Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pensblog's Chris was lucky enough to get tickets to the game tonight, and Marc-Andre Fleury's bobblehead doll is staring at me as I type this.

Huge win for our Pens. Huge. Huge. Screw looking in a thesaurus. That's the only word for it.
Divisional rival. We were losing ground on some Eastern Conference teams.

A couple headlines from tonight's game, but probably the biggest is Colby Armstrong finally getting a goal in the 2006-07 season. It happened less than two minutes into the game when Sid (he was back tonight; another headline) fed a pass cross-ice that Colbs managed to nick the post with and get it into the net. I can only imagine how nuts the Arena was he scored that goal.
The only downside from a good first period of hockey was leaving Viktor Kozlov alone in the slot. He got one past Fleury at the end of the first to tie the game up.


The second period was controlled by the Pens for the most part. The Islanders scored on a play where Fleury couldn't find the puck, and he was one second late in reacting to Arron Asham's shot. That was the last goal the Islanders would score this evening.
Six minutes after that goal, Crosby knocked a puck out of mid-air, just trying to get it into the slot. Colby was there to put it into an empty net. Tied game. Big goal at the time.
The only penalty in the second period was Gonchar's hooking penalty, which is what we had to do.

36 seconds into the third period: shades of Mario.
It wasn't Malkin.
It wasn't Sid.
It was Chris Thorburn who banked a shot of DiPietro's leg and into the net for what turned out to be the game-winning goal. You read that correctly.

After that goal, the rest of the night belonged to Marc-Andre Fleury (headline).
He was making save after save on odd-man breaks, and managed to flop around in the crease while making some saves, as well. Our defensemen tonight were clearing lanes for him to at least see the puck, which is always good.
Ryan Whitney had a hell of a shift towards the end of the third period.
The final seconds ticked down while we prayed for Armstrong to get an empty-net goal for the HT, but it just wasn't gonna happen.
When was the last time the Pens scored an empty-net goal? I don't even remember.

  • Crosby: 2 A
  • Armstrong: 2 G
  • Malkin: 4 shots
  • Fleury: 33 saves
  • Shots: NYI (35) PENS (28)
  • Powerplay: NYI (0 for 2) PENS (0 for 3)
  • It was excellent to see Crosby with a couple bursts of speed. It shows that groin isn't bothering him enough to affect his playing style.
  • I am praying to the hockey gods that Erik Christensen prospers on a line with Malkin.
  • That puck squeaking across that goal-line in the third period. That's a goal if this was last year. I truly believe that.
  • LeClair didn't play tonight; didn't realize it until just now.
  • Dan Potash's piece about the Fleury doll was solid.
  • Standing-room only, sellout crowd tonight. A bobblehead game in the middle of the week. You are courageous, Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • Penguins HD available in blahity-blah-blah. You want High Definition television? Clean the dust off your TV screen...you'll be amazed at the picture clarity.


Washington85 said...

great game I know I was on the edge of my seat all night long, and when I saw Sid pass off to Colby in the 3rd on the empty net i was screaming for the empty net but he was getting mauled like a mo fo by the Islanders...great win...Fleruy was very happy in that post game interview

Brian said...

Great night at the igloo, luckly I happened to have bought tickets for this night a month or so ago. What happened to the physical play in the 3rd period?? 3-4 fights almost started in the 2nd period and I thought it was brewing up a physical 3rd. Can't wait to see more from Christensen, someone who's definately not afraid to shoot the puck.

zach said...

5 more games against the Fish sticks and 500,000 more times we have to listen to stags masturbate while he tells us how good Dipietro plays the puck

chris said...

How bout the hit Malkin put on Witt. Witt went down and I think I was the only person in the arena who saw it, cause I sounded like an ass standing up and screaming alone. Haha, oh well, I was pumped.

Randy said...

Wow what a game! I think I was standing the entire time in the middle of the living room...even during the intermissions! Somehow I couldn't manage to look away from Bob Errey's crazy shirt and tie combo...something about the crossing stripes and flowery tie pattern mesmerized me

Seth said...

A few short notes:

1. Go Colby.. got some confidence now so i see some more goals coming

2. Kudos to Ekman for getting back and swatting the puck just before it crossed the goal line behind Fleury

3. How amazing is student rush? Let me tell you. A few friends and I student rushed the game tonight and recieved "Gold Circle Seating" in C30, North Box. GSC includes In-Seat Wait Service (basically room service.. had a phone to call for food) and Cable Television. And the seats were much more padded than regular seats. All this for $20 when the normal price is easily $100. GO PENS

Gaundi said...

