Thursday, November 2, 2006

Incredible day today. I had no idea what was going on all day while I was at work. Adam called me 6 times and I figured that:

A. The Pens made a trade for someone
B. Chris or Gabe from the Pensblog died
C. Some Russian mob member killed Malkin

I am still stunned. Thanks again to everyone.

Onto some nightly links:
Malkin is still the talk of the NHL... look at what King Mario said:

''I wish it was 15 years earlier,'' said the 41-year-old Lemieux. ''It's quite amazing to see him play with Sid and see what they're doing now at their age.''
One last comeback Mario?

Rob Blake your thoughts:
''Sitting there on the bench last night, just watching the plays they were attempting to make, it was pretty nice."

....You're still a douchebag though.
And how about Dave Molinari writing the story about other NHL rookies? Look I know its nice to mention those things, but this is the same guy who once admitted to voting for Chris Pronger instead of Jagr back in the 1999-2000 season. Jagr lost by one vote....I don't forget these things.
Here is some more news around the NHL...

Somewhere Steve Moore is pumping his fist

From the ongoing struggle department: Daniel Alfredsson vs the Ottawa Public I love how Canadian fans completely flip out... and you think Steeler fans were hard on Kordell Stewart

Kordell and Alfredsson should go bowling.

Lots of games going on tonight:

Montreal gets a win in the midst of a goalie controversy.. Huet shits in everyone's mouth with a shutout.. I was worried about Carolina; they haven't played a game in 3 days after playing what seemed like 20 straight.

The Flyers lost again...Johan Holmqvist get his first win in the NHL...the lightning own the Flyers
The Isles beat up on the Devils... I don't know what it is about the Islanders. Its much like my struggle to decide why I am infatuated with Rachel Ray for some reason.

She isn't that hot, but I'd watch her cook anyday.

The Sabres come from behind to beat the Bruins.. even former Boston University defenseman Travis Roy stood up for the Shootout...

"Laugh it up Jerkoffs"

Well at least Chicago has the Bears and... The Red Wings sneak past the Hawks

"Am I high or is that puck flying....?"

One other late game... the "Ranger".. as Michel Therrien likes to call them... leads the Sharks. Great matchup Jagr vs. Thornton.
Good night all and as always good luck.


Mike said...

I nearly choked on my water when I saw that pic of Travis Roy... your guys are funny

Anonymous said...

Love the "Heros" Reference....The Travis Roy thing is one of the meaniest things I have read on the internet in a while...needless to say I laughed out loud...

Your Blog is amazing

Derek said...

I had to get the Heros thing in there... other than Hockey thats what I for Travis Roy... well I had to...

Go Pens!

Thanks for reading guys

Anonymous said...

Rachael Ray is ugly... but she does cook a mean steak

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I 100% agree about the rachel ray thing.

shes not really that hot, but she CAN cook...which makes her attractive.

chris said...

if you haven't read that whole article, do it now. the last line is killer.

go pens

Adam said...

"...Yea, she's allright. She's not drop-dead hot, but shit, man. You can cook me a burger and bang me afterwards."


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