Sunday, October 8, 2006

My only comment of the night regarding the Penguins is...

Whoever coined the cliche "It's a marathon, not a sprint" is looking like a genius tonight..

The Good:
As always when you visit the Mellon Arena: the fans. I've been to Steelers games and Pirates games. Penguins fans are so much more fun. As Adam mentioned earlier in his post, playoff feel to old lady Mellon tonight.

Other good points:

How is it that everyone tonight knew we were going to boo that asian guy who was dancing? Funniest thing all night.

The concession stand. One short walk over from the B1-2-3-4 entrance. 2.75 for a dog, 2.25 for a coke. That's unreal, especially because I bought my first coke of the night for 5 bucks. Huge mistake.

The women that flock into Mellon

The convo we had with Regis from Mellon security in the student rush line. The guy is truly a great American.

-I love student rush. We got there at 5:10 and were in great position (My brother had the old school Canucks jersey on).

The Bad:

-The problem with student rush: People cutting. I know it is not wise to hire extra people, but wow. People were cutting left and right. One day there is going to be a riot. At one point I openly threatened to cut someone's throat if another person cut line.

-Being stuck behind Donnie Iris in line. I missed the first 2 minutes of the second and still didn't get anything to eat. People were coming up to him like he was the greatest human on Earth. It was actually pretty funny. The lead singer of the Clarks came up to him too. I considered lighting myself on fire.

-The Pens patrol...for obvious reasons

The Ugly:

Sadly (and please do not take this the wrong way)... Old Lady Mellon Arena.
It's given me better memories than any other women in my life, which is.. well sad, but hey that's me.

Tonight she really showed her age. The seats were way too crammed. No hot water in the bathrooms? And, honestly, it just felt old.
Another ugly thing. Where the hell are all the replays of big plays? There is nothing better than hearing 17,000 people ooo and ahh over big plays on the jumbotron.

I know I seem like a bigger complainer than Bono at a Help The People of [insert country] fundraiser, but it was frustrating.

(Hey it's me Bono and you should help people because I have to spend my 18 billions dollars on my 18 private jets)

All in all though, it was great to be in the Arena again and feel that buzz of energy. We'll live to fight another day.

Some quick links...
13 round shootout in Philly.. Flyers had a two goal lead in this game.

The Steelers aren't the only world champs off to a slow start...Semin nice hat trick

The Sabres might go 82-0.....Hard working team.

Huge win for the Habs over the Leafs... as a hockey fan I would love to be at a game like this.

Heres the Post Gazette's take on the Pens...

More tomorrow,
good night, and keep grinding.


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