Monday, November 13, 2006

Nice. The Penguins end the 5-game skid mark on their proverbial season underwear and improve their record to 3-0 against the Philadelphia Flyers this season. Goalie Antero Nittymaki was the Penguin's personal toilet tonight, with the Penguins trying to squeeze out a terd onto his face all night. And finally in the third period, after some wiggling around, splat.

I raced home from work, almost hitting some old guy in a crosswalk, to catch the first period of the game. I would have been better off hitting the old guy. Nothing happened in first period, except for Nedved skating like Jagr, Talbot being too lazy to make a move on a breakaway, and Ryan Whitney missing a wide open net like he's Fergie of the Black-Eyed Peas missing a high note.

Hey, it's me, Fergie. There's been more rappers inside of me than in Jay-Z's iPod.

Gonchar scored two minutes into the second period...except it was for Philadelphia. The puck crawled over the goal line like a snail, but it counted anyway. Four minutes later, though, Crosby grabbed the puck and raced away with Thorburn on a 2-on-1. If Crosby would have passed it, I may have turned the game off and went to bed. Instead, he buries a wrister top shelf and ties the game at 1. To close out the second period scoring, Jordan Staal reminds us why he's not in Wilkes Barre. He one-times a Michel Ouellet pass into the net and the Pens go into the locker room, up 2-1.

The Penguins looked to leave the Mellon tonight with two points. They still had to survive the third period. Give the Flyers credit for working hard all night, and it payed off when they scored a "hey, our hard work payed off" goal to tie it up. The rest of the period consisted of me saying "no" every time the Flyers took a shot on Fleury. The Penguins had yet to flush the toilet on Nittymaki, though. Finally, with about two minutes left, Malkin unleashes the slapshot equivalent of an anal probe and Nittymaki doesn't even see it go past him.

"Flyers Suck" chants enveloped the rest of the game. Go Pens.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Antero Nittymaki: 36 saves
  • Shots: PHI (25) PENS (39)
  • Powerplay: PHI (0 FOR 5) PENS (0 FOR 7)
  • Penguins unload with 39 shots tonight.
  • Fleury makes the saves he has to make.
  • John LeClair scored the goal of the year tonight with his patented, apathetic verteran throw-in.
  • How bout Malkin's spin-o-rama on his game winning goal?
  • Anyone know why Talbot didn't bother making a move on his breakaway?
  • See what happens when Crosby shoots the puck on a 2-on-1?
  • Clean hit on Colby at the end of the game that just looked bad.
  • We're not giving Versus the satisfaction of our carpal tunnel by commenting on their performance this evening.
  • Don't Look Now: Penguins Record Against Atlantic Division ( 6 - 1 )
NEXT GAME: Friday 11.17
@ Buffalo - 8:00

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Anonymous said...

fergie LOL.

you definitely took the toilet humor theme to the max.

Anonymous said...

Not a clean hit on Colby...The puck was not even close enough to warrant the hit coming that hard. Not jobbin, just sayin.

Jonathan said...

A friendly message to the people of Pittsburgh:

When you attend a sporting event in the city of Pittsburgh that does not include the Steelers, please please please do not wear a Steelers jersey. You wouldn't wear a Pirates jersey or Penguins sweater to a Steeler game, would you? It's great that you're out supporting the various teams of Pittsburgh, but save the Steelers gear for Sundays. OK? Thanks.

Adam said...

i definitely thought it was clean. but that's cool.

Oh, and the toilet theme was in response to some guy i know who told some guy i know that we only use toilet humor to get laughs.

We don't even try to get laughs. We just try to make ourselves laugh while keeping people (who have lives) informed about the Pens.

chris said...

I agree with the dirty shot to Colby. He was not near the puck at all.

Jonathan, I couldn't agree with you more. yesterday as I was watching the Steelers game, I was thinking, have I EVER seen a penguin's jersey at a Steelers game? The answer is no. Yet, we all know that it is inevitable that you will see a Steeler jerseys at any event in this city...even a funeral. It's cool that the city loves their football team (I love them myself), but it does get really annoying seeing the jerseys ALL the time.

CaucasianInvasion said...

Sooo...when does Therrian feel like sending out Roy or Cairns to "take care" of Derian's cheap shots to Sid? Anytime soon? This year? Next year? Anyone? Bueller?

Brian said...

I LOVE rushing division rivalry games, plenty of "Go Home" cheers. And what a way to end it... booing Hatcher off the ice.

loralei said...

Chris, I just want to say for the record that i once wore my Mario Lemieux jersey to a Steeler game because the only other choice i had was my Kordell Stewart jersey. Hmmm. That was a tough choice for me..

Brett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris said...

haha awesome :) you proved my theory wrong..haha

PS does anyone know what happened to Eckman...where was he (I'm sure I could look it up, but I know one of you has the answer I'm lookin for :)


Brett said...


After nutting in Phili's mouth, people start complaining about steeler jerseys at the game!?!

You jabronies criticize every post-gazette writer for mentioning the stillers at any point in their articles and i swear people post negatively about the steelers at least 2-3 times a week on this magnificent blog.

As long as we keep packing the arena, i dont give a crap (had to get in my toilet reference) what the jobbers wear. Lets focus on the sexiness on the ice and not the yinzers (i use that term affectionately) in the stands. PENS WIN PENS WIN
Love yas

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say the hit on Colby was necessarily dirty, but it was definitely an interference call. The puck was nowhere near him. The way his head hit the board is what made it look so nasty. Props to Whitney for sticking up for him though.

Anonymous said...

wish i would have seen/heard the game.

i guess thats what you get for living in central PA.

no 105.9 the X
and if you do not have a dish, you do not get versus

Anonymous said...

ekman = illness

People of Pittsburgh said...

We will wear whatever the hell we feel like... plus football jerseys are cheaper than hockey jerseys!!!

Stop being a whiney, pretentious hockey fan and just enjoy the success!!

Joshua said...

These are the same "people of pittsburgh" who gave the steelers and pirates a free venue and the penguins the shaft. Scott Paulsen on 'DVE often referenced hockey as a cult sport, you're in it or you aren't and if you aren't you won't understand. A decent part of pittsburgh doesnt understand.

Anonymous said...

If you want to hear the game here in Central PA, you have to get XM.
Not to gloat but I watched it on VS---DirecTV is the way to go!!

Brett said...

Yeah, youre right...

Maybe being born and raised in PITTSBURGH makes me a PITTSBURGH fan. Maybe I'm a little biased because I do share equal love for all three PITTSBURGH teams in this city. Why does every "true" fan of any team in this city want all the other teams to suffer? And yes, that includes the majority Steeler fans, I understand. I refuse to ridicule any individual who goes to the Igloo wearing another PITTSBURGH jersey. Excuse me for wanting to have sex with anything and everything BLACK and GOLD. As a famous PITTSBURGHer once said, Cant we all just get along?! (It seemed to fit)

Troy Loney Jr. said...

crosby may very well be the best playmaker in the game but thank god he roofed that 2 on 1 where he usually holds up an waits for a trailer, nice to see him shoot too.. i think gonch needs to go on the missing persons list, he needs to start netting like he was in preseason/ post all star break 06'

how much fried chicken can you eat?

Adrienne said...

You know, you forgot to credit Gonchar for his goal.

End of the 2nd and penguins had all three goals. Gonchar, Crosby and Staal. With a 2-1 score...

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