Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

Pensblog Staff will be back on Christmas day, unless we have too much Christmas goodies.

Everyone be safe, and enjoy it.


The Pensblog Staff


Pat said...

Merry Christmas back at you guys.

Washington85 said...

Merry Christmas...Malkin Jersey for christmas...YES

Adrienne said...

happy holidays guys.
Get a jersey :D

Colcloughs Hands said...

Merry Christmas to all you puckheads :)

Joshua said...

(from pittsburgh)

way to go you guys!

Merry Xmas

Hopefully mario can give the city another xmas gift!

Anonymous said...

hey guys Merry Christmas, give you families a hug and say a prayer for the Pens!

All i want for Xmas, is a Ruutu jersey!


loralei said...

Merry Christmas to all!

Dennis said...

Same back to you guys, Merry Christmas.

TheGuyFromPgh said...

I hope this year that the Gaming Board gets a lump of coal in their stockings and a pile of shit under the tree.

To everyone else, Merry Christmas

Teej said...

Merry (belated) Christmas! XM Satellite Radio - my big gift for this year... now I can FINALLY mute my TV and tune into Mike Lange instead! That and Opie and Anthony.


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