Thursday, December 21, 2006

For the briefest of moments, no one was thinking about the slots license, Isle of Capri, Kansas City, or the fact that the new NBC show 'Identity' sucks.

I'll be honest. I was apathetic during most of this game tonight. The slowness of my mind and soul the last few days can only be categorized with the word 'depression'.

1:36 (Damn you, Bettis) into the game, Niko Kapanen scores on a rebound to allow the Thrashers goal-horn man to touch himself while he blared the horn. Who the hell names their kid Niko? Name him 'Nike' and make millions in endorsements.
I'm naming my kid "GoogleWikiPediaebay.son".

That was it for the first period, other than a great penalty kill where Ryan Malone and Dominic Moore were selflessly throwing their bodies around.

The second period was the longest period of my life. Just sitting here and watching this semi-boring game invited the thoughts of the past few days to enter your head.

Just as I was about to sacrifice my pet chicken Marty to the hockey gods, Ilya Kovalchuk scored to make it 2-0. That goal didn't affect me at all. I didn't shift in my seat, I didn't look at the ground. I just sat there. I shouldn't even be writing this recap right now. Sick.

With less than four minutes left in the second, Jordan Staal stole the puck and scored a shorthanded goal. I didn't move an inch.
When Atlanta scored another goal before the end of the second period to make it 3-1, I couldn't even bear to watch the end of the second. I'm sorry. I had to get away.

I walked around the neighborhood (Oakland) to do some soul searching.

Picture: The same reaction my father had when I told him I was not a homosexual.

Using my internal between-periods clock, I got back to my house and was ready for the third period.
Killing my chicken worked. Ryan Malone jobbed in a goal to make it 3-2. 16 minutes remaining. It was the first time I was alert.
The Pens had an excellent shift with Malkin and Crosby flying around for the better part of a minute. That's what got me fired up.
With penalties being called back and forth in the final minutes, apathy was setting in again.

With a minute left, the Pens pull Thibault in their last-ditch effort to tie this game up. The Thrashers clear the puck and Recchi carried the puck through the neutral zone on the always inspiring "final rush". I shifted to the end of the couch.

Malkin swoops in, drags the puck along. It hits something and goes wide. Someone chips it over towards the goal crease and right to the stick of Bing. He bangs it in with 15 seconds left to tie it up. When that net moved, nothing else mattered. The feeling only lasted a few seconds, but that was the best thing to happen to the beleaguered Pens fans in the past 48 hours.

" asdfmg;lkfdner.hjerygh934.uw5604j ;g89riudndgoa/sko F;WEIOHJ "

-- Actual IM sent by me to commenter " Will from Butler " when Crosby scored

The best scoring chance of the overtime belonged to the Pens when Crosby was working the boards like a member of He sent it out in front, but it just wasn't meant to be.

In the shootout, Slava Kozlov made Thibault look like platypus urine and Marian Hossa came in later to score and ice the game, no pun intended.
Christensen and Crosby both failed in their attempts to register a goal in the shootout.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Staal: Another shorthanded goal
  • Atlanta: Sucks
  • Powerplays: ATL ( 2 FOR 7 ) PENS ( O FOR 7 )
  • Shots: ATL ( 32 ) PENS ( 39 )
  • Add another shot to Atlanta's total if you want to count the cheap one that Holik delivered on Moore.
  • Nice segment about the Pens and Christmas. Danny Po comes through.
  • Dan Snyder reference in the game tonight. No comment. We can't afford the bad Karma
  • Malkin's shot off the post was the hardest post shot I have ever seen.
  • Crosby is sick.
  • Again...3 goals given up...can't ask much more of your backup goalie.
  • Anyone else notice Therrien look up the names of the officials on the piece of paper in his pocket?
  • Mark Recchi takes some dumb penalties.
  • Right-handed defenseman buries that opportunity Whitney had late in the third.
  • Deepest apologies for this sub-par recap. It's not the usual stuff. It is a reflection of my mind and soul right now. I swear on my hopes of the Penguins staying in town that I'll be good to go in a few days.

We're working on Plans C through F right now, too.
Post later tonight.


Scott said...

Anyone see that play Melichar had tonite...he was skatin up ice and he was gonna pass and as he was gonna pass he totally missed...y is he here... Old man Recs play has declined...and in the shootout Teeblow almost fell on his ass on the second goal

Joshua said...

