Saturday, November 4, 2006

In case you didn't know, huge game tonight in the Shark Tank for our Pens.

Early reports from San Jose have said that Finnish goalie Vesa Toskala will start.

Toskala in Finnish means "solid backup"

Toskala has a very good GAA (2.12).... and he has a save % of .921.. he has 6 wins on the season.
The Pens come in red hot, but this is no question a huge test against an extremely talented team.

What to look for:
  • I have never been a huge Josef Melichar fan, but I haven't noticed him, and that's in a good way. The guy has been solid.. hopefully the praise from Pensblog doesn't jinx him.
  • The Penguins own Ron Wilson. It will be good to yell at him again.

" Douuuuuuuuuuuchhhhheebaggggggg"

  • Niles Ekman returns to San Jose... everyone that leaves the Penguins.. (cough,cough) Gary Valk!... comes back to haunt us... so it would be nice one of our guys do it to their former team.
  • The Refs.... all around the NHL players have been disgusted by the officiating. I can't say I blame them... penalties will have a big role in this game. The Sharks have the number 1 power play and the Pens have the number 2.
  • Geno and Sid (which sounds like the name of a good cheesesteak house): Can they keep up the magic?
  • Lineup changes.. Therrien has said he doesn't want to break up a winning lineup, but if Brooks Orpik and Eric Cairns are healthy you might have to play them...
  • And last but always least. John Leclair...Get a goal!

Go Pens!


dennis said...

I have no problem at all with all NHL games becoming centered around special teams a bit more.

Shorty said...

Ya Johnny EauClaire could use a tally but come on Army! Need him and Nils to get at least one a pc only 1hr and 15 min till game time...thank god it's at 10, an early game...LOL

Derek said...

I totally agree Dennis... I was just kinda of referring to some of the bullcrap calls... I wish they would of been calling the hooks when Mario was playing

Anonymous said...

tonight is going to be a huge game for the pens. i think the key thing tonight would be for them to stay out of the penalty box.

none of these stupid penalties they like to get when they are in the lead (knocks on wood).

Anonymous said...


dennis said...

Yeah the refs arent consistent enough yet and I've seen a bunch of times where they call one thing a penalty and the same thing 10 minutes later is not.

Go Pens

Anonymous said...

Anyone else trying to watch the game through Yahoo and having problems?

Jonathan said...

I can't get the game through Yahoo either. It says it's not available in my area (Louisiana). It worked last night for the Caps game, so I don't know what's going on.

Jonathan said...

Argh! I can't even listen to the game through the Pens site.

Anonymous said...

I think it's because they joined the Bay Area feed and they were joining the game in progress after basketball. It should be working now.

loralei said...

Hey boys, guess what? I found Marty McSorley. He's the play-by-play guy for the Sharks. Just thought you should know.

Brian said...

Did anyone else hear Bob Errey say "The Sharks are finishing their checks like it's the first of the month" at the end of the 2nd period? He kinda trailed off because he knew he messed up a Langeism.

dennis said...

Yep, I heard and thought the same exact thing.

And Cheechoo really put a cheap hit on Eaton.

Derek said...

Very tough lose... but man what A game... Phil Borque( and I can't believe I agree with him) said it best that was as close to a playoff like atomsphere as you can get. I was really proud of the way the Pens played... esp the 3rd and 4th lines...

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