Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tons of off time for the Pensblog staff this weekend.
With Adam, Chris, and Gabe in line trying to get the Wii...and me being a lazy sack of mud, we were about as productive as Rico Fata.

He can skate fast.

...But we are back to the grind..


Let's start with the Pulse of the Penguins Message Board Nation:

Funny link here.... if anyone accuses Penguins fans of being paranoid, they are out of line.
We have to deal with way too much.

+++Seems to be a lot of people upset about Ryan Whitney. Some stick by him. Some hate him.
Here at Pensblog, we get upset about things like Gumby disappearing.
Ryan Whitney is a professional. He'll figure it out, or Ray Shero will kill/trade him.

Some guy made millions of dollars for smoking weed and saying, "Hey, I'm gonna make a show about clay toys."

Some other observations this week about the Pens:

  • Crosby is around 4th in scoring, with 28 points. The best part is that all of the other leaders have played in 20, 21, 22 games. Crosby has played 18.
  • The Powerplay. Scratch the two goals Saturday night, and the Pens were 5 of 50 coming in. It seems out of sorts.
  • Goals for (57). The Pens rank 16th, which isn't that bad, but in contrast the Sabres have 83. Minus the Flyers, Rangers, and Blue Jackets games, the Pens haven't scored over 5 goals all season.
  • Goals against. This is a huge positive for our Pens. 5 on 5 this season the Pens rank 10th in the NHL, only giving up 32. That may be the most telling stat of this season. Overall, the Pens rank 15th.
  • Get ready for the Rumor Mill. Leclair was scratched against the Rangers. And with Ryan Malone a few weeks away from coming back, one would think something's got to give.
  • 7-1 against the Atlantic division. In "4 point swing games", the Pens have been at their best.
  • Fox Sports Net and the CW network: We are not here to tell you how do to your jobs, but as fans, we can tell you that you have got to do something about camera switches, zooms, and graphics. Just stick with the regular views when a play is going on. You can have the zooms and all that other crazy stuff on replays. But hey like we said, not hard feelings, just a little advice. No one is calling for KBL just yet. And stop putting huge graphics on the screen about high school and college football while a play is going on.


Quick trip around the Atlantic..

Jagr scores his 600th...watching him Saturday night was weird. It's a shame he left on such sour terms...Rangers play the Hurricanes on Versus Tuesday night. And oh... please forgive us Brendan Shanahan. You're not washed up. Linda Cohn was right; that's a first.

The Devils have scored 48 goals, almost a league-worst. I don't even like talking about the Devils anymore.

The Islanders have silently won 6 of their last 9. They play Toronto and Carolina this week before they host the Pens on Friday, the weird 2:00 game. We play the Islanders 3 times in the next 12 days.

The Flyers suck.

Monday 11.20
7:00 PM - FSN


Andrew said...

I think people lose sight of the fact that Ryan Whitney is playing in his first full NHL season. And on top of that, he's leading the team in ice time (I least d-men)... I think people need to give the kid a little break and let him develop.

Reality Check said...

Funny link? Paranoid?

Damn, I got more traffic from Pens based paranoia than you can imagine. Trouble is, most cowards posted at the link instead of the blog. Others chose anonymity. Wow!

Who knows what Crosby will do in six years time?

All the post states is that his allegiance seems to remain strong.

Dennis said...

One thing that is unexcusable from FSN and the CW is the fact that for most of their games they fail to have a god damn game clock for most of the first period.

Chris said...

Another inexcusable FSN thing: Paul Steigerwald. If they aren't going to bring back Lange could they at least of hired someone, you know, good.

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