Sunday, November 5, 2006

If you thought the Pens would go 79-3 this year, you were sorely mistaken. Don't be jumping off the Hot Metal Bridge just yet, though. We lost to a good team in a close game. It only makes the Pens better. But, damn it, it feels like we should have gotten something out of this game. The only way I was able to fall asleep after a loss like this was listening to Phil Collins' smash hit "Take Me Home" on repeat.

Thank God that Phil Collins is always there to lick our wounds.
He looks like he just molested someone.

The highly anticipated battle of the inverted triangle logos was pretty scrappy from the outset. A minute into the game, Jonathan Cheechoo conducted his train into the back of Pens defenseman Mark Eaton, shoving him from behind in an awkward play. In all fairness to Cheech, if Mark Eaton doesn't fall, it just would have been a play where the two would have ridden into the boards together. Eaton falls, though, and the play looks vicious. Crosby jumps on Cheech like he just stole his lunch money, and the game-long melee officially began.
(No word on an Eaton injury yet. Rest assured that unless I'm sleeping or taking out the garbage, you will find injury news here ASAP).

The play resulted in Cheech getting a game misconduct and Crosby getting a two-minute minor. The Pens couldn't capitalize on the three-minute powerplay, and the main highlight of the first period was the physical play coming from both teams. Both teams had goals disallowed and the first period ended with the score 0-0.

Those fans look pumped.

One minute into the second, Kyle McLaren scored for San Jose on a weak rebound goal. The obnoxious goal horn echoed throughout my soul. Six minutes later, though, the Pens showed some fight by tying the game on a nice Michel Ouellet wrister. Two minutes later, the dreaded Sharks powerplay got on the board with what probably is a typical Sharks powerplay goal. The second period ended 2-1, and things really weren't bad at all.

The first goal in the third period was HUGE. Looking back on the game, Mike Grier's goal 45 seconds into the third hurt. A lot. Fleury looked like he was shot by a sniper in the press box. It was just a weird goal. What hurt the most (and what also raised spirits in Pensblog Nation) was the fact that, less than two minutes later, Dominic Moore connected for a score. It was 3-2 for the rest of the game, although the Pens did have a few good chances to tie it. Memory tells me that Malkin's one-timer opportunity was our best chance in the third. Toskala didn't have time to react to it, and if the puck is two inches to the right, the game is tied. Instead, it simply hits Toskala and he swallows it up like a lizard. Game.

  • Michel Ouellet: 1 G, 1 A
  • Joe Thornton: 3 A
  • Marc-Andre Fleury: Yet another strong performance with 31 saves.
  • Shots: SJ (34) PENS (27)
  • Powerplay: SJ (1 for 3) PENS (0 for 7)
  • If you've ever wondered what a jobber is, take a look at Marc-Andre Fleury buying that goaltender interference call in the first period.
  • Did anyone else see Mario Lemieux Jesus in the stands? He had the white pigeon logo jersey on, full beard, flowing hair and his arms were extended like the statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They showed him after Moore's goal was disallowed in the first. I thought it was a sign.
  • Looking at the game objectively, I think it might have been the best officiating performance in a Pens game this season. The calls were consistent.
  • Anyone else suspicious that Brooks Orpik may have paid off Cheechoo to take Eaton out?
  • If I coached a team, and my fourth line was Talbot, Thorburn and Ruutu, I would be a happy coach. They generate scoring chances and work hard every shift. I'm beginning to get pumped when I see them on the ice.
Things We Learned Tonight
  • Probably Colby Armstrong's first visit to Rodeo Drive, and he has to spend his time with Dan Potash.
  • I'm thinking the Sharks fans booed Crosby the entire game because of him jumping on Cheech in that early fight. But if opposing fans are booing Crosby this early in his career, just for the sake of booing him, then wow. What a compliment.
  • Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey are two brash fellows. They use Mike Lange-isms throughout games (i.e. Here comes Gonchar carrying the mail, he tosses the biscuit back to center). However, if either ever say "they take the heat out of a hot kitchen" when the Pens are on the penalty kill, I will personally go V for Vendetta on their ass. Pensblog out.
Next Game: Monday 11.06
@ Anaheim - 10:00


ghost of randy cunneyworth said...

