Wednesday, December 27, 2006



Compared to last night's game in New Jersey, this game against Atlanta was like playing with your friends at the local dek-hockey rink.

For some reason this season, these strings of losses aren't really worrying me too much. I think it's because we all know how good this Penguin team is.
All I know is the Pens have to go on a mini-tear pretty soon. 19 points in their next 12 games...or something to that effect.

The Pens came out flying tonight. All they had to show for it was like one shot through the first ten minutes.
In the first period, we were more shorthanded than the drummer from Def Leppard.

He has one arm.

Joltin' Joe Melichar is hoping to break Joe DiMaggio's record of 56 consecutive games with a stupid play/penalty.
Bob Hartley couldn't figure out why his powerplay was lackluster in the first period.

Atlanta coach Bob Hartley should be more worried about those two cavities.

The Pens successfully killed off every penalty in the first period.
With the Pennies on the power play late in the first, Erik Christensen plinko-ed a goal past Kari "The Boss" Lehtonen to give the Pens a 1-0 lead going into the intermission.

The second period started and things were more perfect than Curt Hennig.

The Pens could use an Intercontinental belt about now.

Eight minutes into the second, however, Vitaly Vishnevski scored to tie the game up at 1.
Eight minutes after that, Niclas Havelid scored with his peepee to make it 2-1.
That 2-1 lead stayed intact for Atlanta until Ryan Whitney rose to the occasion in the third.

57 seconds into the third period, Malkin fed a pass to Whitney, who then buried a powerplay goal to tie the game up. This game still didn't feel right.

In a perfect world: Kelly Clarkson marries me, gives birth to our three sons, and sings the national anthem at every Pens game.

Roughly six minutes after that Whitney goal, the Thrashers' Slava Kozlov scored a nice goal to make it 3-2. That was all Atlanta would need.

Despite some valiant efforts by the Pens late, they just couldn't tie the game up.
Bobby Holik finished the Pens off with an empty-net goal.

  • Sidney Crosby: Played tonight
  • Malkin: 1 assist
  • Ryan Whitney: 1 G, 1 A
  • Shots: ATL (31) PENS (37)
  • Pooperplay: Both teams - 2 for 6
  • Nice to see The Moose back in Mellon Arena. Still one of my all-time favorite Pens.
  • Not nice to see Michel Ouellet. Still an inconsistent hockey player.
  • Nice to see Christensen gaining the testicular fortitude to shoot the puck more.
  • Gonchar with some stellar defensive plays tonight.
  • Fleury played well enough to get a win.
  • I'm guessing anyone watching the game on FSN heard the angst in Bob Errey's voice in that third period. Maybe we're fortunate to have a color commentator that is extremely devoted to our team.
  • A lot of no-calls tonight. Nothing we can do about it except complain on our internet website.
  • By my personal standards, this is another sub-par recap. That's because I'm still finishing off some Christmas brew. Considering the recent woes of the Pens...if you aren't feeling the need for a little assistance through these hard times, good for you. You're stronger than most.
  • What we have in store for you in the next week or so will make my holiday alcoholism and my random Kelly Clarkson fantasies of no consequence.


Scott said...

Tough game, we can hang with anyone but we cant finish them off, once we get Eaton back i hope Melichar is gone cause i really cant stand to watch him play the rest of the season...i was sittin rite behind these 2 drunk guys...i thought they were gonna get alot of people in b 17 wet by the start of the 3rd

Anonymous said...

adam, ur recaps are just as enjoyable when you're "subpar".

i come here to laugh; not to see what therrien had to say about the game or to hear "jobbers" talking about how they know the Penguins more than anyone.

i've been reading The Pensblog for a couple weeks. i have laughed out loud at your guys' stuff for, like, 14 days straight.

-- stacey

rebecca said...

Stacey's right.

If the pens were hot right now, we'd expect (and get) some in-depth coverage from the P-Blog.

Right now, all we need is some comic relief.

Anonymous said...

in addition to comic relief (which i too have thoroughly enjoyed from your blog recently) how bout a win? i'm home on break from school and i'm just itching to see a win.

was malkin pissing anyone else off tonight? i feel like a couple times he could have had some shots on the net but he was putzing off to the side. i wished he'd step up his game a bit more like he did when crosby was out a few days.

Derek said...

I am going to start using Kelly Clarkson in all my posts.. tomorrow nights nhl recap is already titled
" Since you been gone"

Adam said...

I can't wait for Eaton to get back.

Stacey, thank you for visiting the site. You are one more person to please.

Rebecca, we know you've been here a while. Thanks for sticking with us. :]

I agree 100% Malkin has to pick his game up. He's got to shoot the puck more.

