Sunday, November 26, 2006

Casino Atlantic

Hope everyone isn't getting annoyed with the Atlantic division teams because, like those pesky Thanksgiving leftovers, they aren't going away for at least a week. The Pens play 4 of their 5 games against division enemies from the Hot-Lantic. That includes trips to New Jersey and The World's Most Famous Arena.
Moving on to some Pens stories..

Karen Price writes one of the best Pens articles of the year...talking about how Malkin is getting used to speaking English

Few thoughts on this article:

  • Karen Price has been openly loathed in the Pens Message Board Nation, and I think it is unfair. Articles like this show me that the players are comfortable with her, and she knows what questions to ask. Great job Karen!

  • The article had some great quotes.....
"It's tough for him to call guys and just go hang out," Colby Armstrong said. "He called me one time and I had no clue what he was saying: 'Army! Deh deh deh, deh deh deh,' I was like, 'What? What?... reading this quote was the first time I have laughed out loud at a newspaper in 10 years....perhaps Malkin was telling Army to score a goal?

  • Sergei Gonchar may be the most important player on the Penguins. And before you flip out....think about it. He looks out for Malkin. You cannot put a price on this. Reading this article only proves that he is almost like Malkin's guardian. Think back to Craig Patrick signing Gonch. One of the reasons had to be Malkin's pending arrival. Also, how many times did Gonch cry last year. People openly booed him every time he touched the puck. Did he complain in the media? Did he whine? What would Joey Porter do if he got booed? It is time to forgive this guy for good. If you think he is horrible, ask yourself this: How many GMs would take a healthy, good-natured veteran presence in the locker room defenseman with a canon slap shot?...Yea that's right, keep your mouth shut. I swear the next game I am at and someone boos him, I am attacking them. I am not even joking about this. Look at this crap from lets go am sorry but you people are wrong if you think Gonch is a problem on this team.

The Penguins PR need to have a "Say You're Sorry to Sergei Night"
We will be first in line.

Other jobber news:
  • surprises the world with a very good article about old lady Mellon Arena.
  • Spector's Hockey says Shero is looking at Pascal Dupuis .... umm no thanks, we have enough players not scoring right now.
  • Thanks to commenter Seth for this "since starting 7-3-0 the pens are 3-5-4."

Other crap around the division..

Rangers lose in OT.....Flyers win in Montreal last night.....The Isles are playing good hockey... and of course the Devils remain on top with 28 points.


Baker said...

Gonchar is not the problem...The problem is that there is no other one time option on the blue line. Of course Sergei's shots are going to get blocked or go wide, he's the only person they're trying to get one-timers to because there isn't a right handed shot out there.

As far as the break-out goes, Malkin is very capable of carrying the puck up the rink, but so is Gonchar. He's responsible, knows when to push it, knows when to pass it, when to dump it, or when to simply turn it back and set up. Sometimes, you need a veteran guy who isn't going to try to dangle through everyone just to get the puck set up.

How can anyone blame the coaching staff? I think that Crosby, Malkin, Gonchar and whoever else are more than capable of knowing how to effectively score PP goals. The fact of the matter is that we need guys who are WILLING to stand in front of the net and get hit by the occasional slap shot or cross check. So far, LeCAN'T has shown that is lack of ability to move any faster than .05 mph isn't effective, nor is Ouellet's hiding on the backdoor hoping Crosby will fire a pass through 3 D's so he can pick up another goal from the 3 foot radius. We need someone like an Armstrong or even a Thorburn/Jarko to get in there and take some hits. Look at Chris Neil in Ottawa...3rd/4th liner that fits in nicely with Heatley, Alfredsson and Spezza because he doesn't care having the puck on his stick unless he's jamming home rebounds.

Derek said...


It is refreshing to here a view lke yours. Totally agree about the options. Gonch is the lone man, and people know that...

haha LeCAN'T is leclairs new nickname... We don't have the huge jobber power forward like Kevin Stevens, or Rick Tochett...thats what we need

Joshua said...

Gonchar is becoming more of a key to the team (this coming from a guy who nearly had Gonch's SUV run over my foot in the pens parking lot). His defensive work in our zone is superb. Look closely at the next game for little things he does that result in big plays. Also, we score a ton of goals off rebounds from his shots. Give this guy alot of credit.

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