Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This break in between games is killing me.
Here's an important date in Pens History. If you love

Oct 11, 1967 - Penguins' first NHL game is played at the Civic Arena vs. Montreal, a 2-1 loss with 9,307 fans in attendance. Andy Bathgate scores the Penguins' first goal.

What a moment it had to be. A young Mellon Arena, it gives me chills just thinking about it. All the moments in that building.
If I had a time machine, this would no question be a day I would visit.

Marty Mcfly cannot believe he forgot to watch the first game ever played in the Mellon Arena

Other important things that happened on this day
In 1929, JCPenney opens, causing years of pain for young boys who have to buy new school pants every year.

1939 - Franklin D. Roosevelt receives letter from Einstein about atom bomb:

Dear Mr. President,

Let's kill some Asians.



Famous Birthdays
1968 - Claude Lapointe, National Hockey League player

Solid canadian Jobber

1966 - Luke Perry, American actor

In the mid 1990's Luke Perry was that cool... it's a shame the mid 1990's were 10 years ago.

Crosby gets injury scare... no one needs this
3 stars from Forsberg's goal tonight was sick... Big win for the Wild in a shootout.

Good night, see you in the corners


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