Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Through the magic of e-mail, Dan Potash and the Pensblog have been in contact for the past week or so. We asked him if he would be willing to partake in an exclusive Q & A session with us.

He went through the trouble of getting permission from his producer...all for The Pensblog.

Next time you see him on TV, remind yourself that he is the man.


PBlog: When did you become a hockey fan? What was your favorite team and did you like #99 (we try not to mention his name on the Pensblog)?

I became a hockey fan in the early 80’s when the LA Kings “Triple Crown Line” of Charlie Simmer, Dave Taylor and Marcel Dionne made a big splash (each player scored over 100 points in one season.) The Kings were tough to follow back then….the Lakers and Dodgers got all the attention and the Kings closest US rival were the St. Louis Blues.
Yes, I did like Wayne Gretzky…aka….# 99. He did put the Kings on the map, and brought them instant respect both locally and nationally (His 3rd game as a King was sold out, even though the Dodgers and A’s were playing game one of the 1988 World Series the same night, which means about 20,000 of us missed Kirk Gibson’s homer!)
Think of the Pens before Mario and how much hockey changed in Pittsburgh after his arrival. Gretzky had that kind of impact.

PBlog: As a reporter, I am sure you have seen some amazing stuff in person. What is your favorite all-time sporting moment you have seen in person?

It’s hard to say I have just one all-time moment. Over the last 11 years I have been very fortunate to cover many unbelievable events. Covering Mario’s return in December of 2000 and watching him score in the same game was awesome. Though covering the Daytona 500 in 1998 for Dale Earnhardt’s victory was pretty cool as well.

PBlog: In your travels, what city has the best-looking women?

Montreal, LA, NYC and of course Pittsburgh.

PBLog: How did you end up in Pittsburgh?

I came here in 2000, after spending almost three years at the ABC affiliate in Charleston, SC. I knew a few people here in Pittsburgh who put in a good word for me when FSN announced they would be starting a regional sports network here. Yes…it’s all about who you know. Before Charleston , I spent two years at the CBS affiliate in Bridgeport , WV ….so I did have prior knowledge of the Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, Pitt, WVU etc.

PBlog: In percentage points, what are the chances of you calling someone a 'jobber' on the air?

I’ve interviewed players who have done that several times, and usually make light of the subject in another way. Though if I use it during a game….I promise to give you credit.


PBlog: Without the necessity of mentioning any names, can you tell us about a time when you were physically or verbally attacked by a professional athlete or coach?

Never physically. Verbally….Bill Cowher has given me “The Jaw.” Don Nehlen and Lou Holtz chewed me out as well….but that’s about it (So far…)

PBlog: Are you a Steeler fan, Charger fan, or what?

Both. I was eight years old when Dan Fouts and “Air Coryel” were lighting things up….and had season tickets for a few years before I left for my first TV job in West Virginia in 1995. Though I have never seen a city love a team like Pittsburgh loves the Steelers. You can also talk football EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR here, and I have the greatest respect to for the Rooney Family.

PBlog: What's your favorite movie?

Can’t name just one.

PBlog: What was the last TV show that you watched?

Bears vs. Giants on Sunday Night Football. (Though I also took a peek at CSI Miami.)

PBlog: What can you tell us about the traveling arrangements for road games?

It’s pretty cool….I really feel like a member of the team. I fly on the team charter, and stay at the team hotel. However it’s a job, and losing focus of that is NOT an option. The travel schedule and long days can be tough….but I do realize how lucky I am to do what I do for a living.

PBlog: If the Penguins are forced to leave town, what are your plans?

I’m staying…and so are the Pens.

PBlog: Over/under... Penguins win 30 games?


PBlog: When you sit down with Coach Therrien before the game, are you scared of him?

No. He’s a very good guy, and plays to the camera very well.

Q-Do you like The Pensblog?

Yes. The fans have a voice...and I enjoy what you and your fellow "bloggers" think about the Penguins.



Dennis said...

Wow that was pretty cool, nice work on setting that up Pensblog

Tee said...

nicely done boys, plus I'm glad danny potash thinks the pens are staying too, god help me but we should burn this city down if they move them...

Stoosh said...

Dare I say it, that was...

absolutely Potash-tic!!!

Good job getting that on the blog, and kudos and plaudets for Dan for agreeing to do it.

Tony said...

What, no Trenni questions ??

C'mon Danny, we all see you two flirting with each other.

J/K, I've seen Dan at Bucs and Pens games away from Pittsburgh a few times. He always chats with the fans.


Brian said...

Great interview Adam, nice to see Dan Potash do something like this with a penguins fan blog. I give him a lot of respect for taking some time to tell a few FSN viewers a little about himself. Keep up the Therrien pre-game interviews and I'd like to see some pics/video of Dan in his WV days.

Joshua said...

Right on tee!

Brett said...

Po-tash gets tons of Poon-Tang

ex-pat Pittsburgh girl said...

Well done! Keep up the good work.

Shorty said...

cool stuff...nice to see Dan the man gets down with "bloggers"...and can't wait to hear him call some1 a jobber on air! I always wanted his job, maybe u can put in a word for me? WTG PensBlog!

Adam said...

I'm calling up Webster's to see about making Posh-tastic a word.

A friend of Dan's told him about the site.

After a couple of friendly e-mails, we asked if we could do a Q & A with him.

We're pumped that everyone liked it.

mondesishouse said...

I have a copyright on the word Potashtic. It was officially invented on Mondesi's House on October 12! But I would always allow the Pensblog to use it.

Congrats on the interview!

Zarley Zalapski is my homeboy said...

Your mom got POTASHED!!!!

Country Clint's Everything Blog said...

You guys rock....Give some love to my hometown Columbus Blue Jackets and Ricky Nash!!!

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