Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ryan Malone, the streaky scorer that he is, registered his first career hat trick tonight...but Upper St. Clair still sucks.
Sidney Crosby explodes with another 4 points tonight -- That's 10 points in his last two games.

Bing is causing more damage than the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man right now.

The game started off pretty well. The score shouldn't fool you. The Pens flat-out dominated this hockey game. Ryan Malone began his night by converting on a nice Crosby pass to give the Pens a 1-0 lead. Five minutes later, the Islanders scored the first of three Ouellet goals to tie the game up. In the time it takes for a fart to produce an aroma (roughly 11 seconds), Crosby scored to put the Pens back in the lead.
Four minutes after that, Mark Recchi unleashed a wrist shot that got past a screened Rick DiPietro to send the Pens into the intermission with a 3-1 lead.

In said intermission, Ken Sawyer came out to answer some questions about Jim Balsillie withdrawing his bid to buy the Pens. Here's how it went:

Media: Can you give us vague answers to our questions?
Sawyer: Yes.
Media: Nice.

Intermissions are so nice when the Pens are winning.
Six minutes into the second, Jordan Staal strikes again with a quick shot off a face-off, and the Pens jumped out to a 4-1 lead.
In the time it takes a fart's aroma to dissipate (roughly 30 seconds), the Pens had scored again. Maxime Talbot/Joseph Melichar combine to score a shorthanded goal and the Pens lead 5-1.
Unbelievable. The rest of the second period was a bunch of nothingness, if my memory serves me right.

Malone and Bing patiently waiting for their turn on the Kiss Cam

Nine minutes into the third, Ryan Malone scored a carbon-copy of his first goal to give the Pens a 6-1 lead.
6-1 with 11:15 left in the game.
This victory was as sure as a victory against Muhammad Ali in a game of Operation.

Ha! Not the greatest Operation player, that's for damn sure.

The Islanders, however, decided to make this a hockey game. How did they pull that off? Simple.


It was now 6-4 with 6:43 left. If you got nervous, you weren't alone.
...Or should I say...Malone...

To finally put the dying Islanders out of their misery, Ryan Malone finished off his hat trick with a goal from the face-off circle with 4:26 left. Sid was doing his magic on the boards for the better part of 15 seconds before hitting Malone on the tape.

The remainder of the game was inconsequential.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 3 A
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Recchi: 1 G, 3 A
  • Malone: Hat-trick
  • Shots: NYI (32) PENS (35)
  • Powerplay: NYI ( 3 for 6 ) PENS ( 1 for 10 )
  • Malkin seemingly took advantage of the Super Cuts super shot.
  • Ruutu-Talbot-Thorburn. Wow.
  • Recchi: 800 assists. Nice.
  • If you're on the ice with Sidney Crosby, and he passes the puck in your direction...unless it's right on your tape, that pass isn't for you.
  • It seems like Malkin is a half-step off for some reason. The naked pictures of Michel Therrien may have had an adverse effect.
  • Solid game for Thibault. Big win for his confidence, too.
  • As always, I probably missed some things. Please add in the comments. We're nothing without these comments.
Pens in Montreal
Saturday night
FSN - 7:00


Some quick links...ribbed for her pleasure:

  • We aren't gonna discuss the Balsillie thing because we have no idea what it could mean. We aren't experts, and speculating would be kinda gay.
  • -- If you need a description of what this site is for, then you need help.
  • The Pitt Hoops Blog is revved up for Saturday's game: Pitt @ Wisconsin. What time is the game? I guess you gotta go to the blog to find out.


Adam said...

75% of The Pensblog Staff went to Canon-McMillan.

We are born to despise Mt. Lebanon and USC.

Joshua said...

Its cool us Shaler folks hate Mt. Lebo too.

One thing is killing me...why does malkin just go in an shoot the puck? Its very rare to see him make a move on goal (aside from the shootout goal)

And a second thing, Jim Basille (balsac) never striked me as someone who would own a hockey team..Canadian or not.

