Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thanks to Pensblog friend Stephanie S., we got our hands on a 2006-07 Penguins Media Guide.

This thing is the height and width of an Ice-Time magazine, but it contains over 350 pages of awesomeness. It is very well organized. Make sure you pick one up to check out the Mario Lemieux retrospective.

A quick look-through the Media Guide the other day and I found some interesting facts...

  • The Penguins' Mail Room Supervisor's name is Brett Hart.
  • On page 26, there's a picture of Larry Murphy and Phil Bourque at the Penguins Adult Fantasy Camp. It looks like they're about to make out.
  • Players who list Gretzky as their idol: Colby, Eric Cairns, Erik Christensen, Andre Roy, Jarrko Ruutu
  • Players who list Lemieux as their idol: Dominic Moore, Andre Roy
  • Marc-Andre Fleury would have liked to meet Alexander Graham Bell to learn how he developed the telephone.
  • John LeClair has a son named Jagger.
  • Ryan Malone's hockey idols are Ron Francis and Kelly Buchberger
  • Kamloops, B.C. (Mark Recchi's hometown) named the street surrounding their town arena "Mark Recchi Way".
  • Jarkko Ruutu wants to meet the Crocodile Hunter.
  • Maxime Talbot's favorite restaurant is Hooters and lists Andre Roy as his hockey idol.
  • Milan Kraft is still alive.


Joshua said...

Whew, glad Milan Kraft is still alive, a lil worried about that one....

Dennis said...

I'm actually dying to hear about Ian Moran...whatta guy.

gayuh said...

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