Monday, October 30, 2006

It's Sunday night, and it's not time for Pink to sing some crap song for NBC, but rather for the Pensblog to do our weekly look around the Atlantic Division. Can't stress enough how much the Atlantic Division factors into our every day lives as Penguin fans.

1. ( 6 - 4 - 1 ) 13 points
Powerplay: 14.3% (19th) Penalty Kill: 84.6% (14)

The Devils and Penguins have been playing musical division spots this week, and the Devils find themselves up top at the end of the week. The Devils lost on Tuesday in the game heard 'round the world. Then, they beat Florida and Columbus to close out the week.
The Devils top scorer, Brian Gionta, only had one point all week. Martin Brodeur is giving up 2.7 goals per game, and is stopping 90.9% of shots he is facing.

2. Our Penguinos.

3. (5-5) 10 points
Powerplay: 19.6% (8th) Penalty Kill: 81.0% (22th)
Look. When you're playing the Rangers, be prepared to score. They have scored 39 goals and given up 39 goals. Jaromir Jagr is again having a lights out year. But he isn't scoring goals. He has 15 assists. Henrik Lundqvist is giving up about 3.5 goals a game and his save percentage is a very unflattering .878. The Rangers are also on a west coast road trip. They beat the Coyotes. They play the Kings, Ducks, and Sharks, as do the Pens. And how about my new favorite stat of the NHL. When they get outshot by their opponnet, New York has a .333 winning %. That's almost dead last in the NHL. Very weird

4. (4-4-2) 10 points

Powerplay: 18.9 (9th) Penatly Kill: 77.3 (25th)

No team really baffles me quite like the Isles. Their strong play at home (3-1) has really helped them out. Alexei Yashin is the leading scoring, registering a solid 4 goals and 8 assists. They also had only two games this week, splitting them. Three of the next four are at home, so don't be surprised if you see them stay afloat. Rick Dipietro is terrible this year. When he is not hurt, he is giving up 3.6 goals a game and his save % (.890( is bad. Mike Dunham has been the jobber we all know and hate. Hes' only giving up 2.2 goals a game. Best stat for the Isles is this: When they score first, they don't win. They are ranked 27th in the league with a % of .400 when they light the lamp first.

5. (2-7-1) 5 points

Powerplay: 9.4 (30th) Penalty: 84.6 (14th)

Oh, how the Mighty have fallen. I love it. This stat is my favorite in the NHL: Derian Hatcher is -14.

Goons. Thats all the Flyers are. In the NHL, you have to understand the salary cap, and the Flyers signed all these morons, and poor Bobby Clarke couldn't just dump them as in previous years. And folks, let's remember...this team has been up for the better part of 10 years. You only get so many chances. And how bad is their goaltending. It's bad. Not only does Antero Niittmaki look disinterested, he sucks too. He is giving up 3.2 goals a game, and his save% is a staggeringly bad .887...but Robert Esche is as easy as you think a girl dressed up as a hooker with a tattoo on her lower back on Halloween is. He is giving up 6.2 goals a game, and his save % .785...The Flyers do have 5 of the next 6 games at home, so you never know if they get out.


Anonymous said...

Your absurd overuse of the word "jobber" in nearly every post simultaneously confounds and excites me.

Anonymous said...

how bout a stat bar with pens pp and pk stats and rankings

Anonymous said...

CW sucks...they said that the pens were like 27th in pk on sat...the pens are 11th and are leading the league with 4 sh goals....sswwweet

san jose is kickin butt on pp tho...discipline!

Adam said...

We actually told each other not to use jobber for a while, cause we didnt want to kill it.

but it's such a great word. we're trying.

stat bar sounds like a good idea to me.

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