Sunday, November 26, 2006

To start off this recap of an excellent Saturday night game, we have to send a sincere thanks to Stephanie S., who is an intern in the Penguins Media Relations Department.
She called us at 6:05 and said she had two tickets. I wiped the potato chip crumbs off my shirt and jumped into the shower. I called Chris and we headed out to the game.

It turns out that the seats were actually for the Staal family, but for whatever reason, they couldn't get to the game. The best part was that the seats were in the girlfriends and wives section. We spent our spare time looking at the kids, trying to see players in their faces. Chris ended up becoming best friends with Mark Eaton's cute 2-year-old daughter, while Ronald Petrovicky's 5-year-old son and I were starting Let's Go Pens chants.
We also had a really cool conversation with Erin from Boston, Brooks Orpik's girlfriend. She is a very nice girl. She told us about his situation with Erik Cole, she said both her and Brooks love Pittsburgh, and that Brooks is a great guy.
We passed the website along to her and hopefully Brooks will able to check it out and give us our first player feedback.

Oh, by the way, there was a game tonight.

The first period was a seemingly endless train to the penalty box. Early on, the Pens had to kill a 5-on-3. Our penalty killing tonight was superb, keeping the Rangers on the perimeter while limiting Jagr's scoring chances. The Arena was full of pumped-uppedness after we killed those penalties, which resulted in a standing ovation during the first commercial break. The Pens had their shot on basically the same stretch of powerplay time at the end of the first, but nothing formulated.

Exclusive photo of Malkin watching his girlfriend making out with some dude.
Gonch: "She's no good for you Geno."

The Penguins would've had a penalty-free second period if it wasn't for another too many men on the ice penalty. Malkin drew two penalties midway through the second, giving the Pens a 5-on-3. Five seconds after the first penalty expired, Malkin got one into the net. The rest of the second was nice. Besides it being low-scoring, it was an awesome game to be at.

The third period had the Penguins lock down their system like they were the father of a 17 year old girl. It was going good until there was about 8 minutes left. A lucky rebound found Jagr's stick, and he buried it. It still amazes me how big Jagr is when you see him in on the ice. The rest of third period was scoreless with the Pens killing a huge penalty late. We go to OT again.

Quite an eventful 4 minutes and 57 seconds. The Rangers had some good opportunities while Malkin, I believe, hit the post when he knocked the puck over Lundqvist. And before we could recover from that, Jordan Staal, out of nowhere, gets a breakaway. He gets hooked on the breakaway, but there's no way the ref cou----PENALTY SHOT. The most emphatic point to the center ice dot that I have ever seen.
After explaining to Petrovicky's son what happened, I turned in time to see Staal grab the puck at center ice. The arena was about to erupt. Staal had the goalie beat, but the puck rolled off his stick.
A shootout was a mere 2.2 seconds away when Rozsival executed a perfect shot-pass to Straka who re-directs into the net. GAME.

  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Gonchar: 1 A, 500th NHL point
  • Fleury: 28 saves
  • Shots: NYR (30) PENS (29)
  • Powerplay: NYR (0 for 6) PENS (1 for 6)
  • I don't know how many people know the backdrop story of Ruutu-Jagr, but them scrapping it up in tonight's game was awesome. Here's the backdrop story.
  • A nice standing ovation for Gonchar's 500th point
  • The Penguins honored Jagr's 600th career goal on the JumboTron, which was met with mixed emotions with more than a few people standing up for him.
  • It gets boring when you boo Jagr the entire game. It takes up too much of my energy, but that's just me.
  • Announcement of Crosby being scratched was met with a loud boo from the crowd.
  • The winning goal was Straka, from Rozsival and Jagr. I wonder if that exact line-score occurred when they all played in Pittsburgh.
  • I scored a shirt in the t-shirt toss and gave it to my new partner in crime, Petrovicky's son.
  • Remember when Crosby scored with 1.8 seconds left in regulation to beat the Rangers earlier this season? Look up karma in the dictionary.


Dennis said...

It has to be awesome to be the kid of a pro athlete...probably more fun than being the athlete themsleves. All of the perks without putting in the hard work.

ghost of randy cunneyworth said...

thats pretty awesome that you sat with the players families.

Who was the hottest wife???

bwzimmerman said...

watched the game @ the Monterrey Pub in the Northside. even on the CW, that was one HELL of a game.

Tee said...

the best thing about the ruutu/jagoff incident is the end where marty straka of all people supermans him

Adrienne said...

I don't get why it's a shocker that Straka would come do Jagr's defense? We brought Straka over initially so that Jagr had someone to talk to. Then after Jagr went to the Rangers (after a nice failed attempt with the Capitals... 9-0 loss LAWL!) I didn't even flinch when the Rangers announced they were picking up Straka from the Kings.

Sather still needs to give Straka back to us though.

I also like the fact that the Rangers aren't playing Kasparaitis. I wonder how long it will be til he asks to be traded.

Dennis said...

Yeah Kaspar's situation in NY ha been pretty bad.

Kris said...

Nice job scoring the seats...To bad the pens couldn't win the game though. They played well the first two periods but getting out shot 12-4 the rest of the game is always a killer.

A big week is coming up for them with division games galore. We're only a few back right now and a winning streak of 2 or more games could easily put us back on top, now they just have to do it.

Washington85 said...

thats sweet sitting there and makeing friends with players kids who knows that could get you tickets to every game...but then you miss out on the Stagy botchs all game

Adam said...

it was pretty nice sitting with all the families.

I've never run into a Pens fan who didn't like Marty Straka.
I cheered him when they announced the starting lineup on saturday.

huge week of divisional games.

Randy said...

just wondering...why did the crowd boo when Crosby was announced as a scratch?

Adam said...

Saturday night crowd...wanted to see Crosby play.

That's the only thing I can come up with

Anonymous said...

anyone notice that since starting 7-3-0 the pens are 3-5-4.. subpar


Adam said...

that's a very disturbing stat.

zach said...

and what happened in the 11th game to cause the turnaround, the loss of Eaton...the one solid defenseman that we needed last year

Adam said...

I 100% agree with zach.

we mentioned that a couple games after the west coast trip.

he was such a huge pick-up.

Adrienne said...

And the pick up was a nice drop when Eaton got taken out :(

And who doesn't cheer for Straka when he's announced? I would smack someone for booing him.

It is damn painful to cheer for a Ranger though...

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