Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Good Times, Good Times

We've had an influx of first-time visitors to the site yesterday and today.
A hearty welcome from all of us here.

Visited to check out their three stars this morning and we were met with this:

Pens Message Board Nation is ecstatic. Today's the day that you skip classes because you're feelin good about the Pens...but later tonight, you realize you were foolish for skipping.

There's really not much going on today in the Pens world, but Penguins news coverage across the board is praising the Hill District Kids. (links to the right)

YouTube comes through again. Malkin's goal against the Devils on 10.24:

How pumped is P.A. announcer John Barbaro when he announces this goal? Glorious.

In our assessment of Geno Malkin (Mull-kin), I think we (including Versus color commentator John Vanbiesbrouck) are forgetting our place when we compare him to Mario. We are guilty of it on the blog, too, but Mario is Mario. Malkin has made some cross-ice passes that we haven't seen since Mario. The comparisons are justified, and the comparisons won't stop. But, there should be a little piece of all of us that just says, whoa, timeout.

  • You gotta think Thibault is starting in Philly on Saturday.
  • Gotta have Fleury fresh for those big games against San Jose and Anaheim coming up.
  • Those games will tell us exactly where this Pens team is sitting in the NHL.


ghost of randy cunneyworth said...

i was thnking the exact same thing with the lemieux comparisons.

But, like you said, they are understandable. there's obviously a reason that we didnt compare CROSBY to mario.
crosby doesn't remind us of him, malkin does.

dennis said...

Great vid, still amazes me even though I've watched it over 20 times since last night.

dennis said...

I should also add that we should pile up all the points we can while we're hot and playing bad teams, meaning it would be great to beat Philly again.

Brian said...

Just saw on KDKA this is the first time the Pens have been first in the Atlantic Division since November '02.

Adam said...

Oh definitely. I have a feeling we're going to need every point possible.

That's also why we're gonna focus on other Atlantic Division teams year round.

I can't stop watching that goal.

Andrew said...

I'm pretty sure, from Therrien's comments yesterday or the day before (man, I really wish I had a source for this) that Fleury is going to start until he, basically, can't start anymore. He said something about the ease of October's schedule in terms of rest and how Fleury feels great. I expect to see Fleury in net in Philly, LA, SJ, and ANA...and maybe T-Bo in for TB or OTT/CAR (one of those two). You gotta keep riding the hot hand.

Adam said...

Yes, I've been ridiculed on the side about my Fleury comments. Thank you dennis and andrew for letting me see the light.
He should start against divisional foe Philly.
Thinkin about it, let T-bo do home games so he can have the crowd support.
maybe everyone
say "Beau" when he makes a save or some shit.

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