Friday, October 27, 2006

This Is Our NHL

A couple of games tonight.

...Detriot squeaks by the Stars... At least Detroit won something tonight.
At this point right now, what's more exciting? A Stanley Cup Finals or a World Series... hmmmm.

Maybe I just don't like baseball that much anymore, but this year's World Series had the charm of my 4th grade chorus concert. And will someone please shut Jeannie Zalasko up.

Columbus shuts out the Kings...The Kings aren't very good this year, but I saw highlights of the game and Anze Kopitar is impressive. By the way, you can catch hockey highlights every night on the FSN Final Score show. I think it's on at 11:00 or 11:30.

The Wild beat the Ducks... No word on whether or not Minnesota Miracle Man Gordon Bombay was in attendance.

" Quack, Sucka"

AO and the boys from Washington are up late tonight, playing in Vancouver. Its tied at 2-2.

...Penguins released Karl Stewart on waivers sometime ago. Wow, we have no idea how that flew under our radar. The Blackhawks picked him up today...

...Our Black and Gold Insider friend is reporting that the Bruins are unhappy with their goalie, Tim Thomas, and are interested in Thibault. The Bruins' Brad Boyes and Glen Murray are two names floating around in rumored trade talks...

...We like's John Buccigross, but I think he's getting way too into himself with all kinds of music references and crap. Dude, you ARE funny. Just space it out please...

...A local high school (Hampton) has re-named their mascot in homage to Pens forward Maxime Talbot...

Read this Sidney Crosby quote:

"We can't even communicate yet," Crosby said of playing with Malkin. "People have to remember that. We can't talk, say, 'Go there, go there.' It's tough. We're just reading off each other right now, kind of ad-libbing, and doing an OK job. We're pointing at a plastic board on the bench, that's what it is. You don't think you're ever going to be in that situation, but at the same time it's pretty amazing that we're able to read off each other like that. As a unit, we're out there filling in lanes and taking ice, and we don't really have that much of a chance to talk about it. But we're going to improve from here on in, I'm sure."

...Some somber news from the YouTube front. Apparently, they are starting to crack down on all of the copyrighted material. A lot of our favorite Penguin clips are being removed. If you want to salvage the movies before they're gone forever, download this extension for the Firefox web browser. It downloads movies that are embedded into web pages.

Wake up tomorrow and know the Pens are playing. Night.


ghost of randy cunneyworth said...

that crosby quote is unbelievable.

were only 3 games into this malkin-crosby era.

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