if ur gonna wait til the next morning to post the re-cap, you better tell us.

i was up til 6 in the morning, refreshing the page every two minutes. thanks pensblog.

what a great site guys.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see Mario Lemieux Jesus in the stands? He had the white pigeon logo jersey on, full beard, flowing hair and his arms were extended like the statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They showed him after Moore's goal was disallowed in the first. I thought it was a sign.

I laughed for a good 3 minutes when I read this. And I also thought the same exact thing when I saw that during the game. Good job.

Anonymous said...

i agree with randy c.

damnit pensblog. u guys were probably laughing it up while us loyal readers had to go to bed, wondering if the recap would be posted two minutes after we closed our browsers.

dennis said...

Errey made it a point to tell us every few seconds that each team was finishing off it's checks. Because we ddin't hear him the first time.

And I honestly thought we were going to score with the pulled goalie late in the 3rd.

Crosby made too made passes, not enough (I don't think he had any) shots.

Jeez Crosby, you mofo, now you had one bad game and so we're going to give you the Roethlisberger treatment and kick you out of town.

I think tomorrow I'll watch The Mighty Ducks, D2, and D3...quack quack quack quack quackquackquack.

Tony said...

Hey bud,
Just want to throw my .02, your blogging is really an excellent read. I can already see a friendly "competition, or is that collaboration" between us Pens bloggers.

Keep up the good work...


Andrew said...

The way I watched this really looked like neither team deserved to win the game. It was one of the sloppiest games in the new NHL I've seen.

The Sharks goal (second, I think) when Crosby, Malkin, and Armstrong were all in the Sharks end, in the far-side corner. Then Malkin and Crosby fell...yeah...that was pretty terrible.

I have a feeling that they will rebound and take a win out of The California Los Angeles of Orange County/Anaheim We're Not "Mighty" Anymore Ducks (or whatever their name is now).

Derek said...

Adam was under the Influence last night, I almost thought about making a post telling everyone the recap would be delayed...

But what a great game last night...
My thoughts

1. Noah Welch has his breakout game
2. Ryan Whitney makes me sick sometimes
3. The 3rd and 4th lines were amazing
4.We saw moments last night of " Vintage John Leclair". He almost got a goal, and he looked somewhat interested.
5. Welcome back Brook Orpik
6.This is going to be a fun season
7 I no longer can even stand to listen to Paul Steigerwald

Andrew I respect your Opinion but I thought it was a well played game

rebecca said...

personally, i wouldve fell asleep to 'one more night'.

n e one see the south park where the boys have a big sledriding race on 'phil collins hill'?


Pens will be alright.

Adam said...

Our sincerest apologies for the delayed recap. We'll notify from now on. Our fame has preceded us.

Crosby definitely passed up some great shooting chances. Didn't he have an open wrister in the slot, but instead passed it into Whitney's skates? I got up off the couch when Crosby had it in the slot, then had to sit down like a terd when nothing came out of it.

they should definitely send crosby down and bring up christensen.

Phil Collins has not seen the last of the Pensblog. Bet on it.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad i get the X where i live. i hit the mute button and turn on the radio, instead of listening to those two fucktards on tv.

mike lange is the voice of the penguins.
enough said.


Chris said...

I agree with the Anonymous guy above me. My cable happens to sync up near perfectly with the radio. So not only do I get to hear Mike Lange, but also the very good Phil Borque. Just bring back the simulcast already!

wes said...

dan potash went to hollywood high. thats why he showed colby and ryan around.

wes said...

check that... i meant beverly hills high.

Adam said...

Did they mention his high school in that segment?

Or do you just know that? haha

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