Let the conspiracy theories run!

"Suck it, Waterloo"

jerrod said...

i didnt get the chance to watch the game 2nite, but the pensblog was the first site i visited when i got home from work 10 minutes ago.

pens - 4 game winning streak.

first time posting a comment. it feels good to be up near the top of the comment board.

Elly said...

Great game tonight, although the Pens had me screaming about those three Islanders goals late in the 3rd. I thought Thorburn had a nice little tussle in the 1st. He has some nice spunk to him. Sidney's push and shove was pretty good to watch, too, just for the scene of him yanking on that Islanders' jersey while Recchi was seperating them.

seth said...

Ok just 3 things:

1. Thibault needs to control rebounds and get better on lateral movements (not just flop everywhere). That would prevent at least 2 goals

2. Did anyone notice how hot fleury's and army's girlfriends are? Wow, i wanna play pro hockey

3. Sidney Crosby... words can't explain his brilliance

Washington85 said...

great game i i missed this one i might have had to be mad for a long time....I don't like many high school areas except the Allderdice area!...Seth I agree 100000% on that with Army and Fleurys girlfriends and final note on the game in the 3rd when Army got the 2 for diving Erry and Staggy where fighing ab-out it.

small example

Erry:thats a horrible call
Stag:well its like un-sportamanlike conduct in some way that.....
Erry:did they call un-sportsmanlike conduct?
Stag:well i mean its almost the same call....
Erry:did they call un-sportsmanlike conduct?

PittCheMBA said...

With a last name that is pronounced as Ball-Silly...what would you expect?

Colcloughs Hands said...

i hope you enjoyed your time at the top of the nhl scoring leaders, mr jagr, because you will never see it again.......

Tony said...

I'm glad Adam finally mentioned MAF's and Army's hotties, you guys were worrying me for a second that you'd lost your touch... :-)....

Lord have mercy, quite impressive boys...


Dennis said...

-North Allegheny is where it's at.

-You mean to tell me there are no billionaires out there who don't want to pay what is merely nickels and dimes to them to own the greatest collection of young talent ever in any sport?

By the way, people have already started leaving comments on Mark Cuban's blog about him stepping up and buying the team with his group.

Check out the bottom of this page and maybe even leave a comment yourself.

-The player's women were good looking.

-You can put 11 forwards, 6 defensemen, and a goalie in any combo behind Crosby and we would win the game.

-Is there anything better than waking up after a win...and know that there's another game in 10 hours?

-Thanks for linking to my site, Pensbloggers.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else catch that stat about Croz and the great (suck) one?

Basically in as many games into their careers Croz has more points in less games!

Take that you SOB!!!

Which brings me to this question... without Mario's countless back problems, and the cancer thing, how bad would he have beat Gretzy's ass? And how many of you guys want Croz to finish him off?


Love the pictures on top!!!

Anonymous said...

i think i died and went to heaven when i discovered this website last night after the game.

i expected to wake up this morning, and find out the pensblog was a dream.

great f@#king site, guys!

Jas said...

Hey - I'm from the Johnstown area. Do you guys ever call Mt. Lebanon "Mt. Lesbo"? Cuz I call them that all the time when I hear about them on TV or whatnot...

wes said...

we all know what rhymes with canuck, right?


you get the drift...

good win. ichiban out in robinson better have the game on tonight. i feel like some canuck on the hibachi in homage of the late jim balsille.

loralei said...

I have to admit, i love it when Steigy fights with Bob Errey. I can just imagine, John Malcovich style, being in Bob Errey's head and seeing him imagine picking Steigy up and throwing him out of the booth. It makes me smile.

PS Did anyone else hear Steigy call Sid a "choo-choo"? Not something like well manly like a locomotive, but a choo-choo? Oh look at the cute little choo-choo.


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