Saturday, October 7, 2006

This NHL Center Ice free preview is spoiling me.

Great Game in Buffalo tonight. The Sabres scored with the goalie pulled and about 9 ticks left. Then beat the Habs in a shootout.
The game had a playoff feel. I am not even lying about it.
It was nice to see Kovy doing well... The Habs looked good. Tough Loss.
I felt bad for Cristobal Huet. Nothing worse than losing a game like that.

Can I change my pick to win the Southeast division yet? The Panthers mauled the Bruins worse than Oprah at an early 1990's free buffet.

(Hey its me Oprah. Read my books or I will eat you and your entire family)

And how about the Devils.... Marty Brodeur is now 3rd on the all time wins list for goalies...
Hopefully he didn't celebrate with his sister in-law.

Big game tomorrow. I am going to be in attendance with fellow blogger Adam. I don't know what it is about the Mellon Arena, but I will never down a trip to a game.

Speaking of Old Mellon Arena...

I am not an expert, and quite frankly posters on the Pens message board and board have much more interesting and compelling arguments, but here is what I think of The Jimmy Ballsack Blackberry situation.

1. As the long as Plan B exists, the Pens will go nowhere. But at some point it is going to have to become a reality. But at least we have something.

And unless Mayor Luke Ravenstahl plans on inviting at least 14,000 people 41 nights a year in winter to his front porch to hang out and roast marshmallows, he knows he has to keep them here... he could invite Sienna Miller.

2. The economy of Pittsburgh.. great read here from Chuck Finder. Its from July 2005. Here is a bit of the article, because I know people are lazy like me and don't want to hit links:

"The apparent end to the 301-day NHL lockout was all the talk in his suburban corner of Pittsburgh, a city that lost a precise $1.6 million in tax revenues and an estimated $48 million in overall economic impact because the Penguins were dark for 40-plus nights this past fall and winter. Such losses were felt not only Downtown and throughout the city." -Post Gazette July 2005

A $48 million dollar loss. If you are going to tell me that the politicians are prepared to let that go, I am sorry I don't agree. If the Penguins leave, nothing can make up for that money. I don't know what Jimmy Ballstein is going to do, and I don't trust him yet, but he will have nothing more than anyone else to do with them leaving.

Lastly more links... Here is some Trib Stuff... Give Malkin another few weeks.

Eric Lindros could help the stars.. Anyone who watched the Stars game can say he did look good out there's players of the night.... how good are the Sedin Brothers...

Good night and Good fight


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