Lanta have some scary old paper boys as the announcer guy declared that Colby looked like his paper boy. The play-by-play guy said that his paper boy looked older. hmm. Oh and the ice is slippery. Thats an important tid bit. Finally, i learned tonight that Kozlov's nicknake is Kozzie. (go ahead & giggle for a minute, i did) That sounds a little like Fozzie Bear to me, but whatever. It just made me think that maybe that nickname wasnt his choice and was thrust upon him like Gene Ubriaco on "Ace" Lemieux. wocka, wocka, wocka.

Great win for the Pens. Great goal by Paper Boy Armstrong.

PS Sid has seriously been playing possessed lately. Love to watch him make people look silly. It makes me smile.

Baker said...

Sid has been dominating lately and I love it. The fact that he can take over games (and knows it too) makes go 2001 Pens playoff win in my gameroom with Hangin by a Moment playing in the background all the time (yeah, BAH, you know exactly what I mean) every single time. Malin played great. Sometimes, he has the fire in his eyes to take over a game. I rarely disagree with the Pensblog, but this time I do. Ryan Whitney is a franchise D. Leave the man alone. People fail to comment on the little things, and Whitney makes tons of little plays happen. Sure, laugh at me bc I'm drunk, but how many of you talk about Brooks Orpik. Zero. He has 0 points this season, but he makes the little things happen. Whitney does too, and he's 5th on the team in scoring. Jump off his back and realize that he is a huge part of this team, offensively and defensively. LETS GO PENS!

Scott said...

Baker- Whitney is nice offensively but the stupid plays on defense r hard to watch...i can remember like 5 times where he throws the puck in the middle when he should throw along the boards but i dont even want to get started on Joe is he still on this team...when the other team scores on a rebound in front of the net i bet he was the defensemen in front

Derek said...

One thing that cannot be understated...MT kinda of calling out Malkin a little bit, and Malkin rising to the occasion. That is what great players do, and as much as I did not like Therrien doing that, it looks like a great move now..

If we get the W in Washington on monday, seems like a pretty good road trip, eh? I love winning..

Adam said...


If everyone agreed on everything, life would be pretty gay.

Anonymous said...

haha the skies just cleared in western pa (metaphporically of course)

Derek said...

"haha the skies just cleared in western pa (metaphporically of course)"

So true.. If they lose tonight, everyone is pissed.. they win everyone is loving it...good times

Ryan Whitney scored tonight because of the Blades of Steel comment.. I know it

Baker said...


if everyone agreed with everyone, stone cold steve brown wouldn't have issued 3 straight stunners and won the belt on monday night well done from godfreys back yard 8 years ago...

and bah hah goalie wouldn't have ridden a bike into your backyard ala the undertaker to fight a no holds barred match on your trampoline two summers later...

the message still remains the same through it all


seth said...

I only have 3 things to say and I'm gone:

1. HUGE wing.. needed a game like that

2. Sid has been insane lately.. He will fight till the end of the year for the scoring title. He already leads the league in points per game (behind Havlat who's only played 7 games, so he doesn't count in my book)

3. I'm unbelievably happy that kovalchik was held to nothing tonight. Just goes to show how much of a better overall player sid is

seth said...

ok i just read loralei's comment and watched's highlights from the game tonight and she's right.. those atlanta announcers were absolutely piss-poor. I feel as if loralei and I could do a better job together than those two.. and i have not idea who loralei is.. thats how miserably bad they are

Gaundi said...

I have yet to look at any other post, but I would just like to say that the Atlanta'm commentator was the most antidramatic person EVER. When Atlanta OR pittsburgh scored he said nothing but "score". And I don't mean "scoore" or even a regualr "score". I mean "SCORE" as if you were trying to say it as fast as possible. It hurt to just listen to the highlights with those douche-bags.

Steeltown Mike said...

Random factoid:

Through 28 GP, the Penguins have 29 points, or half as many as they earned the entire 82 games of last season. Wheee!!

Jas said...

Atlanta is probably the most retarded hockey town in the NHL. Need proof? Look at last night's three stars: #1 Steve Rucchin (What the fuck!?!), #2 Shane Hnidy (because Recchi f'ed up in his own end and Fleury pretended he was a statue?) #3 Rod Buskas (Oh, wait, it was really Evgeni Malkin)...

Adam said...

my entire life was changed the day evan godfrey gave me a fame-asser and broke my glasses.

and the day you were playing that rare away game on Springcrest Dr. and busted my lip open by kicking me with your blades on.

bah hah

seth said...

Atlanta's announcers made Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey sound like Mike Lange and Ed Olczyk.. thats how bad they were

chris said...

how bout them talkin about atlanta wanting an "identity" like hockey-town...they are calling themselves "blue-land"

im gonna leave it at that

loralei said...

Oh I forgot about the Blue-Land thing...I laughed about that a few times too..

shorty said...

Great win last nite...must say that they deserved a win and noting less, i was worried they'd end up losing in a SO.

Also any1 else extremely excied bout how they controlled the puck on the PP, absolutly amazing. and they actually were able to carry the puck across the blueline istead of making weak dump on every rush. Lookin up fellas!

Anonymous said...

the guy playing with himself was gross.


Anonymous said...

It's been aw while since I watched hockey. I've been playing my Nintendo Wii!


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