Thursday, October 12, 2006

Unreal night. I was listening to the Pens game on my way home from my opening night dek hockey game and you would've thought I was driving Princess Diana. Mike Lange's call of it was great.

Almost me on Interstate - 70 tonight when Crosby scored.

Here is Dave "write when I want to" Molinari's take.... anyone else think Molinari hurried up and wrote this so he could go pick up a hooker before he left New York?

Fortunately enough for him, Sienna Miller wasn't around...the joke that just keeps on giving

In other news, the Pensblog can now confirm that a Pens Patrol member was fired for talking to Marc-Andre Fleury and trying to get his number. It all went down after the game on Saturday.

"Marc, how quick are you in between the bed posts?"

I didn't know there were male members of the patrol... I cannot wait to make fun of them.

Wrapping things up:
Tonight's game reminded me of this win years and years ago.... it is still early, but games like tonight's are building blocks..

Goodnight, and Good fight


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