Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yeah, sorry about that guarantee, Pensblogites. It's obvious that we underestimated Montreal.
And that we know nothing about Penguins hockey and shouldn't be running a Penguins web-log.

A nice start to this game. The Pens came out with some jump. They were drawing penalties like Bob Ross.

He draws pictures, but you get the idea.

After crapping on themselves on their powerplays, the Pens ended up scoring the first goal of the game. Evgeni Malkin scored on a perfectly placed Erik Christensen rebound about 12 minutes into the game. It felt like our guarantee was money in the bank.
Six minutes later, though, Michael Ryder (who sounds like he should be a tennis player) scored for Montreal on a sweet slap shot to tie it up. It looked like the Pens had dominated the first period for nothing.
But never fear. Alain "Sergei Zubov" Nasreddine scored with 0.2 seconds left to send the Pens into the first intermission with the lead.
After that goal, it was all downhill for the Pennies.

The second period was the worst period since the one my girlfriend used as an excuse to break up with me in 11th grade.
Nine minutes in, Alexei Kovalev scored a pretty one-timer goal on the powerplay (recurring theme) to tie the game up.
Okay, fine. 2-2. Nothin' big.

Six minutes after that Kovy goal, Saku Koivu scored an awkward goal to give the Habs the lead.
Two minutes after that, Sheldon Souray finally got one of his rockets on the net, and it found its way past Fleury. When that puck went in, you could sorta feel it was over.
To drive that thought home, Sake Koivu scored again before the end of the second to make it 5-2...and send some people out partyin' to Carson Street a little early.

This looks like a penalty...but probably wasn't called anyway.

The third period was the do-or-die period. And the Pens died.
They pushed excitingly hard, trying to get a goal.
That goal finally came with a little over 5 minutes left. You can't expect two frantic comebacks in one week, right?
The Habs finished off the Pens with an empty-net goal.


  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Shots: MON (33) PENS (34)
  • Powerplay: MON ( 4 for 7 ) PENS ( 0 for 7 )
  • What's with the Montreal crowd singing the "na-na-na hey hey goodbye" song at the end of the game? Is this the playoffs? Is this a rivalry? What gives?
  • Another spirited effort from Ruutu-Talbot-Thorburn.
  • A four-game winning streak gets snapped because we have to travel to Antarctica to play a hockey game. No big whoop.
  • Montreal had 4 power play goals tonight. Those obviously killed us.
  • What happens if Crosby scores on that shot in the third?
  • Balsillie was at the game tonight in Montreal. We Pens fans see him in our sleep.


Anonymous said...

those pics up top are awesome.

they're half the reason i come to the site.

Anonymous said...

missed the game, probably glad i did. So of course the blog was the first place i looked. Was the game that bad, or were we at least in it?

The pictures are awesome!!


seth said...

that game hurt, but it's alright to lose this one because we got a potential big win against st. louis tuesday (no guarantees though). Anyone notice that sid was booed when he touched the puck? someone back me up so it doesnt look like im hearing things

Derek said...


I turned to my brother and my buddy when I was watching the game and said the same thing. Why do people boo great players? Especially sid in montreal. If I were the owners I would tell them to cheer.

This ball-silly thing is driving me insannnnneeeeeeee

Teej said...

i agree derek,...the Jim "Silly Balls" thing is driving me to drinking...which I did earlier tonight and I will be feelign the effects of for the next few hours....not good if i wanna play some ice hockey tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Was anybody else confused by the penalty to Armstrong after the first Koivu goal? I was under the impression that if there was a delayed penalty and there was a goal by the non-penalized team before the whistle, then the call was waved off. Or maybe that's just in the video games.
Anyhow, that call was huge, because it lead to Nasreddine taking a holding call during the PK, which lead to a 5-on-3, which lead to Souray's goal, which basically deflated the team, who allowed another goal two minutes later after a bad Gonchar penalty.
Painful to watch. Hockey Night in Canada is pretty entertaining, though.

Anonymous said...

people boo great players because theyre jealous
the officiating in that game was horrendous

E said...

fans in montreal always boo the best players on the opposing team, enthusiastically, unconditionally, and mercilessly. it's our job, but also, i think we do enjoy it.

we're kind of mean-spirited that way.

Elly said...

There seemed to be a lot of missed calls against the Pens last night. The boys also seemed to be a little less physical than they were in the last few games...but that may be just because I wanted them to stop taking hits like the little kid who gets picked on during recess.

Also, a surprising number of Pens jerseys in attendance...and most of them, with about 2 exceptions, were Crosby ones being worn by French Canadians. I did spot one Talbot one, and of course, a Lemieux vintage 66.

sjpens2 said...

I can respond to seth about booing Sid the kid in Montreal. Its all in good faith we boo a player such as Sidney or Sundin for Toronto, or Alfredsson for Ottawa. When you boo a great player it takes away their concentration.
About Montreal, you should be happy since the whole city was excited to see the Pens arrive in town. No other team can come in Montreal and have the fans this excited. There is one reason. Its not just about Sidney Crosby. All your Quebec players (Quebecois) are followed closely in this province. Talbot, Ouellett and Fleury. The only player ever to come to Montreal and never ever get booed was Mario Lemieux.
Of course I am a die hard Montreal Canadian fan but my other fav team is the Pittsburgh Penguins and that is just by a slim 1%. I love both teams. In this game I had a hard time to cheer for one team. I was hoping for a nothing nothing tie and have a shootout.
Finally about the Armstong penalty on the Koivu's goal. There was 2 penalties called. Its the only explaination because if a penalty is called and a goal is scored the rule states that the penalty is waived off. If two penalties are called and a goal is scored, one penalty is declined.
Anyways great blog here.


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