Monday, November 6, 2006


Before we visit our jerk-off neighbors in the Atlantic division, let's look back at a horrible weekend.

  • Steelers go down in a blaze of mistakes
  • Terrible loss to South Florida for the Pitt fans
  • For Penn state fans: Joe Pa gets crushed and is called an old fart on national television.
  • Pens lose to the Sharks
But, for me, the worst news all weekend blindsided me on Friday afternoon.

Doogie Howser comes out of the closet

....So many jokes...but I simply ask for a moment of silence.

Now let's visit some enemies:

New Jersey Devils (7-5-1) 15 pts

Power Play: 13.9% (22nd) Penalty Kill: 82.9% (20th)

Misc stat: No wins when giving up first goal.

The Devils only had two games this week. They got rocked by the Islanders 5-2, and beat the Habs in Montreal 2-1. Marty Brodeur took a skate to the head, but ended up being alright. Gionta still leads the team in goals. A look ahead to their schedule this week: three home games. One against the Hurricanes who beat them in a great playoff series last year. I believe the game is on Versus Tuesday night. They also play the Blackhawks and Panthers, so that may be 4 points right there. I hate the devils.


The New York Hockey Islanders (6-5-2) 14pts

Powerplay:19.7 (7th) Penalty Kill: 80.5% (23rd)

Misc Stat: 6th in the NHL in face-off percentage.

Nice carving job there, chief. Too bad the Islanders suck.

Can't say I gave the Isles much of a chance after a slow start, but Ted Nolan is working Jack Adams magic and has the Isles playing lights out. They beat the hapless Blackhawks and the aforementioned Devils, before losing to the Atlanta Thrashers on Saturday night. Captain Alexei Yashin is still leading the team in points. With the ever so annoying Jason Blake not too far behind.
But the real story here: Rick DiPietro is a mess. After he gave up 3 goals on 9 shots against the the Thrashers, the New york faithful chanted "We want Dunham! We want Dunham!"... referring to backup goaltender Mike Dunham. Its could be a long 15 years for the Rick DiPietro. The Isles play the Lightning at home Monday night, before a big 5-game road trip starts. Two of those five games are this week, one in Philly, the other against the nearly unbeatable Dallas Stars.


New York Rangers (7-6-0) 14 pts

Powerplay: 16.9% (13th) Penalty Kill: 83.8% (16th)

Misc. Stat: They're gay.

The Rangers embarked on pretty much the same west coast swing as the Pens this week. The Rangers lost to the Kings, but then beat both the Ducks and the Sharks. Woah. They lost to Buffalo in a shootout last night. This week, the Rangers go on the always interesting Southeast Division tour. Road games against Florida, Atlanta and Washington.
Jaromir Jagr and Shanahan are chillin at the top of the NHL leader board in points, but it seems like it's only a matter of time until the Rangers start sinking. Just a feeling. Speaking of which, I just saw that Jagr may have re-aggravated his shoulder injury.
Henrik Lundqvist was stinking up mid-Manhattan, so Kevin Weekes has assumed the starting position for now. Wins against San Jose and Anaheim for the Weekes.


Philadelphia Flyers (3-9-1) 7 pts.

Powerplay: 8.8% (29th) Penalty Kill: 87.9% (7th)

Misc. Stat: R.J. Umberger is an NHL-worst (-10) in plus/minus.

The Flyers beat Chicago on Monday night, but then lost to Tampa Bay and Washington to close out the week. This week, they play in Toronto, then come home to play the Islanders and the Sabres. Good luck Philly. Not.
It's almost a waste of pixels and my hand muscles to even type about this hockey team. Peter Forsberg complained about officiating this week, and probably some other things happened, but let's just consider the Flyers as the weird uncle that lives in the basement. And ignore them until we're forced to pay attention to them.


Pens schedule this week:
  • Monday at Anaheim
  • Wednesday vs. Tampa Bay
  • Friday vs. Ottawa
  • Saturday at Carolina
Tough slate of games.

Finally, commenter Rebecca mentioned the South Park episode that featured Phil Collins Hill as the site of a huge boys vs. girls sled race.


erica said...

i think its bizare how stuff works.

i go 8 months without hearing anything about phil collin, and then he shows up on the pensblog...and then i'm listenin to DVE this morning and they mention him.

Anonymous said...

this blog is the balls

chris said...

is that a compliment?

Andrew said...

I hear you, Erica...I myself recently been on a Phil Collins kick, and apparently, I'm not the only one. I wonder why that is...

eh jeh said...

The Penguin is playing Duck Hunter!

Well played, gentlemen. Well played.

Dennis said...

Yeah these banners have been great


Shorty said...

Sweetness on the Duck hunt...i saw it and took me a few minutes to get it but damn that's good!

Brett said...

Hell of a picture, it didnt take me any time to figure it out.

Ducks move to number one in the espn power rankings. Im pumped for this game.

A wise man once said, "To be the best you have to be the best, and Mario Lemieux is immortal." Thats a direct quote.

Dennis said...

Ducks and Pens both moved up in the ESPN rankings, I can't wait. Too bad we still have to wait 5 more friggin hours.

Steeltown Mike said...

Nice Doogie/NYR tie-in, fellas.

As Penguin enthusiast Mark Madden would say, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

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