Wednesday, December 6, 2006

We ended up getting glorious seats for the game, 12 rows from the glass on the penalty-box side. B26.
The kind of seats mentioned in the Bible.

When I was in the Arena tonight, it didn't even feel like there was a Penguin game. It was a very eerie feeling...or maybe it's just that I don't hit up too many weekday games.

Erik Christensen (officially The Pensblog's "boy") got a puck past Florida goalie Alex Auld on the powerplay to give the Pens a rare 1-0 lead. Not to be outdone, the Panther's ageless wonder, Gary Roberts, scored on a jobber rebound to tie it up. Nice first period of hockey.

Sidney Crosby's herpes flare up in the second period

Jozef Stumpel scored for Florida with about seven minutes left in the second to make it 2-1. Then it hit me:
Wow, this game is boring.


Crosby scores on a great Sidney Crosby-esque goal. The only word to describe what his face looked like after that goal is "possessed".
Malkin had an excellent chance to give the Pens the lead a few moments after Crosby's goal, but it went just wide. The Arena would have erupted.


Terrible call on Dominic Moore.....

....Florida scores powerplay goal....

Wake up, game's over.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Me: Order of Nachos
  • Thibault: Another solid outing with 27 saves. Two of the goals weren't his fault; he can't stop the puck and box out the opposing team's forwards, too.
  • Shots: FLA (30) PENS (27)
  • Nasreddine looked a little nervous. Who wouldn't be?
  • We have all this firepower on the top powerplay unit. Let them carry it in. Don't repeatedly dump-n-chase.
  • Officiating was deplorable tonight. We don't make it a point to pee on referees on the Pensblog, but tonight's game is an exception. Horrible calls and no-calls.
  • I'm figuring out that my game recaps are better when I'm in my boxers and a t-shirt, watching the game on my couch rather than physically being at the game.
  • Pensblog runs their record to about 1-6-1 in attended Pens games this year. Ouch.
Special Thanks
  • Stephanie S. - Super Pensblogal. At the top of Pensblog's Christmas List.
  • Bryan Bell - For simply being the partner-in-crime on this fine evening.
  • Dan The Man and Tami - Getting some ticketage for Pensblog.
  • Lauren and Christy - Saving us from taking the bus back to Oakland.
  • Tawm and Brett - For simply being Tawm and Brett.


Baker said...

Boring is right. That was a huge game for the Penguins, and we lost. Honestly to me, the team feels so much different with Thibault in the pipes. He barely comes out of his crease to play the puck, and constantly forces the entire team to come all the way back to re-group and break out. You'd think something like that wouldn't make a difference, but everytime it does, the opposing team can change lines, then Pens change lines, and Sid and Malkin don't get to take their chances against tired defense pairings at the end of shifts.

Regarding the two rebound goals, not necessarily Thibault's fault, but it would be nice if he would occasionally hold onto a shot or not fall on his ass every time the puck ends up in front of the cage. He's a veteran of this league, he shouldn't be flopping around like a kid playing his first game of JV hockey.

He was screened on the last goal, true enough, but what exactly possesses him to go down everytime the puck his shot in the net when it's blatantly obvious to everyone that there's a huge gap between his shoulders and the crossbard?? Some things I'll never understand, and one of them is Therien not giving his young goaltender Fleury a confidence boost by turning to him in a must win game coming off his bad weekend.

Brett said...

Hey guys, I feel so privileged to get a mention in The Pensblog and you know I love you and I have never criticized your writing before, but.... please don't ever put tawms name before mine. It is straight up offensive. I am wayyyy cooler. Thanks.

Tawm said...
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Tawm said...

Screw that kid, you guys definitely got it right. Thanks for the mention. But I'm a little offended, too. You should put a period between our names (ie: thanks to tawm. oh ya, and brett too). I don't like being put in the same sentence as him.

Brett said...
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Andrew said...

I honestly didn't think the game was boring...maybe it was different from a TV perspective...but, I was on the edge of my seat the whole game. I thought it was great back and forth hockey, though the officiating *was* horrible.

For as talented as Malkin is...he needs to learn how to hit the f'n net when it counts. And also that he can't do everything by himself all the time.

Dominic Moore needs to not take penalties. I need to do the research, but opposing teams have to be scoring at about 90% when Moore takes a penalty.

That is all for my drunken post-game thoughts...

That and I expect Therrien to be gone soon.

wes said...

i am beginning to wonder if the pens are in this downward spiral because of leclair and roy... leclair was like the ultimate hard working old guy, and roy was battling colby and max for the ultimate ice breaker of the team. it just seems like, when those two really began to fade into the black abyss, the hockey gods began frowning on them. these guys are just about as unlucky with the bounces and the calls as the pirates were the first half of '06.

the other thing to consider is the fact that teams may have figured the therrien system out and he has not made enough tweaks to keep opposing coaches' on their toes.

finally, it appears to me that malkin is being a puck hog. he takes shots and passes when he should be passing and taking shots (respectively). and for christ's sake, someone get recchi and his whiff-mobile of a stick off the power play!

