Friday, November 17, 2006

Yeah, it could have been a lot of worse. After the Sabres scored that third goal, a tiny piece of me said, "Just pour it on. Take us behind the shed and whip us like a red-headed step-child named Petey."
Jocelyn Thibault has proven yet again to be a solid backup. We made some mistakes tonight, and am I the only one who thinks the Pens outplayed the Sabres?

First of all, glad to see the Sabres wearing the throwback jerseys tonight. It made me hate them a little less. But, the hatred escalated when Maxim Afinogenov (who I've never actually sat down and watched. He's insane.) scored on a 5-on-3 power play. Josef Melichar owned some guy from behind the bring that power play into fruition. That was it for the first period. Maxime Talbot had a glorious breakaway and he missed the five hole/Biron made a nice save. If you are a Penguin fan and don't like Maxime Talbot, he must be sleeping with your girlfriend cause that's the only reason you could not like him.
If I had a girlfriend, and she was cheating on me with Maxime Talbot, I'd be pumped.

Allright, 1-0 after one. The second period saw the Sabres jump out to a 3-0 lead. That's when I just wanted the Sabres to pile it on. We waited all week for this?
The best part of the second period was seeing Crosby cross-check Sabres D-man Campbell. What was better was seeing that "Lemieux look" in Crosby's eyes tonight. Sitting on the bench, just glaring off into space.
Later in the period, Recchi heads through center ice with a burst of speed. He dishes it to Crosby, and Crosby gets it past Sabres goalie Biron. That was it for the second, Pens down 3-1.

The third period came and we were half-expecting the Sabres to score another goal and put the final nail in the coffin. But, it just didn't happen. Thibault made some big saves all night, and it almost paid off.

Biron with a nice glove save on Malkin's slapper in the third. You're gay.

The Pens pull the goalie late in the third...and score. Wow. 3-2. Crosby again.
You could feel it...the Pens were gonna score again...OK, here they come into the zone...oh no, a giveaway...Whitney, what are you doi-----game. Clean the vomit off your living room floor and go to bed.

  • Crosby: 2 G
  • Recchi: 2 A
  • Thibault: 32 saves
  • Shots: PENS and BUF with (36)
  • Powerplay: BUF (2 for 4) PENS (0 for 6)
  • Shouldn't feel too bad about losing tonight. Buffalo improved their record to 16-2-1. Yeah, I know.
  • How bout LeClair blowing a tire that eventually lead to that Buffalo goal in the second period.
  • The jobber that hit Moore left his skates, and Moore knew it. The ref knew it, too. It's a dangerous, blind-side hit that is legal, and Moore's retaliation was justified. Next.
  • T-Bo. T-Bo. T-Bo.
  • Why is Ryan Whitney on the power play? I am definitely intrigued to research some crap and see what his powerplay production has been since he's been with the Pens.
  • Speaking of defenseman, I talk to so many people that underestimate and don't even care about the importance of a right-handed defenseman. Why? When our lefties have to backhand a puck on a clearing attempt and can't get it out. That's why. When we can't set up two one-time point shots on the powerplay. That's why. When we win a big face-off back to a defenseman, but he can't handle it because he's on his forehand. That's why. It is such a huge thing to worry about, and nobody cares. Whoa, rant. We never rant. Peace.
Next Game: Saturday 11.18
vs. New York Rangers - 7:30
The CW Channel


Anonymous said...

that open net goal, did whitney not see him next to him or what?

and yes, i gave a "whitney, oh"


Joshua said...

Yeah I was very suprised to see how much time he saw on the Power Play...did anyone else notice how bad the camera crew was?

Derek said...

The Camera crew is something ,as Pensblog staff we have to complain about more... How about the graphic appearing in the left hand part of the screen while the pens almost scored.. who runs directs these broadcast? (insert blind person joke here)

Andrew said...

The more and more I watch him play, the less and less I like Noah Welch. That is all.

zach said...

crosby dropping F-bombs pumps me up more than jock jams

EmDubs said...

Does Steigerwald get paid $1,000 every time he says forecheck? I swear he says it once every 2 seconds.

Tim said...

How much profanity slipped through the TV airwaves last night? We see Crosby after the first goal clearly scream "FUCKING RIGHT" even though the viewing audience doesn't hear it (and they showed the replay of the goal many times)... We see the "Best of Mic'ed Up" and the very last part is Whitney screaming "YEEEAH, BITCH!" after the slapshot goal against the Rangers...and for the hell of it, Paul "I'm not Mike Lange" Steigerwald muffs up and says "shit" instead of "shot"......

Penguins hockey is already fun to watch but we're getting some good funny-ass shit here too...

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