Thursday, November 30, 2006


I know we promised a post tonight, but we are working on a few huge projects that you guys should enjoy. Lets just say if you a fan of Law and Order you'll love tomorrows post.

Some quick links...

John Leclair is pissed... With Ryan Malone on his way back... someone is going...

Is Mark Eaton's absence hurting the Pens?... No question.. Good read here.

Here is some of the Bettman stuff from yesterday for the out of town crowd.. Dec 20th is so close it sickens me.

Three jobber games tonight..Pilly lost...haha...again..San Jose won, and Denis Savard got his first win as coach of the Blackhawks.....

I haven't slept since the eight grade picnic..

Goodnight all


seth said...

According to LeClair has been placed on waivers. Pittsburgh 1, LeClair 0

Dennis said...

Yeah LeClair is the main story on TSN right now.


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