Thursday, December 14, 2006

" Just imagine if he didn't miss 3 games with that injury......he could have a 10-point lead over Jagr. "
--- Anonymous Pensblog commenter

We gotta do some quick housekeeping before we get to the links and the recap.

With no help from our senior graphic-design artist Gabe (who is busy finishing up school), Chris and I proudly bring you the new picture up top.

First off, the Penguins 1991 and 1992 playoff goals tape that you've been hearing about on the Pensblog is now in the hands of a trusted friend who is currently copying it into an .mpeg file. We are shooting for the world premiere to be some time next week, but it probably won't happen that soon because something always goes wrong.

We're also working feverishly on some other things that we're pumped about.

We don't have girlfriends, and we don't have lives. This is what we do.


Music to our eyes

--- Bing took some time off from recording a version of "Little Drummer Boy" with David Bowie to leapfrog to the top of the NHL scoring race.
Speaking of Sidney's points outburst...Mark Recchi and Michel Therrien are lovin' it.

--- Changing gears on our ten-speed to look cool, we caught wind of Jeremy Roenick-gate down in GretzkyLand. Apparently, he left during a game and went to a restaurant to eat dinner. He was scratched, but he felt that he could play.
"I don't think there is anything wrong with going and having a nice dinner, having a beer and watching the hockey game."
----- Jeremy Roenick

Janet Gretzky can't hear you, Jeremy. She has poker chips in her ears.

--- He gets scratched and leaves the rink? John LeClair wouldn't do that. Oh, he doesn't have that choice anymore; LeClair and the Pens went their separate ways today, a la Journey.

--- YouTube and NHL team up. Excellent.

--- JimmyBalls meets with the gaming board in Harrisburg.

The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase supports Plan B.
Look at that belt.


A nice amount of games in the NHL tonight.

-- Ottawa goes to Tennessee...only to get annihilated 6-0 by the Predators in Nashville.
Dany Heatley was held scoreless. The Pensblog Curse is weighing down on him as expected.

Dany Heatley's favorite Beatles song

-- The Bruins help out the world by beating the Devils 5-3. The Devils' backup goalie Scott Clemmensen gets a rare start...and a loss.
I bet you that if you scour the rosters of pro and college football teams, there is a backup quarterback named Scott Clemmensen somewhere.

-- Buffalo is ridiculous. They win again, 2-1 against the Panthers.

-- The Pens' Saturday opponent, Montreal, beat the Lightning tonight 4-2.
Tonight's game was the 76th consecutive sell-out for the Montreal Canadiens -- yeah 'cause the only other thing to do in Canada is drink coffee at Tim Hortons.

If restaurants in Canada were words in the English language, Tim Hortons would be "the".

-- In some West Coast games:
  • Los Angeles is up 2-0 on San Jose in the second period.
  • Calgary and Vancouver are tied 1-1 halfway through.
  • Minnesota and Edmonton are tied 1-1 late.
  • And finally, in the battle of the last kids standing in a Special Olympics dodge-ball game, Columbus and the Roenick-less Coyotes are tied 4-4 late.
FSN - 7:30

Huge game as always.


To go with our Abbey Road theme...
Check this out:


ghost of randy cunneyworth said...


and just when i thought ABBEY ROAD couldn't be any better...

Anonymous said...

Oops! Graceland is in Memphis, not Nashville.

Good work though. Hope the Pens beat the hell outta the Gordon's fishermen.

Adam said...

...i don't know what you're talking about...

haha. THANKS for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i'm guessin some1 at the PensBlog is a beatles fan.

u guys make me laugh on a daily basis. not an easy task.

thank you.

jake l. said...

there will be a show tonight on an ice rink.
the penguins will all be there.
late of Michel Therrien's fair, what a scene.

kate said...

i just started reading the blog, and seriously, it's the best out there. gotta be.

as totally inappropriate as it is, the dany heatley stuff is damn funny. i love it, in a sick, twisted way.

keep up the good work.

dogwithshftyeyes said...

dude, nothing beats a tim hortons chicken salad sandwich, with a creme filled donut and a coke. nothing.

Adam said...

i love tim hortons up in Canada.

I visit up there every year in July. Tim is the man.

seth said...

that is the greatest video i have ever seen


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