Derek said...


well said.. But I wouldn'y say Malkin is a Puck Hog, he is just doesn't have a lot of people finishing his passes. If he were on the rangers he might have 50 points.

Losing brings the worst out in everything, and since it is.

Therrian system needs blown up. Its just not working. I hate to see him fired, but you have to believe this team isn't rght for it.
Plus Shero wants him own people in there. He basically has undid all of CP mistakes.

As for Leclair and Roy, I don;t think the slump is because of them, but it has contributed. Roy seemed to be the guy that made everyone laugh, and was a good lockerroom guy. Leclair was a veteran who earned resepct.

Something is going to happen, Shero knows this team isn't going to win right away but he also knows they cannot go through slumps like last year.

Teej said...

If Therrien gets the axe, it'd be like deja vu... Edzo was shown the door right around this time last year, so it'd be the second time in as many years they've made a coaching change. Though this year so far, I'm not sure I should be panicking yet for a change behind the bench. Last year I think it was after the Minnesota game the Pens obviously didn't show up for that brought it all on... I'm just not seeing any reason to give up on Therrien yet, they'd already done so well at the beginning of the year with him, and they're certainly capable of doing it again soon...

I'm no GM though :P :)


Tami said...

thanks for the shout out, yo!

seth said...

This game was a disappointment. Thibault wasn't all that great. He had poor rebound control as usual. On a lighter note, my tickets were delievered to me by God himself. I was lucky enough to get tickets from a family friend in A20, on the glass (row AA.. i didnt know that existed) right in the corner where the pens shot twice. I was right there for Crosby and Christensen's goals. The seats were directly where the goal line met the boards. Undoubtly the BEST seats in the entire arena. Never realized how huge some guys are until they're literally right in front of you. Plus we got to sit by a benched Fleury

and PS, Olli Jokinen is pretty scary up close and you can see how old Belfour is even through his mask

Anonymous said...

thanks guys, we enjoyed taking you home. you all looked so cute in the backseat together -lauren and christy (we also like being in the same sentence together)

Anonymous said...

the penguins have a veteran (gonchar), they have/had a very smart player (eaton), now they need somebody that will destroy you if you get in front of the goalie or cross that blue line.

that is what the pens defense is lacking, a solid, hard hitting defenseman.

also, i wouldnt be surprised if ouellet is the next player on the move


chris said...

anyone notice how malkin seems to fall over at least once a game??

i agree that ouellet could be dealt in the very near future...possibly with malone and a pick in a package deal...

wes said...

the other thing i noticed is that the pens are slowing down. at the beginning of the season, these guys were lightning fast (well... okay red wings fast, but you get what i mean). it just seems like everyone is in "gonchar mode" aka slow, finesse with the puck, etc. i think the guys are getting physically tired and thats a bad sign, especially if they only play 3 games a week, most times with at least one day off in between. add them being mentally affected (as stated in my earlier reply today) and that does not bode well for the 'guins. i would not go as far as saying therrien is on the chopping block, but if the season continues to unfold like the last month, he will definately be out at the end of the year. anyone ask cowher if he would consider a sport change? it would be like a science experiment which would raise many questions... such as:

- how many football-only fans would watch hockey?
- would the spit from cowher's mouth actually turn to sleet before it hits the ice?
- is there such a thing as "frozen jaw"?

i don't know about you all (or yinz)... but based on the above questions, the cowher statue that mondesi always harps about sounds better to me if it were served chilled!

Brian said...

Adam were your seats student rushed? I got in line a little before 6:30 and got seats in B16 (directly behind the net where pens shoot twice). Which made for a pretty good view of Sid's goal; if only Malkin would've burried that shot the next shift.

Adam said...

Bake...solid comments, as always.

Wes, you are dominating with your comments. love every one of them.

Seth, haha. Those seats sound ridiculous. I've never been down right on the ice. Last night was the closest I've ever been.

Teej, everyone likes change and Head Coach talk is just spicing things up. Personally, I like Therrien. I don't think he's going anywhere, soon.
But, I just wonder what an established, veteran coach would do with these guys.

Our pleasure, Tami
Everyone, listen up.
Tami is a Flyers fan but is slowly converting.

Thanks for the ride, Lauren and Christy, Christy and Lauren. You saved us from possible gunshot wounds on Pittsburgh Public Transit.

Brian, we didn't hit up student rush.
Our friend Stephanie works for the Pens and hooks us up when she can.
We are indebted to her forever.

Brian said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.. How funny was that durring the 2nd Peroid Intermission when the world street hockey team was being announced. They announced all the kids then they said Mark Madden was the head coach and he got some pretty good boos. I didn't expect Madden to be booed at Mellon Arena, but I don't really like him so I had a good laugh.

Adam said...

hahah he was booed insanely.

you're probably checking this for a response.

so, you'll have the low-down that there's a post coming in the next 30 minutes.

jefe said...

ah yes, that goal crosby scored where he splits the defense, (to tie the game in the 3rd), is now a highlight reel goal that they show in most sid the kid compilations. i had a good view standing high above in the stairwell. i always yell "i was at that game!" when the show it. good times, bad loss.


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