Friday, December 8, 2006

Lets just say if the Penguins were the Oregon Trail right now, things wouldn't be on the up and up:

Ryan Whitney was sold for cattle

But hey, no one said this was going to be easy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disgusted with last night's game, but oh well.

Moving on: Look at what I said about Brendan Shanahan before the season started in a post I made about Linda Cohn...Here

"Next up. Brendan Shanahan I really don't even want to respond to this. Who the hell cares about him. He's old, and he isn't even the best player on the team. Rangers go as far as Jagr goes."
-Sept 23

I could not have been more wrong. 32 points later and I realize that this may be the biggest mistake I have made since I stopped watching David the Gnome.

When you talk about great problem solvers in our generation, you talk about David the Gnome.

Speaking of problem solvers...Ray Shero takes a pee on the President of Hockey Canada Bob Nicholson's parade by not letting Jordan Staal play on team Canada in the World Championships in Sweden.

Yeah, sorry. Jordan probably forgets what it feels like to win, anyways.


If you're looking for nothing to get hung about on this cold-as-balls Friday, Montreal beat the Islanders last night in regulation.

I read the news today, oh boy....
about how the Penguins have only won 4 of their last 17.


Gavin said...

Hysterical. I would have used Crosby to caulk the wagon and perhaps hope LeClair would die of typhoid.

wes said...

I wish i had never stopped watching the Noozles....

wes said...

did anyone see the PG online? these religious leaders from the Hill District were barred from delivering a letter to the gaming board (which is illegal, btw).

"The letter urges the gaming board to reject the Isle of Capri casino, to be built in the lower Hill, saying it would cause "irreversible destruction" to the community. It said African Americans are four times more likely to become problem gamblers than whites. The Hill is predominantly African American."

WHY? Stop and ask WHY are "African Americans" four times more likely to become problem gamblers than whites? You mean to tell me that others have to suffer because one race is more proned to gambling than another?

Do you think for one second that "African Americans" that live in the "Hill" are not going to go to the casino if it was at Station Square or the North Shore?

Let's play devil's advocate here. Sounds to me like these leaders are hoping for other "African Americans" in other sections of the city to become problem gamblers so that they don't have to worry about educating people in their community because they are LAZY.

If you want to make a difference, don't write a letter crying and whining about how your little community is going to suffer if a casino is built in it. Start offering free classes NOW to help African Americans not only in the Hill, but ALL over the city, help against gambling problems.

Or, if you insist on writing a letter, write one to Isle Of Capri asking them for help in how to construct free classes to help prevent and cope with gambling problems that people may experience.

Stop being lazy. Stop pawning off your problems to other people. Educate yourselves and, more importantly, share that education with as many people as you can.

Anonymous said...

nicely put Wes

ps. awesome post HAHA

great blog

Brett said...

I don't know how I feel about Shero not letting Staal play in the Junior Olympics. At first I was happy because I think he should continue to be a big part of this team. However, if they are gonna make him a healthy scratch in games over the next few weeks, it doesn't make much sense. I just hope that by Shero doing this, it means he will be on the ice more.

P.S. I wonder if we can make Canada take Whitney for a few weeks instead... despite being from the States eh?

Swift the Fox said...

I miss you David!

joshua said...

haha I nearly died of laughter when Ryan Whitney was sold for cattle.

Adam said...

These comments are excellent.

I truly hope we get to meet all the commenters one day.

We're figuring out a way to skillfully organize a student rush game.

Anonymous said...

as long as one of you guys gets 2 tickets for us not "rushers". Because i don't like putting up 5$50 bucks for a ticket.

Butler PA

Anonymous said...

hey buy the way someone on named E.J. (not that EJ) wrote an article saying the Pens were probably staying in Pittsburgh even if the ilse didn't get the licence.

He's a moron, the Ilse doesn't get the licence, the Pens don't stay in the Burgh. Then I cry, but still hate the Flyers just as much as the Cleveland Browns.



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