Colcloughs Hands said...

malkin makes some bad, bad passes
and bobby holiks face makes me wanna smash my TV.
bob errey was hilarious tonight, as well as insightful

Derek said...

does anyone else wonder why paul steigy-wad stands so close to errey? The minute hear Steigy-wad voice I get sick.

And did anyone catch fox sports blowing the camera angles? I made a point to call Adam and request this be put into the recap..but he was to busy embarassing the the drummer of def leppard. Which completly made up for it.

but still... who directs these broadcast?

seth said...

I'm starting to get sick of this win 4-straight lose 5-straight. New Years resolution for the Pens: consistent play.

I agree, Malkin needs to step it up. The past few weeks i've barely noticed him. Where's the malkin who scored the amazing goal against NJ fighting off two defenders? That's what I want to watch

Sara said...

I've noticed that FSN messes up on the camera angles right about when the Pens have a good scoring chance too...

Nick said...

its curt hennig. just for the record

Adam said...

good call, nick.

thinking about it now, rick henning sounds like the lead singer of an 80s band.

Anonymous said...

Does it seem like Ekman's shot gets blocked by an opposing skater just about every time he shoots?

hooks_orpik said...

Ouellet is so worthless. Every time he's out there, I picture what Jonathan Filewich could be doinf with the icetime.

And does Thierren know this Staal kid isn't just limited to kill penalties...Maybe he could, you know, play the powerplay too.

Another hooking penalty for Brooksie :)

loralei said...

I love Bob Errey. I started to giggle when he got all mad. Then Steigy had to kill the moment by making some comment about Bobby's emotion. Sometimes, you dont have to say anything yanno?

I agree about Malkin. I was thinking that he hasnt been playing well lately. He doesnt look like he has the same energy he as when he started. It didnt look like he had any jump until he got out there w/ Sid in the 3rd pd.

One thing that i liked was that Colby was picking up the hitting. He hasnt played like that since the Letowski hit. He would have killed Bobby Holik if Holik wouldnt have moved at the last minute. Nice to see our god ole Army back in form.

Also what is the deal w/ all of Sid's give aways lately? He seems a little "off" as well. He's very angry right now too. But i kinda like it.

Anonymous said...

Sidney's game would be elevated if he had an established offensive winger. I love the hustle Malone gave last night, I thought it was one of his best games of the year.

But Army. I love him, I really do, but he just doesn't seem to have the consistent scoring touch that he did last year, and it doesn't seem like he's constantly battling as hard.

Also, I think the Penguins in general are looking too much to dish the puck back to the points. Not only is it asking for a turnover, the shots from guys like scuderi, orpik or melichar are weak and blocked or totally miss the net.

Anonymous said...

I loved Errey's passion last night. The guy cares and sees that with a consistent effort on every shift the losses can turn into wins. It must be maddening to him to see such inconsistent play from a young team.

hooks_orpik said...

It's a little annoying and more than a little homer-ish when Steigy whines about every little transgression against Crosby that should have been a penalty. Imagine if someone would have done that in Lemieux's heyday.

Just like there's holding on every play in football, there's basically a hooking or interference or tripping call every time someone drives to the net. Sometimes it gets called, sometimes not.

Whining about it isn't going to change it. I'm glad (this year) the Kid is bucking up, not complaining at all and just playing his heart out. That's the way to get more and more calls (which he has been).

EmDubs said...

How many times is Recchi going to take a stupid penalty in a crucial situation?

Anonymous said...

anybody else see malkin give a "fuck me" when he slid into the goalie?


seth said...

Yeah i saw the "fuck me" by Malkin.

I think Therrien is under-estimating the shooting of christensen.. put him with sid, he'll finish

Scott said...

I kno they want both Sid and Geno to be centers but when they were together we won y not go back to it...we need these games to stay in the race and their our best option

Scott said...

I kno they want both Sid and Geno to be centers but when they were together we won y not go back to it...we need these games to stay in the race and their our best option

Colcloughs Hands said...

ekman is an enigma......sometimes he busts into the zone with a burst of speed that makes you open your eyes, but he just cant finish
6 goals this season and 3 came in a span of less than 5 minutes

Anonymous said...

Mr. Perfect how sweet is that, almost as cool as Malkin sucking ass right now. He's killing me, i used to think teams were just running at him all the time, but it doesn't seem like that Wed. night.

I like Errey calling out Atl for not wanting to work and dump and chase. Staggi kills me.


Colcloughs Hands said...

is anyone else tired of hearing steigy talk about every team as a "puck possession" team?

Anonymous said...

Somewhat comforting news-

Mike said...

Errey was complaining about everything in the 3rd. Shut Up! And Stigerwald (sp.) was clueless. "And he scores. Wait no he doesn't!"

Get Mike back on the TV!


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