Saturday, November 25, 2006

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Now that the NHL has reached the quarter-mark of the season (roughly), we've decided to look back at our pre-season predictions and see how badly we did.

As far as the Atlantic Division goes, Philadelphia has basically thrown an under-achieving wrench into the whole mix. We had the Islanders in the cellar, which they aren't. We had the Flyers third and the Pens 4th. Our player to watch was the Malkinator (11 G, 10 A, 21 P in 17 games)

The Northeast Division is a huge mess for us. We said we were going to take the bait in regards to Buffalo being a sexy pick, bonus.
We had Toronto 4th: they are in 2nd and closing ground on the Sabres.
We had Ottawa first because they are the perennial giants...but they're playing with themselves in 4th spot.
Montreal and Boston are exactly where we thought they would be, although Boston is going to leap-frog Ottawa soon.
We went out on a limb and said Daniel Briere for Buffalo would hit the 100-point mark this season. Currently, he has 30 points, on pace for about 115 points. Cha-ching.

We didn't really put the Southeast Division in rankings, but looking at the post, I think we had Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Florida, Washington.
We have been pretty accurate with this division, which we are pumped about because we caught a lot of flack for picking Atlanta as number one.
The big "surprise" is Washington, who is still hanging out with the .500 Club.
Our player to watch was Atlanta goalie Kari Lehtonen who, along with Marian Hossa (16 G, 15 A, 31 P) helping Kovalchuk produce, was our key to Atlanta's success.

With the Western Conference, who we only play 10 times a year, we didn't find it fitting to do divisional breakdowns, because we know nothing.
We seeded them 1 through 8, then also did the jobbers who wouldn't make the playoffs. Our biggest mistake was Calgary, who we put at number one. Instead, they are in 9th spot. Ouch.
And, wow, looking back at our predictions, we didn't even bother putting St. Louis in it. That's sad on our part because the Blues are better than Chicago, Phoenix, and Columbus right now.
Our player to watch was Nashville goalie Tomas Vokoun. He's 11-4, 2.49 GAA, with a .920 Save %. He has been the catalyst in Nashville's climb to the number one spot in the Central Division.
When you get to beat up on the Blues, Blue Jackets, and Blackhawks 24 times per year, what do you expect?
You expect to pad your stats, get a number 3 seed...and get bounced in the first round of the playoffs by a team in the Pacific Division who has to play two of these teams (Dallas, San Jose, Anaheim) 16 times per year.

Our players to watch have not disappointed us so far.


emdubs said...

No Crosby again tonight. It sucks that he isn't playing, but I'm glad to see they're being cautious and not setting him up to have a nagging injury the rest of his career. Malkin will play tonight, though.


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