My wife and I live in Charlotte, NC - ex-burgher's for 4 years now - and we decided to take the trip down to Atlanta to see the Pens in action tonight. It was the 1st road game I've ever been to, and all I can say about their arena is WOW. Their arena is friggin' attached to a luxury hotel AND the CNN HQ. I was hoping to see Wolf Blitzer take a boarding call in OT, to no avail. What was otherwise a very painful game to watch (Thibault especially) was brightened by the cheer of a kind gentleman at the game who upon exiting our section, gave my wife and I his seats on the glass right next to the little man behind the Pens net controlling the goal lamp. I got to watch all of OT, and the shoot-out right in the middle of the action. Simply amazing. Oh, and by the way, if you thought Thibault looked bad from 20 rows up, experiencing it up close like that is priceless.

Derek said...

hahaha Josh love the Wolf Blitzer thing, thats what we call gold. The phillips Arena looks unreal. Any other nice features? Any good food?

Teeblow as scott refered to him as, is mud. What a hapless effort in the shootout. Crosbys goal was as happy as I have been in the last 48 hrs.

Joshua said...

hey their are two joshuas here.

Im the one that lives in pittsburgh lol.

Game was good though I was at work, the whole bar was watching...and sulking after watching T-bo imitate a falling statue of liberty.

Joshua said...

Also, I'm thinking I might go down to Mellon Arena tomorrow and walking around with a couple signs. There were a couple people dahntan doing that this afternoon.

Derek said...

Yea thats never fun losing in a shootout.

Little bit of breaking news...

this from the trib

In the body of the story. It does say without question the Pens agreement with the Isle Of Capri does in fact last till March.

Very interesting. At this point I am numb anyway. But this is no time to become gloom and doom.

Anyone know if the Rangers won?

Derek said...

There is a war brewing in this city

Joshua said...

Ya know I've got a crazy idea. Its 12:30 in the morning and I'm really bombed from work. But I cant get the thought of how irrational it was for PITG to get the License.

Is it possible to organize a rally outside of Mellon Arena. Like 30+ people? Pensblog could help out by just spreading the word. Hell I'll organize it myself.

I just can't sit around and let this all go by. I don't want to look back and say damnit, they're gone and I did nothing.

Derek said...

josh stick around your going to enjoy our next post coming in about an hour.. adam has been working like a mad man on it

Joshua said...

Derek -

One of the nicest features are the multitude of bathrooms with shiny white porcelain urinals in lieu of rusty troughs. I protested, deciding to relieve myself in the drain in the middle of the floor instead. I'm a traditionalist, what can I say.

Another thing I noticed was that instead of having sweaty yinzers in wind suits scrape the creases with shovels and buckets, the Thrashers decided it'd be more pleasing to have models in short skirts and tube tops do it. Something about a girl with a shovel - chills down my spine.

The game was also made much more enjoyable by not having to wonder if a piece of the roof was going to fall in hit me in the head, or if my section was going to crumble underneath me. Although I suppose if that did happen at the Mellon, Jean-Claude Van Damn-right could jump kick me out of harms way.

Man I'm tired...night!

Derek said...

hahaha is their anything better than making jean claude van damn jokes... great stuff man

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

(from pittsburgh)

so i have to stay up ANOTHER hour?
jeez lol

Pensbloggggg said...

i really feel like crying tonight...

if the penguins moving to alaska

i seriously might move to alaska million bucks for 2 years

what do you guys think?

im goin nuts right now as you can see

im an inch away from making a drunken rant of a post

next pens game we should start a "Let's Stay Pens" chant...thanks to whoever corrected me the other day...


-chris from home

seth said...

rangers lost 3-2 to florida.. panthers scored 3 in the third (glorious). i didnt catch the whole game but i caught all 3 atlanta goals. soft. thibault needs to control his rebounds and make some key saves. case in point, very shortly after we make it 2-1, he lets in a shot from the point that he saw the whole way. unnacceptable. reminds me of the florida game when crosby scored his sick goal and thibault let in a weak shot a few minutes later. i think he's just bad under pressure. ok, enough ranting.. happy with at least a point

Colcloughs Hands said...

thats funny you say that about a lets stay pens chant......i was expecting to hear one on tuesday......

Colcloughs Hands said...

last tuesday Vs. St louis that is

Colcloughs Hands said...

oh, and who am i to question sid, but whatever hes trying to do in those shootouts isnt working...time to try something new

Derek said...


I was watching the post game.. he kinda of made an excuse about ATL only running the zamboni on the center of ice, so he couldn't go wide.

Anonymous said...

Adam's quote during the game tying goal was priceless...espically because my wife sitting 15 feet away from the computer says: "is that Russian?"

I was surprized that you guys somehow manataged to shrink Mark maddden's head to actaully fit ontop of his new areana.

Thanks to Pensblog for giving me one reason not to shoot someone over this whole areana thing.



Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

(from Pittsburgh)

What the hell kind of name is Vyacheslav Kozlov


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