Sunday, October 1, 2006

No Steeler Gameday = Pens Preview in the Post Gazette. I linked the whole Pens page. Actually a nice job by the Post Gazette.

Still can't wait for the first Ron Cook/Bob Smizik Pens column of the year. You know, the one their editors make them write. Is there any insight that those two are capable of, other than writing about "Big Ben" or the Pirates, or the Pitt Panthers? I get ten times better info going on the hockey message boards, and other blogs (but not the black and gold homo, he sucks).

-Ron Cooks last column about the Penguins was April 21 of this year. Thats digusting.
-And guess what. That's it. One column all year from old Ron about the Penguins.


Cook is a tired act. We should start a petition to get the author of Mondesi's House. No question the best blog on the Pittsburgh sports scene web right now.

- Actually not bad, about 4 or 5 columns on the Penguins. I still don't like him. But not bad.

(Yes Mr. Burns)

Moving On.

The Trib has some insight into Jordan Staal and other prospects.
I'd blast some of the Tribs columnist, but I am not sure they are even worth it.
Plus Guy Junker is too easy...

Last link of the night...pretty cool fanasty hockey league at

Goodnight and shoot high


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