Sunday, December 10, 2006

After reading a few of the comments about the Thrashers announcers, we decided to jump onto the Message Board and see what their fans think about them.

We documented our adventures:

" I just moved from ATL from pitt and let me say Pitt has some of the worst baseball/hockey fans I have ever seen. Everyone up here hates the PENS until they make the playoffs, its sad to hear them say they are the best sports fans in the US, when the only team they support is the Steelers and this year they dont give a **** about them. "
-- Anonymous

Some guy named "Thrashers 8771" (not us) went on there during the game just to make some people

Here is the topic we started at like 3:20 Sunday afternoon.

Oh, wait. Now I feel like a turd because I didn't scroll down on their board and see that they were talking about commentators in another thread:

Im so freakin sick of watchin our games on Sports South with darren elliot and jp dellicamera (sp). they freakin suck, tonights game was like watching the pittsburg local station showin the game. now i know that elliot is trying not to bias but come on, all they freakin talked about was malkin and crosby, yes they are good, but how can you sit there and say vote for hossa and kovy two or three times during a broadcast but spend sooooooooooooo much time kissing crosby and malkins butts!!! i mean for crap sakes support your team or get the heck outta my freaking town. i wish that billy jaffe had gotten that job instead of elliot, he was atleast a thrashers fan. example, in tonights broadcast at the point where the penguins got the goalie interference penalty elliot said that the penguins player was looking at the ref saying " hey what about this number 5 guy,,,uh uh vishnevski, um um i mean mcarthy" hows bout you learn our players names. i have NHL center ice, and all the other games i watch the commentators are actual fans of the team, they complain about bad calls they freak out when their team scores and so on, why is atlanta the complete opposite. im sooooooooooo sick of listening to elliot preach how great the other team is we are playing nightly. yes i want the big names to come to atlanta and play, yes they should be recognized as good players, but you know what i know all this and i dont need to be told over and over and over and over again by dellacamera and the other just going to start watching our games in mute.

-- Anonymous Message Boarder
I have neither the time nor the patience to proofread that "paragraph".


Derek said...

Did anyone get the bottom of why Steve Rucchin was named the number 1 star last night.. and how ugly are those uniforms? Bad times.

Joshua said...

Star assignments are BS...who picks those anyways?

With regards to the announcing team, I live in NC, and get opponent telecasts for Pens road games, and most every one of them (sans Rangers) creams over Crosby and Malkin. I just can't stand to listen to any of them, so on the road games, I mute the TV, bring WXDX on the internet, and then use my TIVO to sync them up.

I do the same for Steelers and Pirate games too. Works great!

Dennis said...

Stars aren't something regulated by the NHL and the method for picking them varies from arena to arena. Some of them (the big Mellon does this way from what I've heard) poll all of the media members in attendance and some places (Atlanta) just find the most biased guy in the booth and tell him to throw names of the home team off the top of his head.

seth said...

yeah, the jersey's are horrific. The color is miserable and the "Atlanta" down the one sleeve is asinine. How am I supposed to see who the player is without seeing the number?


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