Monday, October 2, 2006

The Madden Curse

Marty from Scott Township called into Mark Madden's ESPN Radio 1250 show today. The Pensblog plug heard 'round the world was dropped at 5:52 PM EST.

Mark seemed irritated by the plug, of course, and told Marty that no one will ever visit the site.

He also had the audacity to say that Mondesi's House is "funny, but not as funny as they think they are". If Mark Madden doesn't write or say it, or if it doesn't involve strippers from Club Erotica, then it isn't worthy of his praise. Visit Mondesi's House.

We applaud Mark Madden for his repeated threat that if the Penguins leave, he's leaving too. That is loyalty. He DOES care about the Penguins.
If one good thing comes from the Pens leaving, though, it would be Mark Madden leaving too.

He's making an honest living as a sports radio-host, so there's no need to crap on the man's goals in life. We just don't like him and we know we aren't the only people that share this sentiment. He's brash and narrow-minded.


Anonymous said...

Why would you watse your time on this guy.

He are what some of his "hockey sources" said in the past..

Pens will trade Jan Hrdina for Richard Zednik..

He also said we were going to sign Sean Burke and Alexi Kovalev..

Adam said...

Haha. We just hate him.

I agree, it's a bad way to spend your energy, but it feels good.

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