Wednesday, December 27, 2006

All the NHL's Men

Huge night in the NHL.
And let's just say the Christmas spirit is long forgotten.

But before we go around the NHL, there's some other stuff worth mentioning.


Today is December 27. If you need help in remembering the significance of that date...then, wow.

The World Junior Championships started Tuesday.
Canada beat Sweden 2-0.
USA lost to Germany in a clear revenge game from World War II.

America is mud when it comes to hockey.

Word has it that the Pens' Kris Letang looked good. There are a few other players from the Pens playing over there, too.

You can watch the games by clicking the link in the top right corner on


John Buccigross got attacked via the internet by some Canadian jerk-offs in response to his Penguins column last week. can't have the Penguins, Canada.
You couldn't even support the Nordiques...or the Jets.

If you have time, read the "Ed from Vancouver" e-mail.
Let's hope Ed finds his way into Dany Heatley's neighborhood tonight.


Is anyone tired of the Mark Messier commercials yet?
I like how he says that he is giving us a Cold-FX all-star update...but it lacks anything resembling an update.

If I got to go the All-Star Game, the last person I would want to hang out with would be Mark Messier.

Funny on so many levels. Just enjoy the moment.

Huge night around the league:

Isles shutout the Rangers
...2-0...Ricky DeePee is money in the bank.

The Sabres smoke the Caps....AO got crushed at the end of this game. The Sabres exploded with 6 goals in the first period. Ovechkin scored a goal in the third to make it 6-2, or 6-3...and proceeded to put his hand to his ear Hulk-Hogan-style, taunting the Sabres fans.

Chicago is red hot...

So are the Canes...

Atlanta played tonight and won...
Tampa Bay is as consistent as Michel Therrien's line combinations.

If the Caps played the Lightning tonight, this would have been perfect.

Columbus and the Bruins played one of the best games on Versus in a while..Blue Jackets win in OT

Toronto wins
.... Minnesota cannot win on the road.

Nashville wins in OT...I guess the Blues lay down for everyone but the Pens.

Some Late games:

Canucks over the Flames...
The aforementioned "Ed from Vancouver" is probably loving it.

Phoenix beating the Kings early in the second

Ducks with a lead over the Sharks midway though the second


The godfather of soul passed away on Monday. Great entertainer, great singer.

Great person to interview when he is smashed:

We have no idea in the world why we haven't passed this link onto everyone yet:

TV shows, Movies, the works.
Totally Free.

Adam varies his time between Pensblog and catching up on seasons 1 and 2 of House, M.D.


Anonymous said...

The Heatley references are the ones that are getting old.

Anonymous said...

i was hoping to see the devils are gay picture in the recap post, it was just that funny to me.


Derek said...

Yea the heatley joke may be getting old, I let travis roy go, letting heatley go will be tough

Adam said...

finally, someone mentions the over-usage of dany heatley.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe it's been 6 years since lemieux's return!

Teej said...

December 27th should always be remembered in the hearts of everyone in Pensblog Nation... and to think it happened on a Wednesday night, as well... so really it was what, exactly 312 weeks ago?

Colcloughs Hands said...

the way gary coleman has that book opened makes it look like messier is digging around in arnold drummonds pants with his hand

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

(from pittsburgh)

I still love the Heatley jokes...ATLEAST give him a good send off

Anonymous said...

AO's celebration while losing, very reminscient of joey porter. give the man a couple of pitbulls and a half shirt and we're almost there.

Adrienne said...

Hey. Leave tampa alone :(

While they were last place for the first six years, at least they were consistant about it.

Then they won the cup :)

loralei said...

I have a semi-great story about the Lemieux return game. I was a young lass in college working part time for a law firm back in Pittsburgh. I helped out setting up their annual United Way drive which included a raffle of excellent Penguin tickets (5 rows behind the bench~thank you very much). We held the raffle and i did not win, but the lady that did win didnt really want the tickets. I convinced her to sell me the tickets for $50 a piece (major score for igloo seats). I decided this would be the family christmas gift of the year. The tickets were for a random game after Christmas (Dec. 27). Well it just so happend that about a week later Mario announced that he was coming back and that Dec. 27 was the target date. How excited was I at this point?

Now the company/client that donated the tix to our law firm called the managing partner of the firm because he decided that he wanted them back now w/ the Mario announcment. So now all the firm big wigs were on my case. This went on for about a month. The HR lady tried to get me to give them back. Then the guy from the company called me directly, finally they tried the managing partner of the firm. The partner calls little baby wide-eyed me into her office and tries to coerse me to give them back. They offered me tickets to another game in those seats. Tickets somewhere else for the same game. Autographed crap. They guy tried to tell me that he knew Mario. I was like, "well, if you know him i'm sure he could get you other tickets." I held my ground though and refused (admittedly through tears) and told the managing partner that she was going to have to fire me because I wasnt giving them back. I think the words lawsuit flashed in front of her cause she backpeddled at that point. And then I said something about them being sad for donating something to a charity and asking for them back. Bottom line. I stood up to the man (actually the close-talking bug-eyed woman) and won. So if you check out that panoramic picture of Mario's return you can see my entire family (w/ me in my Lemieux jersey) 5 rows up behind the penguins bench. And yes i cried (again) when little Austin came out all by himself to watch the banner come down.

EmDubs said...

Now that I know Adam is a fan of House, M.D. I think you guys are even cooler.

Joshua said...

(from pittsburgh)

They shut down the website today :(

Antonette said...

canada kicked team usa's ass 6-3 today in wjc action.

kris letang got an assist. i can't wait for him to be a full-time penguin.

Adam said...

awesome story, loralei. i had chills reading that. it reminded me of when my sister got tickets from where she worked (King's Family Restaurant). The tickets were for some jobber game against the St. Louis Blues.
A week later, Gretzky is traded to the Blues. They begged for the tickets back, but no way. Oh, Lemieux scored 5 goals that night.
But, I digress. Your story dominates mine. :(

we took that link off the list on the side of our site two days ago. Little did we know.

Dany Heatley is by no means bani-shed from Pensblog.

Oh, and we love Tampa Bay. We just randomly take shots at teams for no reason. Apologies.

Adam said...

oh, and you gotta love House

Derek said...

Adam How did you make it home so fast, did you fly?

Interesting friendship note I too was at the blues game..

loralei amazing story. I worked at a law firm too.. I could totally envision my old bosses doing that.

"They guy tried to tell me that he knew Mario. I was like, "well, if you know him i'm sure he could get you other tickets." I held my ground though and refused (admittedly through tears)"

Unreal hahaha

Adam said...

hey man.

i got home at 7:34.

4 minutes before faceoff

Adam said...

heeeeeeeeeeee shoooooooooots and scoooorrrrrrrreeeeeesssss


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