I was with seth and yes the tickets kicked ass...

Hopefully you pensblogger guys will read this and let me know what you think...

John Leclair being scratched is kinda like when you eat a sandwich the same way for a while, but then you decide to try it without cheese (just an example, i like cheese) and then the boring old sandwich absolutely kicks ass like no other.

In other words, Leclair can't skate, check, pass, shoot, or play defense well anymore, so if you take away the leadership I always hear about, he is just taking up space.

And on a lighter not: I was very impressed with the improved puck-possession of the Pens tonight. They weren't afraid to regroup the puck, and they were creative in the way they did so. I liked what I saw, and I could have easily envisioned this game ending up a blowout for good old Pittsburgh.

Adam said...

Those Gold Circle Seats...that's insane.
An unbelievable view, too, I bet.

All four of us here are student rushing Saturday.
We'll be showing up at around 1:00, so we should be near the front of the line.

I agree with everyone about the game tonight. It was definitely an on-the-edge game. I had to listen to the first period driving home from work.
I think I'm gonna start listening to Mike Lange's feed over the TV. Screw the delay. I can't take it anymore.

Andrew said...

I also was at the game...and afterwards I decided to go and grab a beverage in the South Side...

When I was walking back to my car, I saw some guys walk out of Diesel, and one looked really familiar, and as I turned around to look at him, I asked myself "is that Noah Welch?" And before I could make a decision on the matter, I passed Nakama and looked inside and said to myself "is that Jordan Staal?" and before I could decide, I noticed Max Talbot next to him. They were with some ladies, so I didn't want to go in and bother them...but it was just cool to see them.

That's my story for the evening.

Adam said...

they should pick staal up for underage drinking.

that punk.

Anonymous said...

Tried the 105.9 broadcast with Lange while watching TV on Friday afternoon for that Isles game, and to my surprise there was no delay. Not sure if that's always the case though.

wes said...

pens in HD is the only way to go. once you go HD, you don't go back (sorry for the lack of rhyming skills). anyway, it was great to see colby back on the ice... oh wait... he's been on the team all year? and what is up with all of the baseball references? i swear i heard jason bay's name mentioned during the broadcast....

eh jeh said...

did anybody else catch Dan Potash quoting 50 Cent during his post game interview with Marc Andre Fleury?

it was truly potashtick...

Adam said...

hahahahaha yeah. it was on in the other room and it made me get up and go check it out.

truly potashtic.

Teej said...

Go Fleury, it's yo berfday... something like that...

I'll echo the sentiment about LeClair... I didn't catch the game until about halfway through, and never even noticed he wasn't on the ice, nor did I even put his name in my mind once during the game. If the mention of LeClair being on the shelf last night wasn't in the blog post I never would have known otherwise, so I think that does say something.

Can't wait for Saturday's game, I'll be there - look for a guy in a plain white Pens jersey in the crowd (...on second thought, don't).

Kris said...

IT was an awesome game, still amazed by Thorburns goal off the skate. Big series coming up too, 2 more division games. The Pens Back on top of the division, we'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

we need to enjoy this, all those true pens fans will understand this, remember when we relied on guys like Kent Manderville, Jeff Toms, and Matt Bradley, or prayed that J.S. Aubin would make one save? the pens have all the ingreidients to go far for the next few years, but in the state of pro sports today nothing is certain beyond the next year, therefore go to as many games as possible, during away games have great parties with beer and hotwings and expirience the evolution, Go Pens


Andrew said...

Oh, Adam...I don't think Staal was drinking...just picking up some ladies with the Ladies' Man Maxxx Talbot (at least according to the kinda creepy interview with Bob Pompeani).

Anonymous said...

Regarding Max...the woman who cuts my mom's hair supposedly "dates" him. By "date" she probably means hooks up with him while his 5 other girls are out of town. Did anyone see him give the "Call Me" hand signal in Carolina to one of the Canes' Girls (if thats what they're called)?

ex-pat Pittsburgh girl said...

I missed it!! I was en route back to the Pacific Northwest at game time. I was home in Pittsburgh for the past two weeks and actually got to see the Pens in person and got my live Penguins fix. I definitely noticed a more positive vibe in the arena than in the past few years! It's amazing what winning can do. Go Pens!

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