Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Never have I thought about sympathizing with the Seattle Seahawks fans, but now I know how it feels like to think a game that you could've easily won was tainted by questionable officiating. We're not complaining because the Ducks didn't really do anything to merit trips to the penalty box, but a couple of the Penguin penalties were questionable calls.
Either way, you don't have to be making excuses when the best team in the NHL squeaks by you in overtime.

It felt like 2005-2006 all over again when Chris Kunitz scored three and a half minutes into the game. The Pens continue their disturbing trend of giving up goals relatively early in a period. Never fear, though, because Dominic Moore threw on his Superman cape and tied the game 21 seconds later. Possibly the best thing to happen to Chris Thorburn was him being called for hooking a little bit later in the period. When he came out of the box, he was fresh and found himself on a line with Malkin and Crosby...and he looked good. Therrien kept Thorburn with Malsby on the next line change and even my dog was perplexed when he saw Thorburn backhand a rebound into the net. The Pens led 2-1 after the first period.

Evgeni Who?

The Pens had to kill off three penalties in the second period, while the Ducks started racking up their shot total. Dominic Moore got called for hooking on what was easily a case of terrible officiating. And, of course, to throw some salt in the wound, the Ducks scored on that powerplay. Why Thibault stopped that puck and just sat there is beyond me. He stops the puck, but Corey Perry scores the easiest goal of his career to tie the game at 2.

The third period was gut-wrenching. The Ducks had some decent chances, but so did the Pens. Regardless, the game stayed 2-2 and went into overtime.

Noah Welch tripped Teemu Selanne in overtime, which brought Welch's penalty minute total for this game to 16. Even Stevie Wonder could see what was coming next. Selanne scores twenty seconds later, game over.

  • Malsby: 1 A each, 2 shots combined
  • Scott Neidermayer: 2 A
  • Chris Thorburn: 1 G, 1 A
  • Shots: ANA (40) PENS (17)
  • Powerplay: ANA (2 for 9) PENS (0 for 2)
  • Strong performance by Thibault tonight. You can't go on and on about it because there were no highlight-reel saves, but he kept the Pens in the game. He looks weird in net, and that's probably because we're used to Fleury this year.
  • Orpik had a huge hit and a solid game. Anyone remember who Welch laid out in the first period? Wow. Welch had a nice game but has to cut down on the penalties.
  • Derek mentioned it before the Sharks game, but how bout Joe Melichar tonight? Nice performance.
  • How bullshit was the too many men call in the third period. What a joke.
Things We Learned Tonight
  • Maxime Talbot is a maniac.
  • Apparently, doing a Super Fly Jimmy Snooka into a player from behind and choking him with your stick only merits a two-minute minor for roughing. We are talking, of course, about Pronger flying into the zone to lay out Ekman. Ekman had it coming, though.
  • Dan Potash doesn't shop at K-Mart.
  • Chris Thorburn seems like a decent guy from what we saw in the first intermission interview.
  • Good old Mellon Arena on Wednesday.
  • If I missed anything, please discuss in the comments.
  • Oh, and we're experimenting with the site layout a little bit. Apologies if it was down 7 to 9 am Tuesday morning.

Next Game: Wednesday 11.08
vs. Tampa Bay - 7:30


Andrew said...

Calling Too Many Men on the Ice there was possibly the worst call I've ever seen. How many times do you see, in the course of a game, players not completely on the bench and it go uncalled? Almost every time.

That call = Nickelback's music.

Anonymous said...

complete shit, i agree andrew.

one plus, no longer will we have to read those pathetic shelly anderson articles in the PG


Anonymous said...

praise you, pensblog.

t-bo ups his trade value.

Derek said...

Andrew I was just thinking about blasting Nickelback in my next NHL recap tomorrow nigh... unreal..I hate them.. creed is the worst though

No way in hell we were going to stop that power play 4-3.Alot of piss poor calls... but hey big point, against a solid team. Big week ahead to. T-Bo was solid, I feel a trade coming though.

night all, thanks for coming to the Blog!

rebecca said...

great re-cap, but u forgot to mention t-bo's save on selanne with two minutes left. tisk tisk pensblog.

i visited the site 630 this am, and everything was purple and blue. and you coudlnt read anything. glad its fixed up now. i like the new look.

wes said...

three points against three pretty good teams is very good for this bunch. not to say that they are awful like last year's squad, but they are playing entire games now, and not just one period. there are great strides being made on the ice. i am very excited for the rest of this season and for the years to come. i smell a dynasty. p.s. pens in high definition this friday!

