Monday, November 6, 2006

The Mighty Sucks

Needless to say, it's a big game tonight for the Pens. 10:00 start.

"It's a huge gauge."

- Mark Recchi
I agree Mark.
Some more things:

Hey Colby, it's me. Listen. You've been given the exclusive rights to play with Malkin and Crosby and to reap those benefits. But, you're suckin. You're on the fourth line now.

Oh snap.

Colby, come back to bed.


Rumors circulating that Jocelyn Thibault is starting tonight against the best team in the NHL. I'm speechless.

Mark Eaton is getting surgery on his wrist and is out indefinitely.

Brooks Orpik should be in the lineup tonight.

It's fun watching Ducks defenseman Scott Neidermayer. For people who remember watching Paul Coffey play, the way Neidermayer skates and plays will remind you of Coffey. Pensblog guarantee.


Andrew said...

NPH wouldn't do that...

Brett said...

I just looked at the props for tonights game on

The Over/Under for number of Orpik Penalty minutes tonight is 23.
I am sorry, I hate him

Dennis said...

So I wonder if there's any truth to this.

The only way I can justify this is the fact that losing to a Western Conference team isn't as bad as losing to an Eastern team. Maybe?


Adam said...

There's been some trade rumors flying around about Boston. They might want Thibault.

What better game to audition Thibault in than against the best team in the NHL.

Those are just my conspiratorial thoughts.

I don't even care about the game tonight. I just want to see how Colby's visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame went.

Andrew said...

I met Sidney Crosby in Hollywood last season after his Leno appearance. That is my sweet Hollywood story. Dan Potash ain't got shit on me.

Anonymous said...

i might get shit for saying it, but colby deserves to be on that 4th. he hasnt done shit on those first two lines so, move him down.

though, the 4th was the best line against the sharks


Joshua said...

Hey does anyone know if the guy that hit Eaton was fined/suspended?

Dennis said...

There hasnt been anything on Cheechoo yet but I hope there is.

Andrew said...

/agree with Jay. If you are playing with Crosby and Malkin there is no reason to not have any goals. As I said on the message board, I think after putting that guy into a pool of his own blood, Colby hasn't been the same. He's playing very timidly, which is not what we need from a 1st line winger. Maybe this demotion will light a fire under his ass.

Anonymous said...

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01/05/2001, VS. Anaheim, 3-2 Win

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Love the site,

Adam said...

Boo Bell. Pensblog loves you, SJ stats didn't fit.

Sincerest apologies.

Anonymous said...

dear pittsburgh penguins,
when you have the lead by one goal, stay out of the fucking sin bin.


Dennis said...

It blows that the one goal they get on the PP is off of a bullshit penalty call.

Steeltown Mike said...

Any of you listening to this game on the radio? I guess Lange was on the shitter (or getting a refill) to start the 3rd, so Bourque was doing play-by-play for about 2:15. He sounded out of breath the whole way.

It's how I envision myself doing hockey PxP.

PengIn said...

You know what would help the Pens in this game? Shots on goal.

Also, Chris Pronger is a sucker punching little bitch.

Derek said...


That was great radio.. I though lange died, borque was classic

Anonymous said...

noah welch, that was two goals you gave to the ducks.

thank you.

bob errey, shut the fuck up. "sean o'donnell, didnt he play robin?"

seriously, just fire him and bring back edzo.


Steeltown Mike said...


I work for an affiliate station of the Pens Hockey Network and was in the back of the studio writing up news stories for tomorrow when the period started. I kept hearing "someone" pause (I wasn't paying full attention). I got that panicked feeling that something was wrong at the board. When I realized that was Bourque, it wasn't too long before Lange rejoined him. I didn't get to appreciate the classicness of it as completely, I guess.

Tonight's game resembled what our home opener should have looked like if we'd played a really good team. Outshot more than a 2:1 ratio, only partially due to the 9 penalties that left us shorthanded (12 total doled out against the Pens).

Thibault sounded like he played pretty well, but I didn't actually see. In any event, it SOUNDED like he increased his trade value tonight.

pengin said...

Thibault looked good. Noah Welch looked like Brooks Orpik circa last season (which is, according to me, not good).

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