Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Before we start the recap, we wanted to extend our thanks to everyone who visited the Pensblog this October. Keep coming because we aren't going anywhere...and neither are the Pens.

Some good games around the NHL tonight...

We will start in Florida, where about 50 people showed up to watch the San Jose Sharks beat the Panthers.. Great goal by the Sharks with about 38 ticks left.
So no one shows up for Panther games, but the Panther franchise can't be moved? ......Whatever
Having two hockey teams in Florida makes as much sense as "Sex and the City"
That show, by the way, is the worst thing to happen to men since Anne Heche said she was straight again.


Why am I bringing this up?
I am flipping through the stations tonight and my remote control batteries break down. And guess what show it stops on? Unreal. This used to happen to me all the time with the station Lifetime, but I blocked it on my TV.
So I am laying on my bed, tired, and in and out of a little daze, totally not realizing that Sex and City is on. And not until my brother looks at me with complete shock do I snap out of it.

I am no stranger to this show. In college, I lived with 2 girls who watched this show everyday, and my ex-girlfriend and her friends swear by it. I think they actually think they are characters.
Its truly unreal. For those of you who don't know, the show centers around Ferris Bueller's wife complaining about men and her 3 slut friends not realizing they are ugly. (I'd bang the brown haired one with a few jack and cokes in me.)
I pose this the question to female readers. Why do women watch this show?

"Sluts Who Are Encouraging 14-year-olds To Be Sexually Active Every Day And Showing Women Everywhere that It Is Okay To Be Dramatic About Everything...and the City"

Moving on before I light myself on fire...

Montreal beat the Sens... If Ray Emery were a condom, Ottawa would have a parking space reserved at planned parent hood.

Double bag it, Ray

The good news for Blackhawk fans: the Blackhawks scored twice.
The bad news: they gave up five to the Islanders
The Isles had a good home stand. Ted Nolan...your thoughts:
''We never lost our composure,'' Nolan said. ''We're slowly starting to get some feel-good on this team. There was no sense of panic on the bench.''

Thanks go to hell.

One other late game just going final
The Preds beat the Canucks 3-2.


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