Adam said...

I hate Sportscenter. The only thing they showed from the game was Selanne's breakaway and then his goal in overtime.

Come on. There wasn't any football on, but they did find time to do a 20-minute segment on poker players.

Texas Hold-Em is at the NFL over-exposed level.

Brett said...

Things I learned last night:

the definition of highway robbery - the pens getting out of there with a point

Move over Orpik, Welch is the new landlord of the sin bin

Ryan Whitney hates the game of hockey

I want to donkey punch Pronger (I wonder if he pads his vag like he does his small feet)

and yes, talbot is a maniac hahaha

Ryan said...

Man, the pens were dominated last night, but only because they were short handed 9 times. The league has to do something about these incidental trips and boarding calls. I am not saying its unfair againts the penguins, I've seen it both ways. For instance Eaton last night just lost his edge but the sharks got a player thrown out. I just think the refs need to strat growing a brain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. I'm a Pittsburgher living in New York (and working for a large daily paper here that you've probably heard of), and this is my source of Penguins information. What IS written in the Paper of Record about hockey is usually years after the fact (any day now, expect a big profile of this Sydney Crosby kid -- where'd he come from?). And having to read those sportswriters in the Post-Gazette. Is "Dave Molinari" actually a sportswriting program? Good lord, how do you survive?
Thanks again.

Shorty said...

Ya Pens weren't the best 2nite but got outta there w/ a point is big. And i think it was Chistov that got leveled by Welch in the 1st pd.

ex-pat Pittsburgh girl said...

Great recap! Bad calls around. Welch laid out Chistov.

Andrew said...

Dear Adam,

Sportscenter:Sports Highlights::Uwe Boll:Movies

Attempting to watch Sportscenter for anything but 30 minutes of coverage from the Monday Night Football game just played is nigh impossible. Then we can't forget how you have to recap the weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday for 30 minutes. You know, they have a show for that...it's called NFL TONIGHT!

I don't think that ESPN gets, that our age demographic LOVES hockey. Mainly because more and more kids are playing hockey instead of football in this country. One day, one day...a network will have a 30 minute show dedicated to the NHL...

Shorty said...

Ya what ever happened to NHL tonight? We need more Melrose! Well not really, but at least he covers hockey. Could u imagine Stephan A. Smith covering hockey...now that's funny

Andrew said...


I'm ashamed to even admit this...but my friends and I had a chance once to end the tyranny of Barry Melrose. It was after a nationally televised afternoon game, and he was walking in the middle of the road...we contemplated just gunning it and taking out the mullet. We didn't.

Big mistake.

Jonathan said...

Don't you get it? ESPN doesn't air hockey, so to them it doesn't exist. Poker, on the other hand...

Dennis said...

Let the T-Bo trade countdown clock begin...

Jon said...

A Voice out here on the west coast...I'm stationed out here in Cali, and went to the game last night...first off, NICE arena, the concourses are very nice, but the actual inside was nothing to write home about. It's beautiful from the outside though...can't wait till we get one of our own (fingers crossed till 12/20). And I can't believe no mention of the immortal Ian Moran suiting up for the Ducks, I had no idea he was still in the NHL. And about those penalties, even the Ducks fans sitting around me thought it was getting rediculous all the power plays they were racking up, and I couldn't believe Selanne didn't get a diving call in OT. Horrendous. A points a point though, and after noticing a 33-11 advantage at one point, that point speaks volumes.

Jon said...

Did i say point? I meant point.

Dennis said...

You guys are gonna love this.

Adam said...

Hahaha oh my lord. I sent that pic to the girl who runs the trendy hockey girl fans group.

Dennis said...

Yeah a mixture of the Buffaslug and pink is just...wow.

Adam said...

Sorry for not responding earlier, Jon.

That's interesting about the arena, but like you said, what's even more mind-boggling was that there was no mention of Pens fan favorite Ian Moran.

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