Wednesday, November 1, 2006


...Penguins will play 14 games in 30 days in November. 7 home, 7 away.
2 against Philly. 2 against the Rangers. 2 against the Islanders.
There's even a bad-ass 2 0'clock game on the day after Thanksgiving on Long Island.

If you have visited in the last few days, you were blasted in the pancreas with this when you loaded the main NHL page. Here is the story.
Damien Cox (porn name) feels it's necessary to remind Penguin fans about the financial complications of keeping Malkin, Staal and Crosby together for the long haul.
Dude, we just want a new arena first. Let us watch our Pens in peace.

..Some fun crap:

Colorado Avalanche goalie Peter Budaj is sporting a mask with a ripped Mr. Flanders.
Pensblog research has discovered the flag to be Slovakia's.


Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle (Saginaw Spirit mascot)

This news floated past a lot of Stephen Colbert fans and hockey fans alike.
The Saginaw Spirit play in the Ontario Hockey League. Recently, they had a contest to name a second mascot that they would be introducing. Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central caught wind of this and had everyone that watches his show go to the Saginaw Spirit website and vote for the mascot to be named after Stephen Colbert. As you can tell, Colbert won.

After introducing the new mascot, Saginaw went on a seven-game winning streak.

Colbert wouldn't have pushed to have a turtle mascot named after him.
Colbert's signature on his show is the bald eagle and he exhibits reckless patriotism throughout the show. Looking at the jersey he is wearing, now you can see why he did it.

I find Colbert hilarious because you can tell he's really into the character he plays on his show. I'm in disbelief at some people who think that Colbert isn't playing a part on his show; that Colbert is just being himself. Wow.
Even if you don't find him funny, at least more people have been exposed to hockey because of him, which is good.

Speaking of Colbert, here's a rare clip of him totally losing it

Tonight's Word: Go Pens.


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Brett said...

I wish Chris would drink Vodka with me and share my pillow

chris said...

my pkheelow

Adam said...

Hey, if you want to have a friendly conversation, take it to instant messenger, fellas.

No room for it here. Bitches.

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chris said...

hahaha....frickin a SICK

Derek said...

Anyone talking MVP?

Anonymous said...

anyone listening to the game on the X?

what did mike lange say after welch scored? it sound to me like:
"he shit in a bald mans cap"

chris said...

hahahaha....find it...record it...and send it to us, so we can laugh too

Anonymous said...

ill try to.

but its gonna be tough.

anyone else able to confirm this?
can it maybe be put in the next blog when you guys put one up?

cause if he said that...........

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