Saturday, December 2, 2006

Rick DiPietro earned his paycheck tonight.
The Pens threw 37 shots his way, but Ricky DeePee turned away 34.
A couple of those saves made me physically sick.
Pens lost again tonight. I'm starting to get the feeling that --

Pensblog was in attendance for this game. Section B2, behind Fleury twice.

The Islanders kicked off the scoring with Satan one-timing a cross-ice pass into the net.
About four minutes later, DiPietro was so mesmerized by Crosby's moves that he tripped over himself, leaving a wide open net for Colby Armstrong to bury it in.
Four minutes after that, Christensen got a puck past DeePee to give the Pens a 2-1 lead to end the first...and sending people into the first intermission feeling righteous.

A couple of jobber goals in the second period for New York, and the Pens wouldn't see the lead again. The third goal was especially vomit-inducing because Staal was getting hooked and slashed on a semi-breakaway right before that. Boos resonated in the Arena, and I bet the referees loved it.

Might as well get used to DiPietro. He'll be around for a while.
Like 15 years.

With the Islanders clinging to a 3-2 lead, and about 7 seconds after I told Derek we were gonna tie the game, Victor Kozlov scored on an egregious Penguins giveaway with about nine minutes left. It made the businessmen in the Igloo Club leave, but everyone else stayed.

With five minutes left in the game, a glimmer of hope surfaced when Mark Recchi found a way to get it past Ricky DeePee...and all of a sudden, the fans were in it.
That feeling lasted for about two minutes.
Rob Scuderi is a hell of a defenseman, but his (I think it was him) terrible pass was intercepted by the Islanders, and they raced back 3-on-1. Scuderi was the "1". He made a key play to break up a sure goal, but the Pens couldn't get a hold of the puck. Mike Sillinger found it and went top-shelf.
This game runs the Pensblog's record to 1-3-1 this season.
We're going Tuesday, too, so don't expect a win.

  • Crosby: Websites are reporting he had 2 assists, but he had 3 tonight. Guaranteed.
  • (NYI) Mike Sillinger: 24 Faceoffs Won...9 Faceoffs Lost
  • Fleury: 30 saves
  • Shots: NYI (35) PENS (37)
  • ...And just when I started liking Ryan Whitney...
  • The Islanders are a solid team. Even without Alexei Yashin.
  • Heyyyyy....Penguins have gotten their act together and are finally showing replays on the JumboTron. It only took them 5 years.
  • Speaking of which, I don't know what to make of that one play where the puck was on the goal0line and there was a big skirmish.
  • Some guy had an Islanders Ziggy Palffy jersey on at the game.
  • I'm probably missing a few things. I'm dead tired.



Washington85 said...

i went tonight too...could not chear my througt is in pain...but my comments....
1)studnet rush line rules
2)section E2 row M never get tickets there you see nothing
3)fans were not into the game at all

and pens blog question?
did you notice the 5 Islanders fans in i wanna say section B3, they where on my nerves and if i was closer i would have cheared my ass off

Derek said...


Pensblog was sitting at B2.. I mentioned to Adam that if I had an extra cellphone I would of loved to fire it at thos Isle fans.. where were you in line at for student rush. I can't stand sitting in B2 anymore. I shouldn't comlain because its only 20 bucks, but everytime its always B2.. tough game to lose tonight

Washington85 said...

well me adn my two buddies got there about...5:30 and we started in the line halfway down the street on the side of the arena, we where kinda far back...I know a few marks to know where other people are adn thats the big trailer, the first trash cna then the second trash can then the turn down the street. what time do you get there for the B2's

Adam said...

the one islander guy was doing the "wwf bushwhacker" hand motions.

that was funny.

how bout the dudes starting the wave in the third?

Derek said...

Adam got there around 4ish and saved us a spot because we were running late... we were right by the trailer...some kid ruined the mood though he was trying to be funny and it didn't work.. why do people have to be gay in line?

Derek said...

my favorite part of night was when petro got in the fight and his wife has her hands on here eyes.. and when the high school girls behind us.. go " wait where did our goalie go" when we pulled fluery.. good times

Seth said...

Missed the game tonight but just like to point out the Pens awful record since their early 5-game win streak ended. 4-7-4 (4-11). That's gotta turn around ASAP

Derek said...

as pensblog friend yogin pointed out... the pens haven;t been the same since eaton got hurt..

Andrew said...

We're 0-2 since LeClair was waived. Maybe he had a bigger influence on the team than was led on?

Derek said...

haha the only influence John Leclair had was the post game buffet..haha you never know though.. he seemed well like by his teamate.. especially by his boyfriend Reechi,.. who played horrible tonight despite his goal

seth said...

if we lose to florida... shero may want to start looking at a few options

Anonymous said...

oh yea, from my previous blog about the goal horn..............i definitely heard it tonight. i guess at the game you are just too busy screeming yr lungs out to hear it.


Gaundi said...

I saw the comment about Leclair being missed and I threw up in my mouth a little bit... and then a whole lot. He is not missed is ANY way, he was a waste of a roster spot and I am thrilled with his departure.

Oh, and by the way... he REALLY only had 1 goal this season. I say the one goal shouldn't even count because if it didn't go in, I don't even think it would have counted as a shot on net. He almost fell on his face when he shot in his other goal by the way.

The pens outplayed the islanders tonight. It was one of those game where the pens would have sustained pressure then the isles would get a goal on a rush down the ice. ( a lucky one at that)

I expect the pens to go on a nice streak of at least getting a point in every game very soon. Hopefully this will last for at least 5 or 6 games.

onesizewill said...

was it just me or did our defense mainly Orpik, turn the puck over about 30 times in that game? I thought i was watching a Steeler game with all the turnovers. Hey thoses student rushers...i would love a $20 ticket in B2, hell i got a $35 discount and it still costs me $55 for C20. Are we the one of the highest charging teams in the league?

Andrew said...

Oh, I wasn't really insinuating that we are a better team with LeClair...I just think it's interesting that everyone made a big stink about him being on the roster, but then we've lost every game since he was waived.

Hell, I say keep him a healthy scratch. He did wonders up in that press box!

Washington85 said...

The Islanders guy with the gold stuff under his hat was doing all that weird stuff...after the Petro fight he was flexing his arms....there was no fan support in my section I hate the E levels all it has in it is season ticket holders who dont love the game or and my buddy tryed starting chants up there got nothing...need to get a pensblog and fans trip to a game one of these days

Anonymous said...

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